Top Free Music download Apps For Android Phone

Top Free Music download Apps For Android Phone
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Welcome to all of you with a thirst for great music and quality music apps for your phone. If you feel that the apps on your phone are not delivering the music that you need, it’s time to get some new apps for free music download. At present, there are more music apps out there than any one phone can hold. With literally thousands of apps to sift through, where does one start? Thankfully, here at TechWhack, we have done all the winnowing of the heaps of apps for you.

With the featured apps on this post, you can avoid the long and complicated processes on your search, as well as the expenses for an average music download app.

In this post today, I have done a little bit more than just lay out for you the best apps for free music downloads. I have included a review of each and every app. Feel free to browse through this cornucopia of information on free music apps, which will serve you up some great music within minutes without you having to dip into your bank.


By sticking with these apps, your long attempts of searching for great music apps will become a thing of the past. Furthermore, I have included a top 10 table of my personal apps for free music downloads for you to explore. Finally, beyond the review of each of the top 10 apps, I have also included a list and short review of many other good apps for free music download. So, enough of introductions and let’s get started …

The Best Music Downloader Apps For Free Music Download: Top 10 Table

APP NAMEOVERALL RATING (On Google Play)Music Downloader APP ICON
4Shared4.3 / 54 shared
Spotify Music4.5 / 5Spotify Music
Google Play Music3.9 / 5Google Play Music
YouTube Music4.4 / 5YouTube Music
Napster3.9 / 5Napster
RockMyRun4.3 / 5Rock My Run
Gaana4.2 / 5gaana
SoundCloud4.4 / 5SoundCloud
Saavn Music & Radio4.2 / 5Saavn Music & Radio
MP3 Music Downloader4 / 5MP3 Music Downloader

An Analysis and Review of each Top 10 App

  • 4Shared

Claiming the illustrious no.1 spot on the list is the 4Shared app. At the moment, according to Google Play online, this app has been downloaded over 4.5 million times. It goes without saying that this is an impressive number. Furthermore, with so many downloads and such a high rating, it is safe to say that this app is nothing short of great.

To explain, 4Shared is a huge database in which everything, all files, are shared by its users. It may not be specifically designed for free music, but it certainly has large amounts of free music for you to download. Along with millions of music files, you can also share and download video files, images, and whatever other media which the app supports. Ultimately, 4Shared has thousands of media files in its grasp, a lot of which are great, free music files.


  • 4shared is one of the best free music download apps for android.
  • 4shared provides a nice user experience.
  • I love this app and would recommend to all.
  • Moreover, it is completely ads free music download app for android.
  • 4shared is a very fast app.
  • Rated 4.3 stars.
  • Got 5 million downloads worldwide making it one of the best free music download apps for android.
  • Keep on updating and last updated on June 14, 2016.

Moreover, It’s size varies with the device because it has a full optimised theme. In conclusion, It is good for free mp3 music download.

  • Spotify Music

Perhaps the most popular music-related programme in the world, Spotify has its app form. Everyone has at least heard of Spotify, and millions of people across the globe use it as their go-to software for free music. The best part is, although it is technically a radio-streaming programme, you have complete control over what you want to listen to, unlike actual radio.


I use Spotify myself, and the reason is due to not just its huge wealth of great music, but because it is also legal and it contributes somewhat financially to the actual music artists. All things considered, this popular radio-streaming giant offers an incredible amount of free music. There are intermittent ads, but this doesn’t detract from Spotify’s quality and wealth of free, great music.

  • Google Play Music

This app, designed by Google, is essentially a free radio service. With Google Play Music you are given unrestricted (and legal) access to a whole bunch of free, great music. One of the best things about this app is that you can search for music depending on a certain mood. You can furthermore browse by genre or artist. Ultimately, the app is an easily straight-forward service which delivers some great music. It currently has around 2.5 million downloads recorded by the Google Play website and a great overall rating of 3.9 out of 5. With this quality free app, you have nothing to lose but free great music by trying it out.

So, guys since it was developed by Google, it is one of the best free music apps for android. It has the latest technology. It completely ads free app.

