Tips And A Complete Analysis of the Kantai Collection Game

Kantai Collection game is a Japanese free-to-play online browser game. Today, it is better known as KanColle, a name based on the collection. Since the game was launched in 2013, it has become one of the popular online games with more than 3 million players. In fact; due to the popularity of the game, new servers have been added to cope up with the huge demand. Further, the game has developed thanks to the large media franchise where light novels and multiple series have been released. It is far more engrossing for those who love anime games and is free to play. It is user-friendly since one can run the game on the background and perform other tasks on the personal computer. Let’s look at the Kantai Collection game in detail.

Kantai Collection Game: Tips And A Complete Review


The player collects different ships and assembles a fleet. He or she takes the role of an admiral as a cute anime girl and starts to battle the unknown ships. The ships and the submarines resemble the ones used in War II. The ships are sent for a mission for the player to gain points about the level of experience. To gain more experience, you should obtain new fleet girls and advance through the maps. Every fleet girl has her bio where you can understand about the abilities of each.

The personalities and appearances of the girls correlate with the real vessels. For instance, girls with less developed figures depict smaller ships while those with more mature bodies depict large ships. Depending on the situation at hand, the girls can equip themselves with different armaments. On the other hand, one gets to understand the history of each ship. Also, you can keep checking whether the fleet has returned from the missions.

The greatest aspect of the game is that it takes the player into a make believe the world where certain activities like repairing and building take real time to complete. The most important supplies include fuel, steel, bauxite and ammunition. They increase with time.

Tutorial videos

There is plenty of information on how to play the game through tutorials like Tetsamaru KanColle plays through and KanColle beginner guide hence; you don’t have to learn the Japanese language. There are unlimited open registrations of the Kantai Collection game. However, beginners are advised to use updated tutorials since the game keep evolving. Outdated tutorials will only show the fundamentals.

There are five tutorials you should go through before you access the game. The first step is to select a starter ship where you enter your name and select a ship girl. However, a player cannot change the name once picked. Secondly, click the arrows at the bottom where you will get various options like previous, decide, next, etc. One should not take a lot of time making the decision since it’s possible to replace the navy of the ship if you wish to do so at a later stage.

The player is then advised on how to make a decision based on the voice or appearance of the ship. For instance, you can choose the first ship which is referred as ‘Fubuki’. The five starter ships include fubuki, murakumo, Inazuma, Sazanami and Samidare. Once you have your new ship, you should go through the tutorial video that shows how to perform a quest. This is where you will understand how to gain resources. The player will get information like `quest in progress or completed’. The other video will show how to perform the first mission where you participate in your first battle. The navigation compass will take you to the boss stage if the ship is strong enough. The following video will show how to maintain your ship such that it does not run out of fuel.


First, the player creates an account through the DMM Japanese website. It is recommended that the player reads the terms of service. For instance; according to one of the game rules, players should be 18 years and above. However, players who wish to know the game and are below the age limit should be accompanied by the parents. Read the FAQ and the proxy connection guide. Secondly, verify your account by clicking on the email link. In case you get any error, one is advised to copy the URL of the page and paste into in a new tab. Once the process is successful, you will get a confirmation message that reads ‘verification is complete’.

Tips for successful registration

It is recommended that you clear your browser cache before you connect to the site. Also, you should adjust your personal computer time zone by setting it to Japanese standard time. Further, you should ensure your browser cache is at 1024 MB. The player should also refresh the page every 5 to 10 minutes.

The main screen

This is where you spend most of your time on the kantai collection game. To perform the main functions, there are different icons that you can use. There is an organise button where you organise your fleets and expeditions. Likewise, you can choose the supply button to fuel your ship and re- supply with ammunition. The factory is where you construct your ship and develop equipment. The sortie icon is used to send the fleet to the battle zone while the docking icon is used to repair damaged ship.

On the top menu, the port is used to return to the main screen. The stats icon is used to set a greetings message and any other information about you.


In a nutshell, this is the best game for those people who love online games and like to spend a lot of time on the computer. It is the cutting edge of how a browser game should look like thanks to the brilliant producers; Yasuda Yoshimi and Tanaka Kensuke. It meets the gamers’ needs since its accessible by a click of a mouse. Also, it makes the player engaged by making him or her build interest in finding out more about the real ship’s history. Further, one gets attention to certain things that may have been forgotten about history. The game is unique since it enhances the players thinking skills and attention to details.

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