The Easy Way To Find People Using Their Email Address

There are free services on the internet that will allow you to acquire the email address of anyone, provided that you know some of his details, particularly his first and last name. These are called email search or email lookup. However, there may come a time when only have an email address of a person and no other details to help you find him/her. How will you know who the owner of this address is?

How to find people by email is something that might be hard for you to answer. You cannot look up emails the way you do telephone numbers because there is no listing for them that the general public has access to. Yes, you can look people up on some of the social websites, but they only give you the information if the person wants to share it. They don’t have to, or like me, they might put in an email that they rarely use so that it is not flooding their regular address with all the stuff from the website.

You might want to know how to find people by email if you keep getting suspicious emails from someone that you are not sure you know. Maybe your spouse or children are getting mail from people that you are not sure you know, and you want to double check. I am sure that you might feel the same way I do about certain things, and you can never be too safe with our kids and the things online. There are also all sorts of scams out there that seem to just filter into the mailbox without us ever knowing how they got there really.

Learning How to Find People by Email

So how to find people by email address for the right person and one that they might see to answer? The answer can be found on some of the online searching services. There are a few that are set up to look through databases of email addresses to match up the criteria you type in. These will usually charge you a small fee, but it is worth it because you cannot look up an email any other way. There are not too many that will look up emails for you and be able to find the ones that they are using. You might get more than one result, but many people tend to have more than one address so that should be alright. I end up just sending a small note to each address for that person and waiting to see which one I get a reply from.

Reverse Email Lookup

Regardless of the reasons for wanting to know how to find people by email, it can be done. There are very few places that you can use, and the tools are limited on some of the social sites, but you can do it. The prices will vary from service to service, but I guess it depends on how much you want the information as to how much you might consider fair for the service or not.

Reverse email lookup is the answer to this. As the term suggests, it is the opposite of the traditional email search in the sense that instead of entering the first and last name to find out the email address, you will have to enter the address to find the name and other details of a person. The amount and type of information you will get depends on how comprehensive the database is and on the type of reverse email lookup service you are using. Some are asking if it is allowed by law to search people by email through this reverse email lookup services. The answer is yes. Reverse email search services are perfectly legal. Therefore, you need not worry yourself thinking that you will be traced by the authorities or by the person you are tracking down.

The ability to search people by email is useful in many ways. First, it will allow you to identify the sender/s of emails from unknown sources, specifically spam emails, and other unsolicited emails including those with attachments infected with viruses.

Don’t Know Much About the Recipient?

If you do not know much about the recipient of the email and you want to find out more about them, you will find reverse email lookup services useful. For example, you have a new boyfriend. Being hurt from your past relationships, you want to be more careful this time. By using a reverse email search, you can find out more about this guy, see what social networks he is registered in, and even get to see who his online friends are. If you are planning to buy a Prada bag from an eBay seller but you are unsure of the authenticity of the item, you might want to do a reverse email search and gather more information about this seller. These are just some of the countless examples.

There are many ways to find people by email, but listed below are some of the simplest yet most effective.

First, get an address of your own and make sure to have it verified. If you already have one, then you need not create a new one. A verified email will allow you to send and receive emails. This is important if you are trying to find out if a certain email address exists or is valid. You should create a random message and send it to the email address. If that address exists, then there should be no problem. If it does not, however, you will receive an error email notifying you that your message failed to be delivered.


If you are not after knowing the validity of an email address but of the information regarding its owner, you can use the search functionalities of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites allow you to search members by entering one or more details, one of which is the email address. You have to be a member too, though. If you are not a member, you can sign up for free and become one in just a few minutes.

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