  • You can download this app from play store.
  • It is a free music download apps for android which is fully bugfree, causes 0 no error.
  • Works with Google cloud hosting technology mean you can download music very fast.

Google Music

It is one of the best free music apps for android. It has been downloaded billions of times.

  • Access youtube red with it, but for its all features you need to take a paid plan.
  • Has been rated 4.0 stars.
  • Last updated on 8 June 2016.
  • You can even use its podcast feature. It seems like it has compatible with all the versions.
  • YouTube Music

We all know YouTube. This app, however, is a tiny bit different to the great website. With this app, you get “A YouTube built just for music”. This form of YouTube cuts out the non-music videos, leaving you with only the music. There are ads just like the actual website, but it’s worth the short ads to use this great app. With this app, you can also create personalised stations which will adapt to your likes over time. In addition to all this, you can receive a full month of YouTube Red for free. This upgrade cuts out the ads and allows you to work offline. At present, YouTube Music has been downloaded around a quarter of a million times and holds a near-perfect overall rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Youtube Music

With this app, you can also create personalised stations which will adapt to your likes over time. In addition to all this, you can receive a full month of YouTube Red for free. This upgrade cuts out the ads and allows you to work offline. At present, YouTube Music has been downloaded around a quarter of a million times and holds a near-perfect overall rating of 4.4 out of 5.

  • Napster

There was once a time when Napster was king of free music downloads. Although those days are gone, Napster has made a bit of a comeback. You can now download the Napster app for your phone and receive its free, great music, just like it once provided. Unlike most music-related apps and players, Napster has no irritating ads. Furthermore, you can listen to your music offline. Basically, with Napster, you can listen to your favourite playlist when travelling to work, without being interrupted by ads. Finally, the Napster app at the moment has been downloaded around 70,000 times. All things considered, although Napster is back in a new way, it still greatly delivers like its old ways.

Napster Music

Basically, with Napster, you can listen to your favourite playlist when travelling to work, without being interrupted by ads. Finally, the Napster app at the moment has been downloaded around 70,000 times. All things considered, although Napster is back in a new way, it still greatly delivers like its old ways.

  • Rock My Run

Are you perhaps interested in fitness? Does your week consist of regular workouts? If so, Rock My Run has been specifically designed for you. This app is manufactured for those who love to listen to music during workouts. Some of the best features of this app are that you can create some unique playlists. For example, you can make playlists which are moulded around a certain tempo or mood. If you wanted to create a fast playlist for running, for example, or an inspiring playlist for hill climbing, Rock My Run is the app for you. All in all, this app will certainly motivate you in the gym or the great outdoors.

ROckmyrun is an amazing free music app for fitness training app. You can hear your favourite music while running, jogging or exercising. You can hear some popular DJ’s with perfect beats for training.

  • It will increase your confidence and enthusiasm and will motivate you to keep going.
  • You just need to choose your favourite genre, and then it will stream body driven music.
  • I would prefer his app as I am personally a sportsperson.

Rock My Run

  • Has been rated 4.3 stars which are amazing.
  • Got 1 million+ downloads.
  • Size is quite big.
  • Finally, it’s size is 32 MB.
  • It seems like it requires Android version 4.0 or up.
  • Furthermore, it even consumes fewer data.

In conclusion, it is one of the best free music apps for android.

  • Gaana

This app is one of the most popular music apps for Hindi, Bollywood, Punjabi and other similar types of music. Most popular in India, Gaana also offers free streaming service for popular songs in English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, and Malayalam. You can also browse through the charts and select your favourite tracks to listen to or place in your personalised playlist. There are heaps of playlists on offer, ranging from collections of sad ballads to weekend party hits.

Ganna: Music

Ultimately, Gaana brings the best of India to your mobile phone, while also delivering some popular hits from the likes of David Guetta, Bruno Mars, and more. There are a recorded 10 million music tracks to choose from, as well as thousands of playlists. At present, Gaana has been downloaded more than 800,000 times according to Google Play.

  • SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a unique music programme used by millions of people and musicians for self-production. In other words, with SoundCloud, musicians everywhere are using this free platform to upload their music. Musicians everywhere are joining this free programme, and listeners everywhere likewise are tuning in to hear what common everyday people are producing. Once a music file is uploaded to SoundCloud, people from all over the world can tune in and listen to it for free. With SoundCloud, you can be either a listener or a giver of music, or both.

