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18 Free Movie Download Sites For Crazy Movie Watchers [2017 UPDATE]

18 Free Movie Download Sites For Crazy Movie Watchers [2017 UPDATE]
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Hi guys, I hope all is well. Today on Tech Whack we’re going to talk about how you can access free movie downloads without needing to share your email address or sign-up for anything at all. Movies are a fantastic source of entertainment, and for film addicts like me, this comprehensive list of sites offering free movie downloads is a godsend!

Movies not only entertain us, they educate us, motivate us, teach us, and share stories from far and wide that we otherwise may never get to hear. The best movies connect with us emotionally. They present characters that face struggles and situations that in some way we can all relate. They help us connect, and feel closer to our brothers and sisters by helping us share emotional moments.

So, it goes without saying that movies are also a great stress reliever. Think your life is tough? You can guarantee that you will soon forget about your woes when you lose yourself in some of the situations that Hollywood’s finest find themselves getting caught up in!

We all lead busy lives. Most of us don’t often have the time to visit movie theatres, and besides, the cost of tickets is going up and up. We don’t need to dwell on that, however, as with the availability of free movie downloads we can find our evening’s entertainment at our leisure and no cost.

So, you may ask, “Tell me how do I download these movies for free?” Well, you just need a reasonably fast Internet connection and adequate space on your hard drive. That’s it! Fulfil these basic requirements, and you can grab yourself a movie to enjoy in as little as ten mins!

This article will help you download full movies for free, and not only that, but it’ll also help you avoid dodgy movie download sites that are known for their bad user experience.

Free Movie Download Sites For Free Movie Downloads Online 

Many people are fine with streaming media, which is ok if you have a good connection and the server on the other end is sufficiently speedy. But most of the time, it’s better to download the movies you want to watch. Today there are many places where you can find free movie downloads. With that in mind, consider the following breakdown of options that will help you cut out the stress of high-quality entertainment for free. Whether you’re looking for the latest blockbusters,  classics, foreign movies, underground or art house flicks, there’s something to suit every taste when you know where to look to download and watch the best movies online.

We’ve compiled the following list of some of the best sites for free movie downloads online that you will without a doubt want to bookmark.

House movie

If you are hunting for a download list of the best movies on general release, you want to check out this site. They offer fast streams of the latest releases and also update their pages with a tonne of good links to blu-ray quality downloads. Whether you want to watch straight away or come back later, you can almost always find a link to a file that will rival a blu-ray disc that you would rent or buy from a store regarding visuals and audio. The site is completely free and is a great choice for those who are having no luck in their search for movie downloads.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the site links to streams as well movie downloads. It uses pop-up ads, but they are not abundant. That’s why I listed it in this list of free movie download sites for free, movie downloads. Moreover, they update the site frequently and add new movies daily.

Housemovie even has a blog which has just started to take off. The posts are discussions on new movie releases. To sum up, Housemovie is a great site for downloading movies for free online.

This page that has been getting plenty of attention lately. It’s a free movie download site that with a difference. Yes, there’s a small price to pay to sign up, but once that’s done some links and downloads that become available to you is astonishing! You can then watch as many free downloads as you can get through. The site is still free to test out to see if you like it, but the chances are you will not find another site that can match what this one can offer you.

So, what’s the damage? Divx Crawler is a very popular website for downloading movies for free. Registering with the site costs around 12$ and grants you full access to an enormous library of free movies.

A huge plus point of Divx Crawler is that it provides all the movie links on their server without ads. That’s right. No ads!

The only observable downside to Divx Crawler is, with a DA and PA equal to 34, it often takes quite a long time to load.

One of the best movie download hubs online today. For those that want to see the best movies, this is place will give you what you are looking for. You can explore various genres and collections. All genres are covered. The movies are often updated, with current links that you can follow to download, or even stream if that’s what you’re looking for. Whether you want the latest Oscar-winning thriller, or something a bit more light-hearted, this page will help you get the best entertainment, for free.

What’s more, the site also provides info and ratings on movies. Helping you make the best choice when browsing through the free movie downloads on offer.

The site has a good reputation and welcomes user feedback. There are ads on the site, but they aren’t frustrating redirects. All in all, it’s a superb site for downloading movies for free online.


Movies counter is another great addition to the list of free movie download sites. This place is focused on downloading movies. The site has a unique method of reviewing movies which you have to check out. And best of all, they have hardly any bothersome ads!

This site grants you easy access to the latest movies in English, even in HD. The server is good, so download times are short. Not a bad site for free movie downloads. Take a look.

Amazon Prime has established itself as one of the most reputable providers of free movie downloads online. The Amazon brand has a solid reputation and has become a household name synonymous with media products.

As the largest of all the online movie download sites, it goes without saying that the movie quality and streaming speeds are superb making it an excellent site for free movie downloads online. However, it has to be said that the majority of the movies available on the site require a subscription or one-off payment to view them.

You are allowed to take a free trial and then cancel your subscription before the free trial ends. What you can then do is start a new free trial with a different ID. This site has Moz DA of 98, and its Alexa rank is 6.

