How To Block Emails on Gmail? Check Out This Insightful Tutorial

Hello guys, Today tech whack has brought a new article on the topic “How To Block Emails On Gmail.” Almost every person in this world has at least one Gmail account. Gmail is the best email provider as it is easy to use.

Google has created some individual navigations and features for it. With Gmail, you can easily access your emails on your phone. Moreover, as Google is the creator, we need Gmail to sign up for Google services like Youtube.

Even Gmail is used to sign up on various websites like health blogs. Many site owners may capture emails through their blog and sell all the emails data to others. The other person may misuse the data.

He may you send emails all the time or may send you unwanted emails. A question will arise in your mind “How To Block Emails On Gmail.” You may want to block him from sending you emails. So Below is the full tutorial on How to block emails on Gmail.

Tutorial on How to Block Your Emails on Gmail

Blocking email on Gmail is not a difficult task. You can easily block emails on Gmail. Just follow these few steps below to get the solution for how to block your emails on Gmail.

Method 1: How To Block Your Emails On Gmail Manually


First of all Login to your Gmail account. Just write your full ID and correct password and remember of CAPS lock. Please prefer to make your account fully active by providing them.”your recovery options including your phone number and a recovery google.


After you have opened your account, open the emails tab. Now find the email from the sender whom you want to block. For example, this is an email from a sender whom I want to block [refer to picture below]

Step-3 (A method)

The best way to stop the person from sending emails is to unsubscribe emails from him.Quickly select the email and click on it. When the email opens up, find the unsubscribe option. The unsubscribe option may be present on the top or most commonly in the bottom of the email. Please see the picture to learn where the unsubscribe option is present.

Step3 (Method-B)

Many people may not provide you with the unsubscribe option. This is because they are spammers and may be spamming you or forcing you to buy their product. You can block him using this method. Open the email. Now find an icon as shown in the picture below. Click on the icon. Now you will be able to see a significant number of options. Click on the block.

I hope you may have got your answer to the question- How to Block your emails on Gmail. Moreover, if I would even suggest you click on the option “Report phishing.”

Method 2: How to Block Emails on Gmail Using Filter

There are 2 Ways To set up Gmail filters. Firstly you can setup easily and quickly using a chrome extension. If you want to limit the number of emails in your email box by blocking some senders, then try the extension. If you want to block a single person, then try the manual method.

 Step-1 [Manual method]

Open your Gmail account. Now note the email address of the person whom you want to block. Now click on the triangle-like icon present at the right side of the search bar. Refer to the image below.


Enter the email address of the person whom you want to block in the “From” section. You don’t need to fill all the columns, fill the first one only. Then click on the create filters.


Now select the option “Delete it”. All the new incoming emails from the email id you entered will be removed. You can even setup the filters as per your requirement.

Step-1 [Using the Extension]

You can use a Chrome extension to block a large number of senders easily in few minutes. Download the Chrome extension Block Sender by clicking on the green button below.

Block Sender

To successfully block your senders, you don’t need to take the premium version. Now click on the email you want to block. As the mail opens click on the Triangle like button in the “block option.” Checkout the image to now more. Select the option you want. Done!! the sender is blocked successfully.


I hope you can successfully block spammers. If you still face any problem the, please use the comment box or contact us. If someone is harassing you by sending emails, then you should tell it to the police or cyber authority. Please share this amazing article with your friends. Hey, don’t forget to rate this post.

Thanks for reading this article. Have a good Day!!

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