A Look At Seven of the Best Free Movie Apps For Android

Hey, did you know there are apps out now that let you watch movies on your phone? Pretty cool right? If you have a little time off, nothing could be better than to catch a film.

We think its great that your phone can become a mobile cinema. For that reason, we are doing a review of some of the best free movie apps for your smartphone.

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Free Movie Apps For Android

Popcornflix – Best

This is a fairly new app that has over 700 titles in their database for you to watch. They update the films they have pretty regularly, so you can be assured of quality new content available to stream on your mobile.

Again, this app has no hidden fees, and you can stream what you want when you want without paying a dime. The library at the minute covers pretty much every major genre.

Megabox HD

This is a free app for Android that is similar to ShowBox. The nice thing about Megabox HD is that it is only 1.8 mb in size and so shouldn’t take up to much space on your Android device.

The app lets you stream films in either 720p high definition or 360p.

If you have been searching for an alternative to Showbox, this could be the app for you.

Newest Movie HD

This free Android app lets you watch films subscription free. Not only that, but the app also lets you download films directly to your phone as well as streaming them.

Newest Movie HD is one of the more basic apps out there, but is the better for its simplicity. It lets you stream in a range of different picture qualities to ensure that you get a smooth frame-rate with no buffering if you have a more limited connection.

Another nice touch with this app is that it shows you the iMDB rating of each film available to stream, giving you an idea of the films critical reception.

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Showbox is probably one of the more famous free movie apps. It’s really popular among smart phone owners as it lets you easily watch TV shows, movies and other content hassle free. You can use ShowBox on your PC as well.

It isn’t popular for nothing. Showbox has one of the most user-friendly designs of all free movie apps. The slick interface allows you to navigate with ease and find the particular TV show or movie you are looking for.

Showbox selects streams from non-affiliated third party websites and beams them directly to your phone. It also supports high definition, so if your phone can handle it, you can watch in crystal clear 1080p quality.

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This is an excellent app with a decent and uncomplicated user interface. It also supports streaming from your device to a TV so you can watch on the bigger screen.

Unfortunately, they have removed the ability to download movies with this app, which is bad news if that is a feature you want. One of the better free movie apps of this year.


This one might seem a bit obvious, but youtube totally deserves a mention in this list. It is actually possible to find  free movies on youtube. For instance here is the 1974 Wim Wenders directed classic Alice in the Cities.

In fact, all kinds of films, TV shows and great content is available on youtube if you know how to look. Do expect that some more famous movies will be taken down quickly after they are uploaded however.

This one comes pre-installed on Android, so chances are you already have it on your phone. However, we include it as a reminder to not overlook the mighty youtube in your quest for free movie apps.


Another one of the free movies apps that have an excellent navigation and search function. Yidio has loads of free movies and TV shows available through the Android App.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy or rent some titles with this particular app.

We recommend using the helpful features and advanced search box. This lets you browse movies according to Genre and Producer. You’ll find this feature particularly useful when you are in the mood for a certain type of flick, but don’t have a specific title in mind.

Yidio also has a cool feature called “request movie”. This lets you request what you would like to see, and you get a notification if the movie becomes available on the app. Pretty neat.


CinemaBox is available to download for iOS and Android. It used to be named PlayBox HD but has recently been re-branded.

There are some exceptional features included with this app including subtitle support, offline mode (which Netflix is only getting now!), kid’s mode and Chromecast support.

The support of Chromecast is particularly cool as this allows you to beam your streaming film directly to your TV provided you have Chromecast.

You won’t find this app on the Play Store or iOs, but there are tutorials available online that can guide you on how to download this. It’s well worth it! The link provided here will give you the basic instructions needed to get the app up and running on your phone.

Wrap Up

With the help of these apps, you should be able to turn your phone in to a mobile Cinema. We hope you find these recommendations particularly useful. Feel free to share these tips with your friends and family and we wish you many hours of entertainment!


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