The Japanese Post-Apocalyptic Masterpiece That Is God Eater

God Eater remains a great anime adaptation video game series. It started airing on July 12, 2015, and animated by Ufotable after one week delay. Read on to discover the post-apocalyptic Japan view on God Eater anime.

God Eater Anime – The Post-apocalyptic Japanese View Of The Planet


It is important to know that this anime adaptation video game series is designed in a post-apocalyptic Japan around 2071. The video revealed that the planet had been mostly damaged by dangerous beings known as Aragami. Fenrir, which is an organisation, is asked to get rid of Aragami by using God Arcs. God Arcs are great and powerful weapons that emerged from the cells of Aragami. God Eaters are experts who specialise in getting rid of Aragami. These experts only have God Arcs that can be originally maintained in a single form. Nonetheless, an innovative type has been found that can easily shift between blade and gun form. Since then, previous are classified as old-types while later new-types.


Ufotable created a twenty-four prequel unique video animation and later aired on September 28, 2009. After some time, Ufotable moved on to animate a TV anime series which Takayuki Hirao directed with character displays by Keita Shimizu. On Tokyo MX, BS 11, the anime series started airing on July 12, 2015.


Hibari Takeda acted as Erika Harlacher, Alisa lllinichina Amiella as Cherami Leigh, Kota Fujiki as Lucien Dodge, Soma Schicksal as Crispin Freeman, Sakuya Tachibana as Michelle Ruff, Lindow Amamiya as Kyle Hebert, and Lenka Utsugi as Robbie Daymond.

Episode List:

1. God Eater Burst Prologue:

A member of the Fenrir Far East Branch in 2065 journeys to a crucial command centre in former Russia for his premier mission. This was six years before the events of God Eater Soma and God Eater Burst. He was also accompanied by his older sister Tsubaki and teammate Lindow. They have been commanded to support military expeditions in protecting an Aragami centre for a nuclear fusion reactor that will be unleashed to get rid of everyone. Not quite long, the reactor was attacked by the Aragami and breached its main defence.

While the reactor is being prepared to launch to its crucial height for an explosion, Tsubaki, Lindow, and Soma fought the Aragami to help keep them embedded into their position and averted. Studies revealed that the God Eaters override the Aragami attacks. The military forces withdrew at the command of their captain, leaving the trio from the reactor. Later, the captain went on to detonate the reactor manually. Nevertheless, an unknown army absorbs the nuclear attack, preventing it from causing any destruction. Tsubaki, Lindow, and Soma survived and are removed by helicopter. Soma was asked by Lindow if he will continue the journey in this dangerous and a monster watched the helicopter moved away.

2. Lenka Utsugi:

Classmate Kota Fujiki and Lenka Utsugi started training under the auspices of Tsubaki’s order in the midst of an Aragami nuclear reactor attack. Lenka willingly passes through a powerful training routine arranged by himself, in hope to go out and damage more Aragami. Nevertheless, Lenka ended up frequently failing in his personal objectives in the pursuit to destroy Aragami. Kota helped Lenka by taking him to the arsenal centre hoping to clear the mud of failure. In this weapons factory, Lenka can see his God Arc quickly. Aragami has also been seen to block the settlement and arrangement from both ends. Lenka also willingly moved out to overcome the Aragami with low numbers in the defence force.

While Tsubaki refuse the request, he simply moved out and took his God Arc in hope to stop him from proving to be helpless when activating the Burst Mode. Lenka confronts multiple Aragami in the middle of the city as they attempt to murder another God Eater. Nevertheless, of the force eventually knocks his God Arc away. The First Unit came around to rescue him from being killed. Sakuya commented on the alteration of Lenka’s God Arc before the Aragami arrival. Lenka wishes to help as the First Unit overrides the Aragami.

She is finally rescued by the First Unit again, including Sakuya, Lindow, and God Eaters Soma, who quickly evacuated most of the Aragami. Lenka finally discovered one remaining Aragami is attempting to murder a woman. He used his Hod Arc and changed it into a gun form and destroyed the Aragami. His action really impressed the members of the First Unit.

3. Lindow Amamiya:

Prior to the arrival of more Aragami, the members of the First Unit, most notably Sakuya and Lenka commented on the changes of Lenka’s God Arc. Lenka tries to help as the First Unit got rid of the Aragami, but Lindow refused to allow him doing anything and asked his teammate to hide. Lenka did not obey any order but went on to fire several Aragami.During the process, Lenka became injured and was quickly taken to a medical center.

When Lenka finally regains strength, Tsubaki locked him up in a holding cell to wait for court-martial trial. The senior military officers at Fenrir ruled and ask Lenka to give up his God Arc as a form of punishment. Johannes von Schicksal tried to make the senior military officers allow Lenka to keep his God Arc. In the process, he discovered that another New-Type has been unleashed. This occurred when Alisa is on her way from the Russia section. Hibari Takeda mentions Lenka’s attempt to combat with Aragami without a God Arc during a dinner between officers of the Defense Unit. Lindow continued by saying that some other people also share the same abilities, but pretended not to know their identity.

Lindow later visits Lenka and asked of the issue. At this juncture, Lenka finally begged Lindow to train him in becoming a professional fighter. The planes that were transporting Alisa has come under severe attack by a wave of flying Aragami. Tsubaki commanded that Sakuya and Lindow should be dispatched immediately. Lindow insisted that Lenka should be included in the mission as well and Tsubaki approved the request. Lenka was allowed from the cell, where he joined both Sakuya and Lindow on the battlefield.


God Eater anime is futuristic expedition that the world should prepare for now. Even if this fiction story and game is viewed as the post-apocalyptic Japan view about the planet, it can always be beneficial to everyone in the globe.

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