Free Fonts – The Best Websites To Download Many Fonts Free of Charge

Perhaps you need some quality fonts for your website or design but are on a tight budget. That’s why we made this post. If you know where to look there are lots of places to get quality free fonts online. Read on to find out more.

I particularly like this open source font website from Google that has over 810 free online fonts that are available for you to experiment with and download. If you click the link above you will see the site has an excellent user interface. Each font is displayed, and below it, you are free to type in this font. You can then compare and contrast the fonts with one another in a real-time interactive web environment. The directory of open source fonts is very intuitive to experiment with.

The admirable goal of Google Fonts is to make the web a more beautiful, fast and open place through wonderful open source typography. Good typography can bring both performance and personality to websites through an intersection of technology and design.

This free fonts website from Google is also nicely curated. They regularly showcase designers and foundries, which gives you a nice insight into the people who create the fonts and their process. You also get some analysis on the demographics and usage of each font.

Another nice touch is their series of thematic collections that allow you to discover new fonts that are vetted and organised by a team of designers, engineers and collaborators at Google. To further refine your search and selection filter by weight, family and script. You can also test different colour schemes and how they work with the fonts. Fonts are also organised and classified by popularity, geography and trends.

Google Font also takes care of the legal aspect of the open source fonts, allowing you to use them freely without a headache or stress so you can focus on what is important.

This ought to be one of the first places you look online for free fonts. Especially as using these fonts is likely to speed up your website performance due to typeface caching with Google.

The motto of this website is “No more bullshit. Join the revolution.” Now that is a slogan I can get behind! The League of Moveable Type is an awesome online resource that hosts tonnes of free fonts that are open source. This means they can be modified and contributed to. The collection might not be as large in scale as some of the other websites on this list, but I love the spirit of this website and the idea behind it.

If you are tired of same old fonts from back in the day, this is the place for you. The web isn’t supposed to be a constricted and limited place. So The League of Moveable Type has committed themselves to the most well designed, free and open source fonts. Check them out for some wicked free fonts.

This free fonts site with the quirky name is host to thousands of amazing typefaces. You can also generate web font kits that allow you to embed custom fonts on your website. Neat!

UrbanFonts has over 8000 free fonts and dingbats available for the PC and Mac. On UrbanFonts, the database is nicely divided into classic and unusual fonts. They also have a range of categories for you to browse including Rounded, Brushed, Old Fashioned, Western, Asian, Scary and more. Browsing by category opens up your possibilities, allowing you to discover, compare and contrast different fonts so you can make the selection that is right for your project.

You’ll find that is is also a great website to discover new fonts, as the authors regularly submit new creations. This is a great website not only for free fonts but also if you want something unique.

Although these are not technically free online fonts, there are a lot of heavily discounted professional fonts available here. For this reason, I just had to include MightyDeals in this list!

This website is a great resource for designers and general creatives. If you are on the hunt for one of a kind design, this is the right place. You’ll find vintage, artsy and handwritten style fonts along with modern fonts that you just can’t get anywhere else.

This site is host to an amazing 55,000 free online fonts that you can use today. This includes TrueType, Postscript and OpenType typefaces. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest website to navigate, but the variety on display should justify this.

This popular website posts daily roundups of the best available free online fonts on the web. This is worth checking out every so often to see if there are any fonts of interest for your project.

This is another open source site like The League of Moveable Type. It ranks as one of the best destinations on the web to find fonts for free. But it doesn’t end there. Font Daddy also encourages people to upload their own designs and share with the world. Sharing is caring after all! Everyone is the richer for it.

All the fonts on this website are free to download including freemium products under GNU license. This makes this another excellent resource for fonts on the net.

Freemium Download is a marketplace for downloading both free and freemium products which includes fonts. A lot of the fonts have a limit on their use, and if you want to continue to use it for a commercial purpose then you will have to purchase the full version. This is a great website if you want to experiment with professional fonts for free and “try before you buy”.


There are many great places online now to get fonts for free. My personal favourites have got to be Google Fonts and The League of Moveable Type. On some of the other websites, be careful if you are using some of the fonts for commercial purposes. It is always best to read the silencing properly to ensure what you have is open source.

Let us know what you think. What other great sources of free online fonts do you know?

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