Soundcloud is great music downloader free app.

  • A lot of features.
  • The enormous database of mp3 songs. Download your favourite music tracks or songs quickly from this app.
  • Connect and share with your friend.
  • Entirely ads free.

Finally, you can download this Android app from the below link. It is an editor’s choice music downloader free app for Android. Furthermore, it has been downloaded billions of times.

Sound Cloud

Since it has been rated four stars, it is an amazing free mp3 download app for android. It seems like it requires Android 4.0 or up. It was last updated in June 2016.

Furthermore, this free mp3 music downloader app was developed in Germany by SoundCloud. Finally, it is a fantastic music downloader free app for Android.

I have many friends who record and upload their music onto SoundCloud. The benefits of using SoundCloud is the fact that you can listen to the undiscovered talent which the radio cannot deliver. You can listen to friends or upcoming breakthrough artists before the music companies slap a copyright on the tracks. Of course, you won’t find top 50 artists through SoundCloud. This is why it doesn’t rank as highly on my list. Nonetheless, there is great music out there besides the popstars on the radio. Why not give it a try and perhaps you will find a local musician whose music you could love.

  • Saavn Music & Radio

Another Hindi-related app for free music downloads, Saavn is in contention for the best app for Bollywood music. Personally, I believe Gaana is a bit better, but Saavn nonetheless shouldn’t be ignored. Saavn gives pretty much everything that Gaana does, but there are some differences between the two apps. For example, with Saavn, you can also enjoy podcasts and audio programmes. By following your favourite artists, you will be notified when/if there are any updates.


Also, with Saavn you can listen to your favourite songs offline. Playlists are also in your control to create and then modify. Like Gaana, you still get the array of different music, from English to Bollywood, Hindi to Tamil. Saavn Music & Radio is proving to be quite popular, with around 750,000 downloads recorded on the Google Play site.

  • MP3 Music Download

An app as simple and effective as its title suggests, MP3 Music Downloader may not be as popular as the rest of these apps for free music downloads, but it certainly contends well. With this app, you have unlimited access to a bunch of music files, as well as unlimited music downloads. It’s all very simple with this app. Just search for the song, artist or genre you have in mind, let the app work its magic and then begin your download.

Download App

You can alternatively just stream the track if you prefer. Ultimately, this app is one of the most basic music-related apps out there on the market. It has been downloaded only 8,356 times at present, but around 50% of users have rated the app a full five stars out of 5.

Other Great Free Music Download Apps That Almost Made the Cut

  • Apple Music

From the mega power of Apple Music comes this useful app. There are approximately 30 million Apple tracks available to listen to through this app. However, I must declare early that this app is not completely free. On the other hand, if you subscribe you can use it for free for three months. The fact that Apple Music is not free has dropped it out of my personal top 10 apps for free music downloads. If it weren’t for this hick-up, however, Apple Music would have a fair shot at one of the highest positions on the top 10.

There are thousands of playlists to go along with the huge library of 30 million Apple songs. You can create your library of your favourite songs. Apple Music also offers regular recommendations depending on what you listen to. There are also radio stations and other audio programmes to delve within. If you don’t want to spend a penny, you can only have this app for a limited time. The Apple Music app currently holds an overall rating of 3.4 out of 5 on Google Play.

  • Shazam

I wrestled with myself for quite some time on where to put Shazam on this list. This app fully deserves a top 10 place, and 2 million people on Google Play would probably agree with that. At the present moment, Shazam has been downloaded almost 3 million times. Of these downloaders, around two-thirds of them have given Shazam the full 5 out of 5 rating. Another half a million have given the app a 4-star rating. Shazam has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play. Besides these highly impressive statistics, what does Shazam have to say about itself?

Apparently, top singers and celebrities like Adele and Demi Lovato are using the app for their free music downloads. Some of the top features include: access to lyrics, identify music offline, add songs onto Spotify playlists from Shazam, and more. Shazam also uses amazing visual recognition scanning. This means if you see an album cover or poster, for example, which you want to know more about, use Shazam to scan it, and the app will collect information about the music artist in question. There are many other little features which make Shazam a great free app to have. I highly recommend giving it a try, despite the fact that it has just slipped outside the top 10.

