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A Simple and In-Depth Guide On How To Sneakily Hack School Wifi

All schools have their open wifi. But most of the sites are blocked by their wifi router.

These wifi’s are generally for running smart classes and study tutorials on the smartboard. These wifi’s are very cheap, and they just allow access some sites only.

Tutorial on How To Hack School wifi

In this tutorial on How to hack school wifi. I will be telling you some Best Proxy apps or VPN providers. These VPNs and proxies will let you access your school wifi. They will just change your IP addresses. You can access your school wifi using these fake IP addresses which will show that you are accessing from a distant area or some other country and you are not under the blocked area around the school.

Private Tunnel VPN


Private tunnel VPN is used by big companies. This VPN’s can also be used for accessing sites which may not be available in your country. Some of these sites are torrent sites. Even you can access if it is not available in your country. This VPN is used to hide your location and identity. Check out its official video.

It is very much useful for companies which do a lot of internet transactions. As it prevents hackers to get credit card information. I would even recommend you to use this VPN when downloading movies or files from torrent sitesWith this tool, you can the answer to how to hack school wifi.  The Top Proxy Sites and How To Use Proxy Sites Today

How to hack school wifi using Private Tunnel VPN

  • You can download it from play store.
[appbox googleplay net.openvpn.privatetunnel]
  • Then sign up there. You can sign up using google account. It will send you a verification email. Click on the link provided in the verification email.

  • Activate account
  • You will get free 2.0GB surfing data. If you want more, then you can go for paid.
  • For 100 GB it will cost you 12$, and for 1TB it will cost you 50$.
  • Open the app. Use it efficiently, as you have limited data.
  • You can choose your region from where you want to surf from.

  • Prefer united states and then close all the tabs including your wifi.
  • Connect to this app then
  • Then open your wifi and connect to school wifi.

I would recommend you connect it when you are surfing on torrent sites. This app requires Android 4.0 or up. It sizes 11MB. Furthermore, It has got a large number of installs. It is an amazing app to hack school wifi.

VPN Master

VPN Master is another amazing app for mobile. It has got a large number of downloads. It is one of my favourite apps. Moreover,  It has pretty cool features. It provides good user experience. Moreover, it is easy to use. It is even available in app purchases.


  • Download this app from below
[appbox googleplay free.vpn.unblock.proxy.vpnmaster]
  • It is simple to use, and there is no need of the tutorial.

  • Select any server on this VPN.
  • Connect it and use it. Then open the wifi and try to connect
  • There are no bandwidth problems.

This app is an amazing VPN app. It has got more than 10 million installs. Moreover, It has got 4.5 stars. It requires Android version 4.0 or up. Moreover, it has a size of 7 MB. What to Do if Your iPad Won’t Connect to Wifi

As schools are very large. The school authorities need more than two wifi. Some of these wifi’s are locked but allow access to all the sites. These wifi’s block all the IP addresses in a limited region around your school except some IP addresses of a phone of your teacher. Your teacher IP addresses are whitelisted in the router so that they can access the wifi.

Means, these wifi’s are open, but they don’t allow access to a particular region around the school. You can access this wifi by showing them that you are out of this region which is not possible without a fake IP address. For this wifi, I have provided a tutorial on How to hack your school’s Wifi.

Some of the school wifis are locked by password. We can’t hack this wifi without a computer or a laptop.

So, it would not be possible to hack a locked wifi. We can hack any locked wifi just by using Kali Linux. It roots our computer. But it has a lot of disadvantages. It may lead to a crash of the OS of your laptop or computer.

FAQ Questions

What is IP address?

The IP address is the name of the computer or a host. The Internet is made by connecting computers. All the sites are hosted on supercomputers. These computers are then named by a number also called IP address. All the devices are given a specific IP address. This IP address helps to determine server location and much more. Maintaining good IP reputation is very important.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. This is a type of group of computers on the internet. You can join this network and change your IP address. It creates a common public network hiding your IP address.

A Beginners Guide To Getting Started With Hacking


You can even try VPN apps on google play if your phone’s Android version is below 4.0. These are two best VPN apps. I would recommend these to all. Private tunnel VPN is a better app. It is more successful app. If you have any questions, then you can ask me using the comment section. You can even check out FAQ section above. Thanks for reading this article on how to hack your school wifi. Please don’t forget to share this awesome articles with your friends.

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