A Review on Google Pixel VS iPhone 7: Which is the Best?

Smartphone pioneers, Apple and Samsung, have been at war for some years now. There have been many battles between these two tech giants over recent years, and they have become firm rivals in the world of technology. However, it seems that Apple now has a new big rival to go to war with in the form of Google. Both are offering access to premium handsets: the iPhone 7 from Apple and the Google Pixel. So, when it comes to Google Pixel VS iPhone 7, which one is the winner?

Well, we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to smartphones. This means that some people will prefer the tried and trusted iPhone from Apple while others will prefer the thought of a solid Android in the form of the Google handset. If you are on the fence and you are not sure which is best with regards to Google Pixel VS iPhone 7, you need to take a closer look at the features. You can then make an informed decision with regards to the handset that is most suitable for your individual needs.

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Google Pixel VS iPhone 7: Take a closer look

By taking a closer look at each of these handsets, we can get a far better idea of which one we prefer. As a fan of Android, I would be inclined to opt for the Google phone. However, the iPhone 7 also comes with a wide range of features, and many of you may prefer iOS to Android. So, let’s take a closer look at these handsets:

Design of the handsets

When it comes to design, very little has changed with the iPhone 7 compared to its predecessors. The shape and appearance is the same as the iPhone 6, and while there have been a few very minor changes there is nothing major in terms of design improvement. The headphone jack has now been replaced and the handset has speaker grilles on the base of the phone.

The Google Pixel has a similar design to the Apple phone. It comes with back casing that combines matte and gloss effects. This has a fingerprint sensor on it while the Apple sensor is on the front of the iPhone 7. The Google phone does not come with the water resistant rating of the Apple handset. It also has no micro-SD slot to expand storage.

You get a bigger screen size with the Google Pixel, which offers a 5 inch display. On the standard iPhone 7 the display is 4.7 inches. You have more colour options with the iPhone 7, which has a choice of five colours. With the Google handset, you have three choices when it comes to colour.

Resolution and display

As I mentioned previously, the basic Google Pixel screen size is a fair bit bigger than the standard iPhone 7 screen size. However, which is the best for screen quality and resolution? Well, you will get a better overall experience with the Google Pixel. This comes with a full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The iPhone, on the other hand, has a 1334 x 750 resolution. The bigger screen of the Pixel also enhances your viewing, so it wins on this score as well.

The hardware

You need to make sure you consider the hardware when it comes to Google Pixel VS iPhone 7. Apple has not held back with the hardware on the iPhone 7, and it is a powerful and fast handset. It comes with 2GB RAM, an A10 Fusion core, and offers impressive performance.

The Google Pixel has also impressed users with its Snapdragon 821 chip along with 4GB RAM. This handset also offers enhanced performance and speed. The handset runs on the new Nougat Android OS and it is the first Daydream-enabled handset. Daydream refers to the new VR platform from Google and is part of the Nougat OS. This means that you will be able to enjoy the delights of VR with this handset.

The software

The software that comes with each of these handsets is another important consideration. When it comes to Google Pixel VS iPhone 7, both offer a range of impressive software features. The Google phone has the upgraded new Nougat OS, a new Pixel Launcher, a new support setting, and Google Assistant.

With the iPhone 7, you get the latest iOS 10 version, which is pretty impressive compared to the last one. There have been a number of improvements in terms of settings and icons with this handset too. However, the one thing that the Apple handset is lacking compared to the Google one is the advanced VR capabilities.

Taking photos and videos

We all love to use our smartphones to take photos and videos. This is why so many of us want a high performance camera on our handset. The iPhone 7 does have a very impressive camera and the one on the iPhone 7 Plus is even better. The camera on the standard iPhone 7 has a six-optic lens, image stabilization, and support for 4K video. There is also an impressive 7 MP front camera, which is ideal for high quality selfies.

With the Pixel, you can look forward to a 12.3 MP camera with HDR Plus mode. According to the techies at Google, this will enable users to take some outstanding photos with their handsets. The Pixel also pips Apple to the post with its front camera, which offers 8 MP for high quality selfies compared to Apple’s 7 MP.


So, as you can see there is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to Goole Pixel VS iPhone 7. Personally, I think that the Google handset stands slightly above the Apple one in terms of hardware, software, and camera. There is not much between the designs of the two handsets but the VR capabilities on the Google phone give it the definite overall edge in this particular battle of the smartphones.


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