Customise Your Legal Documents With LawDepot

Drawing up or getting your hands on legal documents can often be a confusing hassle and a painful amount of money. Sometimes you may fork out a lot of cash for insufficient or the wrong documents, which can lead you frustrated. In other words, when it comes to lawyers and what you want, it can be a struggle. Thankfully, there is help online. LawDepot is a unique service which lets you customise your legal documents, costing a fraction of the price that a normal lawyer would usually charge. With LawDepot at your service, you no longer need to follow orders given by lawyers, worry about being duped, or worry about having all the right stuff in order. You can ultimately have it your way with LawDepot, which today now services millions of happy customers.

LawDepot began back in 2001, after a broad-minded thinker, founder and CEO, Ken Sawyer, thought of a way to give people exactly what they wanted when it came to legal documents. As of today, more than 2 million people have used the website’s services to create more than 4 million documents. The services are many, giving people complete control over the customisation of estate bills, wills, and much other legal documentation. The website also boasts that as of today, apparently more than 1 billion in legal fees have been saved. Such a figure is staggering if you can believe it.

If all of this has struck a chord with you and you’d like to more about customisation of legal documentation, the following is a complete review of the LawDepot website. In this review, we have highlighted all areas of the website, pointing out all the good stuff and the bad stuff (if any), which should hopefully answer any questions you have regarding the site.

Customise Your Legal Documents With LawDepot

What Countries Can Use Their Services?

LawDepot and its services, importantly, is only available people from a select few countries. These countries are USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. If you reside in a country other than these four, you cannot, unfortunately, use the website.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

Without an account, you can browse the types of documents on offer with the site. However, to start creating and personalising your documentation, you will need an account. An account claims to be free, but I have also discovered that it appears to be a “trial free subscription”. For how long this ‘free trial’ lasts, it doesn’t tell on the website. After some research, I can confirm that this free trial lasts for one week. All things considered, unless you just want to browse the site, nothing can be achieved without first registering.

How Much Will It All Cost?

Besides the free one week trial, things will start to cost you beyond that. For one legal document, the prices cost on average between $7.50 – $35.00 per document. Also please note that an account with this site (after the one-week free trial) will cost you $33 a month. Furthermore, once you have paid for a document, you will be given total access to this document for two weeks. The length in which you use the site can be chosen, allowing you to quit at any point you want.

What Legal Documents Can I Personalise?

Regarding what documents you can customise, this site covers quite a lot. You can customise the following types of forms: wills & power of attorney, rental and release forms, real estate forms, eviction notices (for both landlord and tenant), service forms (childcare, catering, cleaning), music and entertainment forms (performance contract, recording contract, etc), partnership and joint venue forms, intellectual property forms, limited liability company forms, employment forms, business and corporate forms, cohabitation and common law forms, marriage and separation forms, child consent forms, loans debts and IOUs, sales forms, and other forms (affidavit, letter of intent, name change, and more).

Are the Documents Lawfully Legitimate?

All of the documents featured on this site and thence created from this site are 100 percent reliable. The website has made sure that all documents pass the required laws. After creation and personalization, these documents can stand in any courtroom or office. (They wouldn’t offer people the creation of certain documents if these documents weren’t lawfully binding).

Are There Any Special Features On the Website Worth Mentioning?

There aren’t any fancy features on this website which will ultimately help you. This isn’t a bad thing, for the LawDepot website is in fact very basic and therefore easy to use. On the first visit and after registration, you will find your documents within seconds thanks to the easy and straight-forward layout. Using the website’s headings, you can search the many documents. These headings are drop-down boxes which will then open up more options, thus narrowing your search that bit more. Alternatively, you can just use the website’s search bar if you already have a certain document in mind. This website has lots of important and lawful information to help you out of any mind-boggling situation, so I guess that is the best and most important feature of the website.

Any Negative Aspects Regarding This Aite?

Personally, I feel that the fees for using the site are a bit steep. Without purchasing a single document, you will be already paying $33 a month just to have the right to browse around. Besides the fees, however, you will find nothing wrong with the actual website. The site makes for simple and fast work, and there are tonnes of useful information on there to help you out if you run into difficulties.


All things considered, the best thing about this website is perhaps its unique nature. Not many websites offer the customisation of something so important as legal documents, and as a unique site which does this, this site appears to be one of the leaders. Therefore, if you need quick, easy and a service which provides total freedom to do what you wish with a legal document, one of the first places to come to would be here.

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