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There are many free music download sites, but few are more legitimate, safe and reliable than the Free Music Archive. This website was launched with the aim of promoting upcoming artists and their music. From the very outset, all of the music was to be free and easy to stream and download. This was inspired by free radio stations and organisations like the Creative Commons, which also promotes the free sharing of music. Today, not only has the free use of music been achieved on the Free Music Archive, but it has helped propel the site into online popularity.

There are thousands of free MP3 tracks available on this site, ready to be streamed or downloaded. All of the tracks featured on this site have passed the prohibited copyright laws. In other words, all of the music on this website is legal to stream and download. The people behind the site are more than just music movers. Radio DJs, musicians, music journalists and other musical ambassadors are all part of the whole that is the Free Music Archive. There are dozens of curators connected to this website, all of which you can check out for yourself. Without their passion for free music and promotion, none of this would be possible.

If you like what this site has to offer, you can access their large library on your iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, if you feel that some of your favourite artists discovered on this site deserve some payment for their talents, you can donate (tip) an artist, visit their website to view tour dates, or even buy a complete album. Within the boundaries of the website, however, all music remains completely free. If you’re feeling generous, you can also donate to the actual website to help keep them afloat. Simply click the ‘donate’ heading and offer up whatever your soul and wallet are inclined to.

Now that you have a fair idea regarding the aims of the site let’s delve further into what it offers. The following is a thorough look at the website.

What Kind of Music Is on Offer on This Site?

With literally thousands of free music tracks available on the website, you are sure to find a genre or artist which will strike your interest. To list a few genres available on this site: blues, classical, country, electronic, experimental, folk, hip-hop, instrumental, international, pop, and more. You can also browse the charts for the most popular music. On the chart page, you can manipulate the chart table according to most popular this week, this month or all time. Furthermore, you can choose a chart for a particular genre and according to the most interesting, the most downloaded, most listened to, or the most favourited. You will find the chart table very easy to use, with the play icon easy to find, along with all relevant and useful information on every song and artist.

Like any great music website, there are many great genres to select from. You will find the genres on the headings, colour coordinated and followed by great pages full of music. The music is listed in a chart, and you will find there the buttons for download and so on. I also recommend browsing the curator pages. You will find great independent record labels, information about their music and all of their regularly updated tracks.

How Do I Download Free Music?

It’s a very simple process. First, once you have found a track you want to download, find the download icon. The download icon looks like a downward-pointing arrow. All you have to do now is click on this arrow icon, and the download will begin. Ultimately, the process couldn’t be easier.

Do I Have To Sign-Up?

No account is required to use the website. You can, of course, sign-up if you want. It’s completely free to do so, and it will only take a minute of your time.

What Are the Best Features on This Site?

Whether you are a listener or a provider, this site is great for both. One of the great things about this site is its charitable ethic. Thousands of music artists are given a chance to promote their music on a daily basis. So, if you happen to be a musician yourself and you need a platform in which to promote, the Free Music Archive is certainly worth a try. However, you cannot freely upload your music onto the site. It works as an invite-only opportunity to promote.

On the other hand, as a listener, there are many great features on this site. One of the best things about the Free Music Archive are the tonnes of information you can find on many different artists, events and labels. You will find most of this information on the homepage. Furthermore, as I have already mentioned, the curators on this website is an interesting to browse through. There are lots of great tracks within each curator page, as well as information on upcoming music and events.

Last but not least, if you want to know more about the Free Music Archive, there is a heading and pages dedicated to that. You will find pages regarding music licenses, FAQs and mobile apps. You can also find out what this site can do for musicians, filmmakers and educators. There is also a contact and a help page, in case you may need it.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the post on the Free Music Archive website. All things considered, the Free Music Archive website doesn’t have many flashy features. Nevertheless, it doesn’t need to, for it has tonnes of impressive free music and information. The site is also very easy to navigate, so I am confident you will find great free music within seconds. If you would like to know more websites which offer free music, try the other posts on this website. We have posted on the best free music websites, so get searching!

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