Why You Should Allow HouseMovie To Become “Your Online Cinema”

Why You Should Allow HouseMovie To Become “Your Online Cinema”
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In coincidence with our reviews of free music websites, here’s a review of the prominent free movie website, HouseMovie. Many of us need or already have a go-to website when it comes to free movies. However, due to unreliable circumstances, many of these websites are disappearing on a frequent basis. Furthermore, many free movie websites will often throw hidden fees or, worse, viruses and other malicious activity when online. Thus, it can be hard to secure a safe and reliable free movie website, despite the fact that there are thousands out there waiting to be accessed.

With this site, all these problems will disappear. This website is visited by around 5,000 users per day and pumps out dozens of new free movies on a daily basis. Both these figures are rising, meaning HouseMovie.to is increasing in popularity. Many more people are tuning into the website on a regular basis because it offers safe and simple surfing and genuinely great, free movies. With some honest reviewing of this website, this site may very well become your new one-stop website for all your movies.

Why You Should Allow HouseMovie To Become “Your Online Cinema.”

The following takes a deeper look at the entire website, pointing out the pros (and maybe cons if necessary) of all it has to offer. So, let’s get reviewing.

Are There Many Movies On Offer and What Are They?

To answer that question with a plain, simple fact, as of right now there are 5,050 movies in total to choose from. These movies range from current Hollywood blockbusters to old classics. To access all of these great movies, simply click the ‘movies’ heading on the homepage. Here, you can scroll through the 281 pages of movies. You can narrow your search by sorting the lists by year, or by name (A-Z, or Z-A). Each movie includes its official IMDb rating. If you’re unfamiliar with what IMDb is, it is a website in which all movies of the world are reviewed and subsequently ranked. In addition to this movies section, you can also browse through the genre page to narrow your search that bit more. There are 28 genres in total, and to name a few: action, adventure, horror, documentary, sci-fi, sport, western, and much more.

Besides movies, this site has more up its sleeve. This website also offers free serials. Basically, with HouseMovie you get the best of both worlds, with cinema and great free television series to watch. You will find the TV series section on the headings, ‘serials’. There are 160 TV series to select from, each of which has numerous episodes, which amounts to a whole lot of TV. Again, each and every TV series is ranked according to IMDb, which will help you choose the best if you don’t have something in mind to watch. Furthermore, you will find many of the hottest new releases in television. So, by all means, whether it’s television or movies you’re seeking, get stuck in.

Will I Have To Sign-Up?

To use this site, you will not have to sign up for anything. However, there is one fact about this website that you need to know. Many (if not all) of the links on this website are outbound links to different sites. In other words, This site does not hold any of these movies itself. Instead, HouseMovie simply displays the movies and then supplies the links to the actual website that has the movie. So, the website that has the movie may require you to sign up and watch the movie. This site is effectively the middleman in this link between you and the movie, and not the actual supplier.

How Do I Use the Website?

One of the best things about this website is the fact that it is very easy to use. There are five headings on the site – home, movies, serials, genres, and articles – and lots of nice lists of neatly displayed movies. There are no superfluous processes which could confuse users, but just plain thumbnails which require a simply click. When you have found a movie you like, you will be directed to the play page. Here, simply click on either ‘watch free’ or ‘download in HD’. As I have mentioned above, you will then be directed to another site which has the actual movie to play. Here, you will probably have to sign up. All things considered, this website couldn’t possibly be any easier to use.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Not, all things are free with HouseMovie. Nevertheless, beyond the HouseMovie website onto the other sites which contain the movies, it is hard to tell whether you will have to pay to use these websites. For now, however, it is a fact that HouseMovie is completely free to use.

Are There Any Special Features?

One of the main special features regarding this site is the articles section. Here, you will find news updates on all things cinema. It is free to read these articles, and the articles are regularly updated. You can find articles on things like ‘the best movies of 2016’, ‘upcoming releases in 2017’ and more.

Other nice features can be found on the homepage, such as the new movies & serials section, the latest added & updated movies & serials section, and the latest articles section. At the bottom of the page, you will find website links to the FAQ section, terms of use, about us page, and so on.

Anything Negative About the Site I Should Know About?

I guess the biggest negative about this website is the fact that it doesn’t contain any movies. In a nutshell, this site is essentially a search engine for free movies websites. It will link you to many great free movies websites, but it will not act as one itself. The biggest con regarding this is the probability of signing up to the other outsourced websites which contain the movies.

Besides this negative, there is not much to argue with. There are no pop-ups or advertisements, and considering there are no movies on the website, everything is completely legal.


If you would like to view more websites which offer free movies, check out our page on free movies online. We have more posts like this one, so feel free to browse our site.


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