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Future Boy Conan Episode 1 Beginnings In “Survivors of a Lost Island”

Future Boy Conan Episode 1 Beginnings In “Survivors of a Lost Island”
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Future Boy Conan is a 1978 post-apocalyptic anime series. I did not like the male vocals in the opening song. However, the part of it with the female vocals was better. The visuals were not too bad. Regarding the art style, this show reminds me of a Studio Ghibli movie, which I like.

Future Boy Conan: Episode 1 summary

This episode of Future Boy Conan starts off by showing humanity nuking itself to death in 2008. Good thing that didn’t happen in real life, or I’d probably be dead and not be writing this right now. Anyway, the nukes messed up Earth’s axis and stuff like that, so the planet was in pretty sad shape, and most humans died. However, some went to outer space in a spaceship. This spaceship crash landed on Remnant Island. Some old guy lives here now and is writing in his journal how he is old, and everyone else on the ship with him is dead.

However, he is not alone. Future Boy Conan, his grandchild, lives with him. He catches some whitefish with a harpoon. I’ve got to say, for an old show, it’s pretty well made. I can still see why it is somewhat popular after all of these years.

Let’s Start From the Start

Conan goes underwater to catch fish, and you see the remains of a city and a huge shark. He taunts it, and it tries to eat him, but he ends up harpooning it. Atta boy, Conan! The fight scene between him and the shark was entertaining, and it did well by having him go for air, rather than just be able to hold his breath for six minutes.
When he heads for home with the shark carcass, he spots a girl of about his age on the beach. She is unconscious. He wakes her up, but the shark scares her and she passes out again. He runs to get his grandpa and brings him to the girl. Grandpa grabs her and brings her to his bed. They get her some water and food.

When she’s well enough to talk, it’s revealed that there are some other places in the world with human life on it. She mentions two places called High Harbour and Industria. She also mentions that she is looking for a Dr Bri Lao.

She is wearing a wet shirt, so Gramps sends Conan away and lends her one of his. Conan doesn’t get it and peeks and gets told off by gramps. Anyway, Conan goes and washes her shirt. Later at night, while the future boy conan and Gramps have dinner and she sleeps, she talks in her sleep and reveals that she was withholding information from some people.

The Following Morning

In the morning, she gets up before Gramps and goes to play with the birds. They are very kind to her, and it almost seems as if she can talk to them. Conan has followed her, and they talk. He asks her if she can speak to birds. She says her heart understands them. A tern settles on her shoulder, and she says it’s name is Tikki. They then introduced themselves. He says he is Conan, and she reveals that her name is Lana. She also tells him that she was born at a place called High Harbour. Apparently, there are hundreds of people there. It appears that this apocalypse wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe the grandpa and his people were cryogenically frozen or something. Yeah, that would make sense of everything.

Anyway, so she tells him a bit about her home, and then he carries her to check out some fruit. They make a cute pair of friends. While they are hanging out in a tree, they see a plane. She tells him to hide. It looks like trouble is afoot! Lana says that it’s a plane of the bad people, the people of Industria. Oh, my gosh if they kill the grandpa that will be so sad.

A Mysterious Plane Lands

Oh flip, he’s running to where the plane is landing. He’s not aware of the danger. Two men step out of the plane carrying guns. They’ve got Aks and pistols. Grandpa wises up and frowns at them. They walk past him since he’s not Lana. He’s like what do you want. They reveal they are searching for Lana. The one soldier is a man; the other is a woman. Conan tells Lana to hide. He goes to investigate.

The soldiers rudely search Gramps’ house. He calls them out on being violence and says that they haven’t learned anything from the great disaster. The female soldier points out that his generation started the war, so he is at fault. Oh, weird based on their conversation apparently, the Earth wasn’t messed up for that long by all the war. I guess it was a minor apocalypse after all.

Grandpa Retaliates

Gramps pulls out a rocket launcher! I didn’t realise he was such a badass. He tells them to leave and to never show their faces here again. It is revealed that the men named are Guzu. OH FLIP. Guzu’s tries shooting Gramps, but Conan throws a rock at him, but Guzu’s bullet hits the rocket launcher which causes it to go off. It misses the soldier and Gramps is injured.

Guzu and Red take Lana hostage! Then the future boy conan runs after them with his harpoon. He pulls off an awesome jump and lands on the plane. He stabs the plane with his harpoon! What thrilling drama! Oh wow, and the episode ends! What a cliffhanger! Tune in next time, and I will summarise the second episode live!
In regards to the Ending Song, it is one of those typical 70s Japanese songs I’m not too fond of. The visuals for it weren’t that great: it depicted the same scenery over and over, and it wasn’t in colour; it was just brown.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to watching the episode!

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