Living By the Sword and Dying By the Sword In Kizumonogatari

High school student turns vampire, so he is now caught between a rock & a hard place whether to isolate his humanity & remain a vampire forever.

Kizumonogatari is the greatest Japanese horror film promoting the art of animation via employing youth characters {Koyomi & Tsubasa} to expose the illusionary vampires adventure.

Based on the Novel “Kizumonogatari”. The film is purely the extract from the written stories of Nisio Isin and is produced and directed by Shaft and Oishi respectively, to thrill the viewers based on the animation aspects.

The Animation aspects of kizumonogatari thrill even by today’s standards. The film plot and set up within a school vs. students, bring an attractive curiosity to the viewers admitting to the fact that today’s generation is embraced by animation.

Living By the Sword and Dying By the Sword In Kizumonogatari

Blonde Vampire in Town?

Tsubasa meet Koyomi the introvert type of a boy. The story is introduced by two major characters who are Koyomi and Tsubasa meeting at their school {Naoetsu High school} at their second year.

Tsubasa tells rumours of a blonde vampire in town. Rumours of it that a blonde vampire, has been seen manoeuvring around their town and she tells this story to Koyomi who seems anti-social by his nature.

Can you believe it? That Koyomi encounters the Kiss-Shot {blonde vampire}. Yes, Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. The encounter left the second year high school student in a dilemma because the beautiful vampire asked for his hand to save her life.

Life? The life of the Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade is threatened this time round by the vampire hunters. There is a team of hunters knocking down the vampires in the town, and this part of the story got Kiss Shot limbs under the blade of the hunters!

Soaked in a pool of blood crying out for another chance in life because she is yet to pass away. The hunters chopped all her limbs and left her to succumb to pain and sorrow but, magically, here he appears Koyomi ready to save a soul unconditionally.

Koyomi draws his red blood from his veins and shed it for her. This revives Kiss shot’s life, and therefore, the little boy got possessed by her spirits and finally crosses the bridge turning into a vampire….hmm, little did he know!

Again-Again Game Begins

Retaliation, the game of retaliation is born into his soul. The young boy began to seek out the limbs of Heart-Under-Blade with a promise to regain his humanity, and this haunts him too much- back at school since, he never desires to be exposed as one of the vampire’s family.

The heart wants what it wants. The two hearts are in the dark searching for satisfaction where, one desires to regain her vampire form while, the other is killing to get his back his humanity….who shall win first?

Remains a hard nut to crack question. There are chances one of them might lose, or both will perish. But who is this willing to perish? Is still up in the air as the drama keeps unfolding leaving the audience in a total world of fantasy.

Tsuma, still curious about the vampire stories. The girl who has won the heart of Koyomi still has got thirst to discover the dark secret and their interests here gets spiced up now that Koyomi- is facing the first hunter who is a vampire too by the name Dramaturgy. And finally, he exposes it Tsubasa.

Dramaturgy, One of the Biggest Villians in Kizumonogatari

Dramaturgy the giant vampire surrenders the first leg after an extremely lethal battle with Koyomi. The first leg with Dramaturgy is now taken to Kiss Shot after battling Koyomi. Dramaturgy knocks off the arm of Koyomi during the fight, and Koyomi attacks back harder after discovering the limbs can regenerate making the vampire hunter surrender the leg of Kiss Shot.

Kiss Shot gradual transformation by swallowing her leg. She receives the leg from Koyomi and proceeds to swallow it making her transforms into a young teenager meanwhile the other limbs are still with different hunters and it is going to take Koyomi more than good luck to bring them back to her….don’t you think Kiss Shot is manipulative for her interest after all?

The human episode got the second leg. The human episode is the next prey with the second leg, and he has got powers to vanish in the mist additionally using a giant cross as his safeguards to attack and protect himself. This time round even the Tsubasa joins because killing Human Episode is not going to be a walk in the park!

Love Conquers All

The death of Tsubasa. Tsubasa is injured by Human episode during the lethal battle, and before the breath passes through her nostrils, she unearthed a secret to Koyomi to throw sand in the mist, and finally, Koyomi drops the hunter dead!

Sacrifice. The blood thirsty hero hunting down the great hunters sacrifice his last chances of humanity by shedding blood again to give back life to her love…Tsubasa….conspicuously, love conquers it all!

Love can conquer all. The death of Tsubasa is a sad feeling to Koyomi who in the first place never want Tsubasa to be part of his fights. He cried no more when one of the Heart-Under-Blade close allies demanded a price to bring back life only if a reward is handed over.

Can you? 20million on your love to bring her life back. The price is paid, and Koyomi is instructed to shed his blood for her love to rise again. Obviously, he does it unconditionally and back to life Tsubasa here comes….is this a true love in Kizumonogatari?

Heart-Under-Blade now a young adult remember? Yes. She consumes the second leg and morphs into a young adult, and it is a sign of hope and relief that finally, she is yet to become the usual blonde vampire….wow! An ugly dream with a beautiful soul!

Goodbye Priest Cutter

Koyomi finally. He finally slays the priest Cutter. The human priest and takes the limbs back to Kiss Shot. The war to regain humanity is making Koyomi kill the human priest just to bring back the limbs of Kiss Shot, and now Kiss shot is a complete vampire.

At the edge. Koyomi reaches at the edge after bringing back all the limbs. The promise to get back his humanity was slashed by the saving action he submitted over her lover Tsubasa regain her life back.  Now the only point he got is to kill Kiss Shot to win his humanity back.


Honestly, I said it before, at the beginning of the story that, is either one dies, or they perish all. But who is ready? The one who lives by the sword dies by the sword?….Food for thought with kizumonogatari!

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