  • Vevo

In recent years, the Vevo corporation has placed their stamp on many of the biggest, most viewed music videos. Vevo is the result of the partnership between two of the giants of music distribution: Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. From this, we now have Vevo, the now-popular music video hosting service. So, what can their app do for you?

This app as you may have already figured is focused solely on music videos. Because of this app deals with videos only, and not specifically free music download, it has thus crept out of the top 10 spot. With Vevo, you can watch your favourite music videos in HD and create playlists of the videos you like most. You can also favourite artists, and when a new music video is released by your favourited artist, you will be notified. However, Vevo is only available in a select number of countries. The Vevo app is available in the following countries: Canada, USA, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Mexico, Poland, and New Zealand. The app currently holds an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play.

  • TuneIn Radio

One of the most popular radio apps, TuneIn Radio, offers impressive 10,000 different radio stations for free. As a radio station app, it has thus fallen out of my top 10 apps for free music downloads. In addition to all this great music, you can also tune into the news, sports and weather broadcasts, as well as other radio programmes. With TuneIn Radio you can keep track of college basketball, the NFL, NBA, and the NHL.

All of the radio is delivered live from the very sources. Therefore, you won’t be in complete control over what music artist or song you want to listen to. Nonetheless, you can choose a specific radio station out the thousands of quality stations on offer. Tunein Radio sources thousands of top quality radio stations into one single app. There is an abundance of stations to choose from. The app currently holds an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play.

  • Tidal

This app combines high-quality definition, high definition music videos, as well as valued information from music journalists. There are huge amounts of music on offer with Tidal. The app claims to offer over 40 million tracks, as well as more than 130,000 high definition music videos. As for the contributing journalists, you can try out the carefully selected playlists chosen by these musical experts. You can also read the well-crafted articles, recommendations and interviews provided by these music journalists.

In addition to all this, there are no ads nor any ‘fuzzy images’. There is also an offline mode, which allows you to listen to your albums and playlists when you are out and about. The Tidal app currently holds an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5 on Google Play based on 38,653 votes.

  • Heart Radio

Again another radio app, Heart Radio is a popular radio station situated in the UK. The app is plain and simple. This app is the official app of Heart Radio and thus brings the station to your device. With the app, you can also see what songs are playing. Next, re-listen to songs from the past week, view the top trending videos, get celebrity news, and more. Of course, this app isn’t exactly an app for free music downloads, hence why I haven’t included it in my top 10. It is, however, a good radio station nonetheless. The app currently holds an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Google Play.

  • Qello Concerts

This app is unique. With Qello Converts, you can stream classic concerts and documentaries. This app is essentially a treasure chest full of old great live concerts which you can replay at any time. Some of the things which this app also provides are One of more free tracks from each concert, more than 30 channels of continuous concert moments, and special free full-length shows. It may not be an app for free music downloads but is however an app for free music concert downloads. Also, there are a whole bunch of award-winning music documentaries to feast your eyes and ears on. Qello Concerts currently holds an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Google Play based on 23,233 user votes.

  • Pandora Radio

Unlike most radio apps, Pandora gives you complete control over what you want to listen to. With Pandora music, you can create individual stations or playlists for your favourite artists. Most Pandora apps allow you to store up to 100 different artist playlists. Once you have an artist playlist, you will be given anything by that artist on demand. Like I said, Pandora lets you create your unique radio channels.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Pandora, and it almost made its way into my top 10 favourite apps for free music downloads. You can upgrade to Pandora Plus, which will cut the ads, allow replays and skips, and offline playing. The Pandora Radio app currently holds an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play based on an impressive number of 2,651,882 user votes. I highly recommend this app, despite the fact I haven’t included it in my top 10.

  • SongFlip

The SongFlip app claims to offer its users the ability to stream millions of free songs online. I am unsure if there is millions on offer from SongFlip, but it does nonetheless offer a lot. The SongFlip app is one of the most basic apps for free music downloads. Simply search for your song or artist and begin streaming for free. There is a high chance that SongFlip has the exact song or artist that you have in mind. After all, it does claim to have millions of tracks to give. The SongFlip app currently holds an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play.

