Introducing KissManga, the Online Paradise of Free Manga

From Japan in the early days, to the entire globe today, Manga has grown and spread across the world. Today, millions of fans are captured by the magic of manga. In recent times, manga comics have made their way online. No longer will you have to visit the local bookstore, or even pay for your manga. With the internet at your disposal, you can now shop for free and acquire thousands of free manga comics online. One of the most popular websites to offer free manga is KissManga. The website heralds the slogan, “read manga online in high quality”, and that is precisely what it delivers. Millions of users are familiar with KissManga, and in many ways, this website has become the replacement comic store.

KissManga is part of a series of websites that specialise in Asian entertainment. If you are a fan of Asian comics, drama and other entertainment, then you have maybe heard of other Kiss sites, such as KissCartoon, KissAsian and KissAnime. If you are an anime or manga fanatic and you haven’t heard of these sites, now is as good a time as any to be introduced to the wonders of these Kiss websites.

In this post today, the focus is on manga and the KissManga website. I have reviewed the website in full, highlighting all aspects, leaving no online stone unturned. I have picked out the best features for you, assessed all pros and cons, and hopefully should answer all questions you have regarding this site. So, let’s get started with the review.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use KissManga?

To gain access to all the free manga, you do not need to have an account. KissManga offers any visitor the chance to read anything at all without registration. Registering with the website is completely optional. If you would like to sign up to the site, you can do this by selecting ‘Log in or register’ on the top right side of the screen. Here, simply enter a username and a password, which should only take a matter of seconds. By signing up to this website, you can now bookmark your favourite manga series. On the other hand, without registration, you can still read all that is on offer.

Will It Cost Me Anything To Use This Site?

Good news – everything is free. No manga comic on this site will cost you any money. There are no hidden charges anywhere on this site. It’s free to register (if you want) and it’s free to read anything you want. Simple!

What Manga Comics Are Available?

To find the mother load, simply select ‘manga list’ on the website’s headings. This will open up everything that is featured on the site. There are many manga comics per page, and in sum, there is a total of 238 pages of manga for you to browse from. This equals thousands of manga titles for you to select from, making this site one of the largest online manga libraries. Also, one of the best things about these comics is that the website will state if a series is ‘incomplete’ or ‘complete’.

So what’s exactly is on offer? You will find some of the latest titles, as well as some older classics. This site is regularly updated, meaning you will find the newest stuff within days of release. With the large list of manga on this site, you can also narrow your search by most popular, alphabetically, or choose the latest updates and newest additions.

How Do I Read the Manga?

When you find what you’re searching for, you will then select a particular chapter. Once chosen, you will be directed to the reading page. Like a free movie site, you have a viewer, which is basically like an online book. With this feature, you can select a particular chapter, page, or reading type. You will also see the right and left green arrows which indicate a turn of the page. Beneath this, you will find a comments section that you can get involved with (if you like).

Can I Download the Comics?

Unfortunately, downloading from this website is off limits. To put it simply, this site allows you to view the manga only.

Are There Any Special Features?

There are many great features on this site all deserving a mention. One feature that jumped out at me was the ‘hot’ and ‘updated’ icons placed next to the manga titles. These icons are fairly self-explanatory and should help you choose a great manga comic. Another feature that is always good to have is the use of images to display the comics. Again, this will help you find what you want.

If you have already used some of the Kiss websites before, you will notice that the outlay of all websites is pretty much the same. Therefore, if you’re familiar with one, you’re familiar with them all. This makes for quick and easy navigation of the site. Finally, if you enjoy comics and anime, you can select these on the website’s headings, which will then direct you to comic and anime sites respectively. There is also an individual page in which you can request manga, entitled ‘request manga’.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Of the Site?

After reviewing every area of this site, I haven’t found much to argue with. There are no annoying pop-ups, and the ads are easily ignored. Most and perhaps maybe even all of the manga comics are available in English, so you won’t have any problems if you are an English reader. All things considered, KissManga is squeaky clean and shouldn’t pose any difficulties. I highly recommend all manga fans to this site.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the review on the KissManga site. If you enjoyed learning about websites that offer free manga and you would like to know more, try reading our other posts on free Asian entertainment websites. We have reviews on other Kiss websites, such as KissAsian, so feel free to browse.

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