Music Has Never Been So Easy (or Free) Than With is yet another incredible, free music-streaming website which has gathered thousands of fans throughout the years. Originally (and currently still) a radio station, offers free streaming of large amounts of great music. In plain concept, effectively lets you take control of the radio. No longer will you endure whatever happens to be playing on your radio. Instead, visit the website, and you can listen whatever you want, whenever you want, all with just a few clicks.

Furthermore, unlike most other free music websites, has a lot of the current hits from the most popular music artists across, the globe. I know that you have (or will) often come across a free music site which features scant songs from obscure music artists. Sometimes you might get lucky and find a few legitimate songs by a popular music artist. Well, with this website, you will find the pop charts and full albums from the most popular music stars on the planet.

Also, with this site you are getting your music for free, that much is clear. However, by using this website for your music, you can financially contribute to the music artists. With each and every track that is streamed, a small payment is made towards the music artist. Don’t worry; this isn’t paid by you but by the website. In other words, you get the best of both worlds; free music while financially helping out. There are many great features to talk about when browsing the website. In fact, this website has more features than many other free music websites I have reviewed, some of which I’ve never encountered before.

Why Last.fM Is Such An Amazing Site

With the introduction to the great website now done and dusted, let’s take a deeper look at this website and the aforesaid great features.

What Music Will I Be Able To Listen To?

This site has heaps of free music, more than many other free music websites. There is no actual number on how many music tracks on available on the site, but it goes without saying, that as a radio site, it has more than just ‘many’. There may indeed be millions, and you will certainly find an array of different genres to select from. offers you the official charts to listen to at any time. You can also visit artist pages and listen to their albums and other tracks there. By clicking on the ‘music’ heading, you will be directed to the top tracks, top artists and most loved music. You will find these tracks in descending order like a chart, from 1 – 25.

Are There Any Obligatory Sign-Ups?

To use the website, you won’t have to sign up for anything. You are completely free to roam the website and listen to all of the great, free music, without having to create an account. However, you can, of course, create an account if you wish. To do so, search for ‘join’ on the website’s headings and enter your personal information. It should only take a few seconds to sign up. By signing up, you can use the ‘scrobble’ feature, which I have mentioned in detail below in the features section.

Can I Download Music For Free?

This site offers lots of great stuff for free, but unfortunately, one of the only things you cannot do is download the music for free. In other words, this site is streaming only. You can, however, purchase your favourite tracks if you want to. provides links to official providers wherein you can buy the track for a sum. You will find the option to download the video player on the song page. Here, you can choose to buy the track from either Amazon, Amazon MP3, iTunes or eBay.

What Are Great Features There On the Site?

There are many features worth extensive mentioning, and I have thus broken them up into individual parts.

  • Live Radio and More

Just like the actual radio that it is, you can listen to other people are currently listening to on the ‘live’ page.

  • The Events Page

You can find the events page on the website’s headings. This page will tell of big upcoming events happening in your area. You can narrow your search by selecting the area and the date, meaning you could find a gig happening down the road thanks to this site.

  • Featured Posts

These posts are regularly updated, and you will often find a lot of new music. There are new songs, artists, albums, as well as reviews on all of these great new additions to the site.

  • Scrobble

The Scrobble feature is unique to the website. By using the scrobble, you can highlight a song or artist which will then become synchronised onto another account or programme that you use (for example, Spotify or iTunes). All it takes is a few simply clicks, and you can begin expanding your music library.

  • ‘Spiking’ (trending) Artists and Tracks

On the homepage, you will find regular updates on the hottest artists and tracks which are gaining popularity. With a click, you can begin listening to all the great trending music.

  • Recommendations

With every song or artist you play, this site will offer you some recommendations that you might also like. Similar artists and so forth are a great way to build your taste in music.

  • Around the World

This feature I have never came across before. The ‘Around the World’ feature is an interactive map, in which you can select a particular country and this site will tell you what the most popular track of the day is within that country. It’s both fun and useful to browse the world and delve into the many different music tastes throughout the globe. Have a try, and find out what your country is tuning into, or have a look and see what Guatemala is listening to today.


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