  • Radio Player by Audials

This app, yet another radio app, offers over 80,000 different radio stations across the USA. Simply search for an artist, a genre, song or album, and Audials will do its best to retrieve a station best suited to your search. Also, you can record songs playing on any radio. In other words, if you hear a song which you happen to like but you don’t know the name of, you can choose to record the song right there and then. You can also connect your device to another computer belonging to you, thus allowing you to sync the selected music onto your home PC or laptop. The Radio Player by Audials app currently holds an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play based on 19,49 user votes.

  • Radio Online – PCRADIO

You’ve probably assumed by now that there are thousands of radio-related music apps. That assertion would be correct. However, Radio Online – PCRADIO is one of the best free radio apps out there, and the following is why. This app offers hundreds of free radio stations, which is not as many as the thousands offered by the above Radio Player by Audials, or, TuneIn Radio, for example. Nonetheless, Radio Online PCRADIO does have its perks. With this app, you can use it even if you do have the lowest of internet speeds. Also, all the radio channels are categorised by artist and genre, making your searches easy. Furthermore, Radio Online PCRADIO also offers full discographies by several artists. The Radio Online PCRADIO app currently holds an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play based on 645,547 user votes.

New Releases

Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You

Currently storming the charts across the world is the young English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. After a few years of his last album release, Sheeran is back from a brief break to release his new album, Divide. In the event of its release, Ed has given us two songs from his newest album, Castle on the Hill and Shape of You. Shape Of You is currently number 1 in the UK as well as other countries and is the perfect track to ‘get down to’ in the clubs (if you haven’t already).

Chainsmokers – Paris

The Chainsmokers are the biggest DJ act to appear from the music scene within the past year or so, and their most recent single Paris is storming the charts. In recent weeks, these guys have produced big hits like Closer and Don’t Let Me Down. Paris has that same vibe, which has thus placed the track highly on the official charts throughout the world. The song has the same elements has other big tracks, which will make it an essential tune on any weekend playlist.

Rag’n’Bone Man – Human

This rising artist is from England, and his most recent song Human is not only taking the UK charts by storm, but it also reached no.1 in several other European countries. Rag’n’Bone Man is certainly a name to remember for the future. To put a name on the genre, I would classify the song itself as Soul track with a modern touch of R & B.  This song may very well top the charts in the next few weeks, so get listening now.

I Don’t want a Live Forever – ZAYN & Taylor Swift

Zayn Malik of One Direction and pop super queen Taylor Swift have banded together to produce this song for the official Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. The movie is set to release this week in cinemas worldwide, which should hopefully boost the song further up the charts. The song itself is well suited for the love and romance projected in the movie, so if you want some music for the upcoming Valentine’s day celebrations, this song may very well become part of your soundtrack.

Little Mix – Touch

Since appearing on the popular TV show The X Factor a few years back, Little Mix has gone from strength to strength. Their newest album has done quite well in the charts, and their new single, Touch, currently sits comfortably at no.4 on the UK top 40 charts. Touch blends the band’s nice girlband vocals with R & B vibes that have made them successful with earlier tracks, such as Shout Out To My Ex.

Martin Garix & Dua Lippa – Scared To Be Lonely

The world recognised Dj and producer; Martin Garrix teams up with female vocalist, Dua Lippa, for this big club mix. Scared To Be Lonely follows Garrix’s previous dance flavours, with big drops and catchy melodies sure to earn a place in your weekend playlist, and certain to get you pumped for the weekend parties.

Ed Sheeran – What Do I Know?

With his newest album, Divide, released this week, Ed Sheeran has topped the online charts with all 14 songs, which has never been seen before. One of the favourite tracks from the album is What Do I Know? A light-hearted and upbeat paean to universal love through the power of music. Whatever your favourite song is from off the album, this track is already doing very well on the charts (as is all the young singer’s songs). In other words, the whole Divide album is a must-listen, never mind each song.