I love this free movie download site and would still use it despite the limitations. is a marvellous free movie downloads site that provides links to free streams and high-quality movie downloads. It’s completely free, so expect pop-up ads.

Free downloads of all the latest full-length movies can be found here, and Moviewatcher is excellent for free movie streams which you can dip into before a download to get an idea of the video quality.

One of the best free movie download sites. Not exceptional, but certainly worth a visit.

Surprised!? Well, we all know that YouTube is the biggest venue to watch videos. And guess what?… YouTube is also one of the best sites for free movie downloads online.

Ok. You can’t download movies directly from YouTube. But there are sites that show you how to download movies from YouTube. YouTube has an incredibly fast server, which means the video and movie streams are significantly faster than pretty much every other free movie download site.

DMCA promptly removes big movies from YouTube. But old and less popular movies are easily available. So, the most recent movies are hard to find on YouTube, but the site is the best place to view trailers and previews of upcoming releases.

YouTube is preferable for judging movies as it has a lot of data about a specific movie. YouTube had initially started in 2005, but now it is a free site by Google.

Its Alexa rank is 2. This site is hugely popular and, in some countries, it is even used as the search engine of choice in favour of Google. Oh, yes, BTW, here’s a link to software you can use to get movie downloads from YouTube for free – Mp3 Juice is a classically styled site that lets you download movies for free. Tubeplus is a solid, reliable and trustworthy site, and has an extensive collection of movies in its database.

One point worth mentioning is that you cannot download movies from this site. It links to streams on external sites, what the site does is verify their quality and status, thus avoiding dead links. And the biggest plus, It’s another totally ad-free site.

The site has an Alexa rank of 8541, which is very positive. You don’t need to register to use the site, hence its inclusion in this list! Some countries do block this site. So if you find yourself in that category, you can use a proxy server such as to overcome this issue and access the site.

Moviepilot is another great location for finding movie downloads for free online. It is the preferred site for comedy oriented offerings and has many monthly visitors.

Marvel fans will be particularly attracted to this site in their search for free downloads as it has a section focusing on the Marvel movies, comprising articles, etc.  Great for devotees of the comic based movies, of which I count myself! This makes Moviepilot one of the best places to talk about Marvel movies.

With approximately 55M+ video views and 30M+ Facebook fans. It has Moz’s DA of 68 and Alexa traffic rank 2688; it’s certainly a popular site. Give it a try, and don’t forget, you don’t even need to sign up to use it! is an excellent torrent site with an Alexa rank of just 71. You can download pretty much anything you could want from this site, be that a movie, game, audio file, software, etc. is one of the best free movie download sites. The download speed is unlimited so that you can enjoy super fast downloads. This site is also the ad-free site and doesn’t use external links. Finally, and of course, you don’t need to register to use the site.

The site even offers the latest movies in HD. is a search engine based site and has millions of visits every month. All the movies are available on its server, all you need is a torrent client to make use of it, making it a fantastic site for downloading movies for free.

Rotten tomatoes is a vast and informative site for finding your movies. They have a huge number of viewers per month, and their Alexa rank is 621.

Rotten tomatoes are not the best site for downloading free movies, but… it is by far the best site to find published reviews and independent user reviews of pretty much every movie ever released.  It ranks movies using its Tomatometer rating system, which is fantastic as it figures out a score by adding up feedback from both movie experts and viewers.

Rotten tomatoes is also a great free movie website to talk about movies and the movie world with other fans. It serves only Google ads and has no redirecting links.  A great site, which is constantly growing, and its popularity is increasing. Worth a look. is one of the best free movie download sites around. It’s functional and easy to use, all you need to do is enter the link for the movie you want to watch online, and it will download free movies for you. You can download movies from any site you can find, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and much more.

Keepvid is a very popular site and has an Alexa rank of 1090.  Offering links to movies in HD and the ability to convert mp3.Many movie fans use the site and come back for more. Why not join them.

Owned by, is another fantastic site for free movie downloads online. IMDB has an Alexa rank of 54 and Moz’s DA of 100. So, you can see it is a very popular site.

IMDB has comprehensive information on all existing as well as upcoming movies, including trailers, ratings, user reviews, etc.

IMDB will help you find the exact movies you want to watch. A good site to download movies for free, you can even learn about the stars of the movies, view their photos, biographies and more while you download. Check it out!


Well, that just about wraps up our comprehensive list of great places to find yourself a free night’s entertainment!

As you can see, there is no shortage of sites to explore when you want to download movies for free. The above are just some of the best that you’ll find today.

While some sites may contain ads, some leeway has to be given for this, as they are often their only source of income, and are necessary to keep the site up and running.

Your contribution is always welcome, so if you want to suggest any site for downloading movies for free, then please comment and share and we will include it in the next update. Also, do make sure to bookmark this page as we update this article every fortnight.

All these sites are fantastic options for downloading movies for free, and the majority don’t require registration. Please share this article and let your friends know about it. If you have a request for an article on any particular topic, please contact us, and we’ll see what we can do! Thanks for reading and have a good day!! 🙂


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