Taking A Long Look At Hulu, One of the Net’s Most Popular TV Sites

Taking A Long Look At Hulu, One of the Net’s Most Popular TV Sites
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Many of you may have already heard of it, some of you might already use it. But, for those of you who are yet to be acquainted with this great site, this post should straighten all that out for you. In a nutshell, Hulu is one of the most popular websites for online television. It is legitimate, and there should be no need to use it with discretion. Millions of people use this website on a regular basis for their daily intake of TV series. In fact, Hulu has inspired many other television websites to take up the online TV torch. Since the inception of this site, many imitators of the site have failed to live up to the same standard. In other words, as a user of this site, you won’t need to stray onto any other site for your television needs.

The number of TV series featured on this website is quite extensive, and with the legitimacy of the site, you won’t have to worry about any legal matters. Importantly, this website offers a lot, and what it offers is both top standard and legal. All this being said, what is the actual website like? Today, we have taken on board the task of reviewing the entire site, highlighting the good and the bad. So, let’s get started.



Do I Have To Sign Up?

Before we go any further into the review, this needs clearing up. This site is not free to use. To use this website, you can either sign up for $7.99 a month with some commercials, $11.99 a month with no commercials or access a free trial for a week. So, if you want free TV, you will only find here for a limited time only (a week to be exact). However, there is a catch. You must also include a plan for a free week. In other words, you will have to pay in advance for either monthly plan above following your free week, meaning you won’t get anything for free here, despite the claims.

What TV Series Are On Offer?

If you do decide to sign up for a month or more, you will be given access to a whole bunch of amazing TV shows. This website offers all of the latest and greatest TV series. You will be able to find hit shows like The Wire, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and so on with this site. There are numerous categories in which you can browse amongst, like latest, most popular, trending, and also recommended TV shows. There are also many genres for you to select from, such as action, comedy, drama, and more. You will find TV series from a lot of the biggest TV companies like HBO and FOX right here on Hulu. You will also find more obscure TV shows and hit series from across the globe, showing just how much this site has to give.

One of the more interesting facts about this site is that just like Netflix, Hulu creates and distributes its television shows. However, these shows haven’t quite had as large an impact as most Netflix originals. All things considered, this website has lots of popular shows. Much like Netflix, all of these shows are neatly displayed, easily accessed with a click, and include lots of valuable information.

Can I Watch Movies On This Site?

As you may have already guessed, this site is a TV-only website. You won’t find movies here, which might become a con, considering that other similar websites like Netflix offer both movies and TV series.

Can I Download the Videos?

Some websites out there will give you the privilege to stream free television online and to download the video file. The same websites are also often illegal and often vanish within a few weeks. As for this site, you cannot download any video files but the only stream.

What Are the Best Features?

One of the most positive aspects of the website is the overall display and the ease of use. There are no superfluous displays or time-wasting processes here to weigh you down, but simple routes and clear displays. Simplicity is always a great thing to have when you’re in a hurry to watch your favourite shows, and with Hulu, you can find what you’re searching for within seconds. Furthermore, thanks to this website’s legal legitimacy, there are no speed impediments or delays with the video player, or any irritating pop-ups. With a single click, the video player is up and running in no time, and should remain so, unlike most other sites.

Are There Any Negatives Regarding the Site?

If you see beyond the fact that this site isn’t free and you can endure the commercials (depending on what monthly plan you choose), there isn’t much else to argue with. If you are a user of other similar sites and platforms like Netflix, you should know what to expect with Hulu. One small negative may be the fact that TV shows may come and go depending on how the website fancies. In other words, because the website is regularly updated, some TV shows can be replaced with more recent or more popular shows. If this does occur, there is not much you can do about it.

All things considered, with no pop-ups, great unlimited television from across the globe and complete reliability, Hulu offers something great for every user.

 Closing Remarks

If you liked this review and you’d like to find out more about where you can watch TV online, feel free to browse the other posts on our site. We have posted on free TV websites, as well as many reviews on free movies websites.

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