Jennifer Hudson – Remember Me

The American singer disappeared from the spotlight recently, but her new single should do good things for Jennifer Hudson. Remember Me is a strong gospel ballad that hits forceful notes all round. With a joyful mix of powerful vocals, emotional strings from the quartet, and the gospel choir Remember Me should uplift your soul by a few degrees.

Q & A: Music Downloader Free Apps

In case you are unsure about a few things related to downloading music onto your many devices, this post will hopefully clarify a few things for you. This section will explain everything from music downloads to music apps, legal music downloads, and more.

(Please note: in regards to illegal downloads, we advocate nothing. The following information is gathered from sources across the internet. The risk and consequence is entirely your own).

  • How do you download a song from YouTube to your computer?

If you have never heard of a YouTube converter, now is the best time to start using one. YouTube converters are free to use and take only a matter of seconds to use. There are many YouTube converter websites online, all you have to do is search ‘YouTube converter’. Best youtube converters-  mp3 juice

  • How do you get music from YouTube?

As mentioned above, YouTube converter websites are the best way to go. So, what exactly do they do and how to use them? The whole premise is simple. A YouTube converter snatches an audio track from a music video. It then allows you to download and keep this audio track. To do this, choose a reliable YouTube converter website and copy and paste the video link. After choosing to convert, the website will take the audio track, and you can then download the file. Some of the better YouTube converter websites will allow you to download the audio track in different formats.

  • How do you download a song from YouTube to your phone?

You can access YouTube converters on your mobile phone just as easily as you can on your computer. Alternatively, you may be able to find some reliable YouTube converter apps online. Apps like Converter Tube and Video to mp3 are some apps online right now which could do the job for you. Just visit either Google Play or the iTunes app store. Some of these apps will most likely be free to download.

  • What is the best app for downloading music?

There are thousands of free, great apps online which will download music for you. To name just a few of these free music downloads apps: 4Shared, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Napster. But other apps reviewed here are good as well. These music downloader apps can be downloaded easily from google play.

  • Where can I download music for free legally?

Despite most of the music download websites being illegal, there are in fact some websites in which you can get music for free. To list a few of these free, legal music download websites: FreeMusicArchive, Jamendo, SoundCloud, and Internet Archive. Most of these websites are simple music search engines, in which all you have to do is search for your desired track and then click on ‘download’. Furthermore, most of the music displayed on these websites are property of the public domain. Alternatively, you can also use torrents. Torrents have received a lot of attention due to legal matters. Most torrent sites are illegal, but there are, however, legal torrent sites in which you can either torrent or download music directly from the site. Here are some of the best legal torrent sites which you can use for music:,, and

  • How do I get free music on my iPhone?

Use apps! There are tonnes of free, great apps out there which can download music onto your phone within seconds. As mentioned above, here are some of the best apps for music downloads: 4Shared, Google Play Music, Napster, and Soundcloud. Check out our post on the best music download apps here. In addition to apps which can download music onto your phone. Apps like Spotify and Radio by Audials won’t necessarily allow you to download the music directly onto your phone, but there isn’t much difference in listening to free music at any time with a great radio app, and listening to music which you have downloaded from another app.

  • What is a music download?

This is a very broad question which may require a lengthy answer. In its simplest form, a download is a file which has been shared from another computer to your computer (or device). Like giving an item to another person, a download is essentially like a computer giving an item to another computer. Files come in many forms. Some files are as tiny as a few bytes, whereas some are as huge as a few gigabytes. There are also dozens of different music file types, such as mp3, mp4, WMA, Ogg, mpeg-1, wav, and more – all of which correspond to or are usable within different software programmes. For example, mp3 is perhaps the most common file type for music downloads. Mp3 files can be used in almost any music playing software programs, like iTunes or Windows Media Player. On the other hand, a file type like WMA is more common to music playing programmes like Windows Media Player.


That concludes the heaps of great apps for free music downloads.

We have given you a big list of free music download app for android. You just need a smartphone with Android. You can even download some of the apps on your ios device.

If you want to discover even more apps for free music, simply visit either Google Play or the Apple app store and search for ‘free music’ there. You will find dozens of great free apps for you to choose from. Happy searching and best of luck choosing the right apps!

Thanks for reading this article. Have a Good Day!!


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