Great Food Ordered Online and Delivered At A Great Price With Freshly

On top of changing the way we buy our clothes, our gadgets and our household items, the Internet has now also changed the way we buy our food. By using the internet to buy your food, you now have thousands of tasty stores at your fingertips. This, of course, defeats the idea of travelling for food, as well as celebrates the idea that you can now choose food that isn’t available in your area. On company in particular which is changing the way, people order food is Freshly ( With this website, you have a vast menu of meals to choose from online. With a few clicks, you can have your food ordered and delivered in a short space of time. It goes without saying, that this method is much easier than walking or driving to your local diner or restaurant.

To explain more about the Freshly company, they fundamentally set out to make ordering at receiving food easier. The company was previously known F3 foods, an Arizona company, before finally updating its name to Freshly in December 2014. Today, the company offers a whole range of different meals. You can choose from breakfasts, entrees,¬†entrees with dairy products, eggs, pork, tree nuts, chicken, beef, turkey, fish, soy, and shellfish. All of the meals featured on their site are ‘freshly’ made, and they make sure that these meals are kept fresh between cooking and serving/delivering. The company headquarters are now situated in New York, with branches stemming throughout the USA.

Ultimately, the mission is to cook and deliver healthy, top-class foods. The food is often quickly prepared and delivered just as fast, making shopping and eating food a breeze. Now that we have a fair idea of the company let’s take a closer look at their actual website. The following is a thorough review of the website, in which we have scanned each and every area, highlighting the best features and the negative aspects (if any), which should ultimately answer any questions you have regarding the site.

Great Food Ordered Online and Delivered At A Great Price With Freshly

Can I Use This Website As A Non-American?

Unfortunately, this website is for US citizens only. You will find that when signing up, the website asks for you ‘zip code’. In other words, Europeans, Asians and others cannot use this site. (Also, there are some areas of the USA that the company cannot deliver to, due to long distances and therefore the high probability of delivering stale food).

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

Yes, indeed you do. Nothing can be accomplished on this website without first registering. You will find that when you first enter the site, you will be advised to sign up. If you would like to use this site, enter your email address and your zip code. Following this, you will have to select a plan. There are four different plans: 4, 6, 9, and 12. The four meals per week option are $12.50 a meal, at $49.99 a week. The six meals per week plan are $9.99 a meal, at $59.99 a week. The nine meals per week option are $9.99 a meal, at $89.99 a week. And the 12 meals per week option is $8.99 per meal, at $107.99 per week. After selecting a payment plan, you can then browse the foods and start buying. You can cancel your subscription plan at any time.

How Much Do Meals Cost With This Site?

This entirely depends on what you want to eat, of course. It also ultimately boils down to your payment plan, mentioned above. Approximately, each meal will cost somewhere between $9 – $13, according to your payment plan.

What Foods Are On Offer?

To have a look at the entire array of delicious meals on offer, select ‘On the Menu’. Here, you will find entrees and breakfasts divided into their respective categories. Within each category, you have a wide variety of different foods. To provide some examples, you can choose: Shrimp-fajita with Mexican corn, home-style meatloaf with creamy tomatoes and spinach, south-west chicken bowl, pecan pork, and much more. If you have the desired dish already in mind, you can filter the foods. On the filter menu, you can choose between these individual foods: dairy, eggs, pork, soy, chicken, tree nuts, shellfish, beef, turkey, and more.

You can click on each dish to find out more information. Each dish will come with information on the ingredients and the nutrition, as well as an enticing description of the dish.

How Long Will It Take For My Food To Be Delivered?

This entirely depends on where you live. As mentioned above, there are some areas of the USA that the company cannot reach in time to ensure fresh delivery. However, the site states that they aim to deliver food within a time frame of 48 – 60 hours.

Where Are The Meals Cooked?

All the meals are cooked in a huge facility in Phoenix, Arizona, kind of like a really big kitchen. Freshly states that they own, operate and cook the food on some of the best equipment.

Are There Any Special Features Regarding the Website?

One of the best things about this site is the meal planner. This is where you can arrange what foods you want for each day of the week. You can essentially decide your dinners for the week with this feature. As for the actual site, everything is nicely laid out, making things very easy to navigate. Furthermore, the images of the foods are very enticing and delicious. Ultimately, you should be able to select foods in quick time and have them arranged for the entire week, hassle free.

Are There Any Downsides?

The only downside is the waiting time. In addition, another downside is the fact that Freshly can’t reach some areas of the USA. Nevertheless, you can plan your meals for the week and then relax, which makes it all worth waiting for.


This site is ultimately one of the leading online foods websites. It offers healthy foods which you can also manage according to your dietary needs. With the wide range of information, you can eat healthily and quickly, without the effort of shopping.

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