LetMeWatchThis May Be Old But It Still Proves To Be Popular

If you have been using the internet for free movies for some years, you will certainly have used LetMeWatchThis at some point. The website has indeed been around for sometime, dishing out thousands upon thousands of free moves throughout the years. LetMeWatchThis has also gone from one domain name to another, changing its URL due to many reasons, often lawful. However, the website is still around today and delivering. At the moment, the current working website is letmewatchthis.pl, but for how long this domain name may remain, we can only guess. Nevertheless, this free movies favourite is out there free and available to use right now, with an extensive list of free and great movies ready to be watched.

As for the actual set up of the website, LetMeWatchThis operates similarly to that of a search engine. The website draws on numerous third party sources throughout the web, making it a hub for hundreds of websites that host the movies. In other words, the site doesn’t host any files on its server. Instead, this site passes users onto other sites that do host the files. In fact, LetMeWatchThis isn’t the only website that does this. There are thousands of sites out there which act as such, thus making them more legal regarding copyright laws.

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The following is a thorough inspection of the current LetMeWatchThis site. In the review, I have highlighted all areas of the site, pulling out all the best features and also any negative aspects of the site (if any), which should ultimately give you an honest view of what the website is like.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

To get tucked into the movies on offer, no account is required. You are free to visit this site and watch whatever you like, no hassle involved. There is, however, an option to create a free account with the site, but the advantages of this are few if any. With a free account, you can access the ‘top users’ page.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

All if free with this website and shall remain so. No video here will have you entering bank details, and if such an event happens to occur, you have every right to be suspicious.

What Movies Are On Offer With This Site?

From big hits fresh out of cinemas to older hits that made your childhood, you will find a huge array of movies featured on this site. In fact, there are 68,725 movie titles on offer as recorded by the website. This number is larger than most other free movie websites, and may, in fact, be the largest. You can find the featured movies and the just added movies on the homepage. The featured movies showcase the most recent and biggest names in cinema, whereas the just added section draws in pretty much any movie. You can narrow your search on the ‘just added’ section by selecting a genre. Furthermore, you can sort the movies by most favourite, most popular, by alphabetically, by release date and highest rated.

Are There More Than Just Movies On Offer?

Yes, LetMeWatchThis also has a whole bunch of popular TV shows to give. There is a specific TV section on the website which you can access via the headings. This section, much like the movie section, displays latest prime time episodes and just added TV shows in separate sections. You can sort the TV shows by genre and by the same ways as the movies section. In total, the website states that there are in total 12,641 TV shows featured.

Can I Download the Videos Featured On This Site?

If you have come to this site with the hope of downloading videos, you will be disappointed. This website offers links to streaming sites only, with no options for downloading.

Are There Any Special Features On the Site Worth Mentioning?

The first feature I would like to mention is the playlists section of the site. Here, you can find readily made playlists featuring both movies and TV shows. For example, on inspecting, I found movie playlists for Christmas, the best in comedy dramas, and more. You can sort this page by date, rating, and a total number of views. Another small feature that I found likeable was the bookmark icon on the right side of the page. With one click, you can bookmark the website. Besides these features, this website is quite plain and simple, which is something that all great free movie sites should aim to replicate, in my opinion.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Regarding the Site?

The biggest downside to this website is a lot of pop-ups. The pop-ups are constant, which makes watching a movie (a simple process) very difficult. You will find yourself clicking out of numerous vicious pages to get to your movie. Furthermore, these pages are certainly malicious, so please be careful if you face them. Another irk worth mentioning is the fact that there are numerous imitators out there or false sites. Take note that the current legit website ends in the domain name ‘pl’. Also be careful when visiting the third party websites that this website will link you to, as some could be false and malicious.

Besides these downsides, I found little problems when selecting a movie, a server, and then watching it online. After a short battle with some pop-ups, my movie was streaming, and I was ready to watch, so all isn’t so bad here.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the review on the site. If you have found this post useful and you would like to know more about similar free movie websites, please feel free to browse the rest of the Techwhack site. We have several reviews on other free movie websites, as well as a complete rundown on all the best free movie websites. Alternatively, you can click here to view our post on the best free movie websites.

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