Free and Legal Music From Jamendo Leaves Little To Complain About

Free and Legal Music From Jamendo Leaves Little To Complain About
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Continuing on from our posts on free music, and after having reviewed such free MP3 sites as MP3Juices and LoudTronix, today we bring you a thorough review of the Jamendo website. Like other great free MP3 download websites, Jamendo has many great features on offer. So, what exactly is this website and what does it offer?

This website is essentially an online community of music lovers and sharers. Importantly, all of the music provided by this website is the property of the Creative Commons license. This means you can legally stream and download all of the offered music for free. In addition to this, there are some great links to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, meaning you can share what you’re listening to and so on. On the other hand, if you are a musician and not just a listener, you can use this site to promote your music for free.



In a nutshell, this is a website which offers free, legal, unlimited music to stream or download. In total, there are approximately 470,000 tracks on their database. With this impressive number, you have a high chance of finding what you want. Most of the tracks on this website are in MP3 format, but you may also come across OGG file formats. Both file formats are perfectly fine, the only exception being the fact that MP3 files are more popular and more compatible with more programmes and software.

Now that you have a fair idea of what the website has in store let’s delve into the actual website itself and highlight some of its key features.

Sign Ups and Hidden Fees

When using a great site like Jamendo, you may wonder about any charges which may arise when downloading. You may also wonder about how much you can access without an account. Well, not to worry, for you can download and listen to all of the great songs featured on this site after you create a free account. Don’t worry, it only takes seconds to create an account, and all you have to do is enter your email and password, or create an account by linking it to your Facebook or Google account.

However, one downside is the fact that not all music is free here. The majority of the music is free, but you will find that some artists will charge a small amount for the downloading of their music. Nevertheless, don’t be put off. As I mentioned, the vast majority of the 470,000 tracks on this site are completely free and legal to stream and download.

Are There Any Download Limits?

The simple answer to that would be, absolutely none. There are no limits as to how many tracks you are allowed to download. Jamendo offers you an unlimited amount of downloads, so feel free to get stuck in.

How Do I Download Music Tracks?

It’s very simple to download your favourite song. Once you have found the track that you want to download, simply search for and click the download icon (it looks like a downward-pointing arrow). Following this, you will be given the option to either download the track for personal use or download the track for more official use, which will require a license. On the one hand, if you download a track for personal use, you are by law not allowed to edit or use this track for commercial/media use. As for using the track for media and commercial use, Jamendo will direct you on how to acquire a license for that. To download the track, simply click the pink ‘free download’ button and Jamendo will take care of the rest.

What Sort of Music Is on Offer?

As I have mentioned, this site has a fairly extensive library. With 470,000 tracks online, you are sure to find an abundance of different genres. To list off some available genres: pop, rock, jazz, indie, metal, funk, classical, soundtrack, and much more. You can also browse music by selecting the latest music, trending music, or dip into the tonnes of great playlists. There is well and truly something for everyone in this large musical library.

What Are the Main Features?

There are many great features worth talking about here. Some of the big ones to mention are the many radio stations which you can tune into. The radio stations are laid out according to a genre, and there are thirteen radio stations in total. Another great feature about this website is the online music ‘communities’. Here, you can select a community or hub suited to you. For example, the ‘happy’ community is filled with joyful, upbeat music shared and promoted by people within this hub. You can become part of this community yourself and begin sharing and talking about your favourite happy music. There are many communities here, so you will find like-minded people who are talking about the music you also like.

Furthermore, a big thing to talk about regarding features are the great playlists. You will find a wide array of different playlists, most of which have around 10 – 20 tracks per playlist. You can also create your playlist, or snap songs from one created playlist and place it into your personal playlist. Finally, there is also a charts feature on the homepage. Here, you can find the most popular music on this site. You can manipulate this chart and select which chart genre you prefer. You can also arrange the chart by ‘best of’, ‘trending’, or ‘latest’. At the bottom of the page, you will also find the latest posts. Here, users have shared and commented on their favourite music.

The Overall Appearance of the Site

As for the displays and overall appearance, it couldn’t be much better. Everything is neatly and clearly laid out, with lots of images and great colour schemes. Ultimately, this site is a professional site cared for by its owners, who, in turn, ultimately care about you the users.

This concludes the post on the website. If you want to know more great MP3 websites, check out our other free music downloads posts.

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