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Video Tutorials On How To Delete & Download Kik for PC

Hello Guys today tech whack has brought a new post on How to delete Kik and download Kik for PC? I have provided a complete video tutorial. Kik messenger is a very famous messenger app. It has been downloaded by many people. You can use Kik messenger for many purposes. It has been used as an important alternative of whatsapp.

You can use this app even on PC. As many of my visitors asked me how to download Kik for PC?, I created this post for them. You can use Kik messenger for PC using blue stacks. Check out the complete tutorial below in the post.

Many of my visitors also suffered while deleting kik. So I even provided a tutorial on how to delete kik for PC? You cannot delete its account directly from the app. Here is the tutorial below on How to delete kik? This tutorial is divided into two parts:-

  • How to delete Kik account?
  • How to delete kik data or kik account data?

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How To Delete Kik?

Kik app is an amazing app. But sometimes due to some problems we need to reset the app and start with the new id. Normally, it happens when someone has hacked your account. Hacked account can’t be deleted easily. You can’t even delete from its app. You can also check out this video tutorial above on how to delete Kik account as well as on how to delete Kik account data?

First of all, save all the important conversations and try to change your account password if accessible. If not, then try to access it using the forgot password option.

If even not then you have to delete your account. Follow these steps below:

For this open this link

They will ask you to enter your email. Enter the email with which you has to sign up on kik. Then press the Go button. It will send you a mail to your gmail account with a link to deactivate your account.

Now open the gmail with your mail id with which you used to signup. Click on the link provided.

Then a new page will open. Your account will be deactivated, and it will ask you the reason why you deactivated your account? Please don’t log in again as it will lead to reactivation of your Kik account.

How to delete Kik account data

Then, if you want to reuse the app with a new account. You need to reset it. You can reset your account using the app only. Open the app and click on the settings option.

Then click on your account option. This option will be under your username.

Then click on reset kik. Your app will reset and ask for signing up again. There you can sign up and start with new account id. Even if you have already created, then sign up using the ID below. Below is the quick recap of this tutorial.

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Quick Recap or Summary of the tutorial on how to delete kik

Firstly, open this link Then enter the email ID which you used to sign up for Kik messenger. It will send a deactivation link to your Gmail account. Open the account. Click on the link. Then your account will be deactivated. Now open your apps and then Go to Settings > your account > Reset KIK. Your account will be reset. Now the tutorial on how to delete kik? Ends here!

Tutorial on how to download Kik for your PC

As kik is very important for many persons. Even for people who loves to chat. Such peoples can download Kik for PC. After you download Kik for PC, you can use it even when working in an office. As in one tab, you can do work and in another tab, you can chat on kik.

You can even check out this video tutorial by me to download Kik for your PC using blue stacks. You might prefer this video tutorial in HD. Or follow these steps below.

Download the blue stacks android emulator for PC or MAC. Download it from below link. It is a direct link.

Download blue stacks

Install it properly. You have to sign in using the Gmail ID in blue stacks. Follow all the screen instructions on blue stacks app. All the instructions are direct. It may take some time to set up blue stacks. Allow and accept all terms and conditions

Then in the search box, enter the app name- “Kik messenger”.

Search using google play.

Then download the app and enjoy. It will open on your homepage like this below:

Now you can easily download Kik for your PC. With blue stacks, you can download many android apps even by using their apk.


So guys, the tutorial on how to delete kik and download for PC ends here. If you have any questions in your mind regarding this post, then please tell us using the comment box. Please share this amazing article with your friends. Enjoy using the kik app. Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day!

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