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iOS Emulator For Windows PC- A List of the Best [Latest emulators]

iOS Emulator For Windows PC- A List of the Best [Latest emulators]
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Hello guys, today tech whack has brought a new post on the best ios emulators for windows. In this post, I would be telling you some best ios emulator for PC or Windows. Let’s first talk about Apple. Apple has a good brand reputation in this world. Even it is considered costly. Before buying an expensive phone or any other device, I think we would think again and again.

Many of us will ask for a suggestion from our friends that which device I should buy in this range. Even each of your friends will have different replies. It will push you into a tight position. You will get confused.

The best way to figure out is the answer from the person which is similar to us regarding habit, Expression, speech and behaviour and much more. Such friends are very hard to find. Experiencing the phone is the best way to find the best device. Most of the people get confused when they are buying Apple products.

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Apple products are costly and somewhat quality products. As we all know Apple is a big brand name. But it lacks some features due to its security. Guys in general, I would prefer Apple product. Yes, they lack some features but provides great user experience.

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Why do we need ios emulators for windows

Ios emulators for Windows PC are amazing software. With this software, you can experience ios devices. Ios devices are used for many purposes like

  • To use apps which are only available for ios versions.
  • Even there are many games in which get prizes if play on a ios devices.
  • Check ios devices.
  • Learn about the user experience provided by ios devices.
  • Check their uniqueness.
  • Check new ios updates.

These ios emulators emulate ios on our Windows PC. Means you can convert your Windows PC into a Mac. This software just creates a window through a which you can operate your ios device.

If you want to download any software on your ios emulator. You need to follow these steps.

  • First, check your app you want to use if available now.
  • Then download its apk.
  • Then right click on apk.
  • You will see an option open with
  • Open with the ios emulator for windows

So now you are a professional. You know all the basics of how to use ios emulators for windows.

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Best ios emulator for Windows PC

So, here are some best ios emulators for Windows PC which you can use to convert a Windows PC into a ios device. Check this software as they require latest Windows version. Most of them only run in the presence of chrome or firefox.

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Xamarin test flight

This is one of the best ios emulators for Windows PC for developers. Because it is owned by Apple now. It has some cool features. Apple has added some extra features so that you can get the best user experience of ios on your windows.

Yes, it is paid, but it would be worth buying it. This app is created for Apple developers for beta testing apps and devices. It is available for ios 8 apps and above.


It seems like it is for some high-level developers. May not be easy to use as it is a complicated app. Using this you can upload your developed app and ask for a suggestion. You can beta test your apps here.

I would prefer taking a free trial first for 3o days.


This is an awesome ios emulator for windows. It has some cool features, and it keeps on updating and even is preferred by most. It has a premium version also. You can get new ios versions, and apps even which are in beta on this software.

It is a full-screen sized app, and it provides a great user experience. It also supports a lot of apps. Moreover, it doesn’t drain the battery. Even it works faster. Below are some easy steps to use ipadian.

  • Firstly download ipadian on your device.
  • Download from this link ipadian or alternative link.
  • Now run the setup and install the app.
  • Open the app, experience latest ios version on your Windows PC.
  • Use search bar for good bar for finding new apps and your favourite ones

So I would recommend this app for those who want to run ios versions on there phone and experience phone.

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Air phone emulator

This is another one of the best ios emulators for Windows PC. It has been developed a reputable developer. It has got a lot of downloads. The only problem is that I was not able to find its official site. But has got the download link. It is an alternative for ipadian.

Air phone

Mainly it needs some improvement. In conclusion, it is for Apple developers. It is an entirely free app. Users can easily test their apps using this emulator. Preferred mostly by developers

Ipad simulator

It is not an ios emulator for windows, but it is a stimulator, which means it has its version which is entirely similar to ios versions. Moreover, you can run all ios apps on this stimulator. It is available as a Chrome app. You can store a significant collection of ios apps.

Even it has Siri in beta version. Yes, it needs some improvements, but it is good as it is in beta only. Love this app. It is easily installable hassle free app.

It has an HD background and an entirely free app. You can create apps in second. Even they can be stored easily. Excellent for social sharing.

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So, guys, I have listed some best ios emulators for windows. These are best emulators. They will provide you with the best user experience. You can now experience IOS on windows and share with your friends. Guy’s don’t forget to share this article.

If you found any error in the post, then please tell us by commenting. Moreover, if you want to get your iOS emulator for windows to be included, then please comment, and we’ll include it in our next update.

Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day!!


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