Local Classifieds: The Top 5 Best Sites to Sell Your Stuff

Sometimes we all need to clear a few things out of our lives. Local Classifieds are great to sell on some of your unwanted stuff, clean up your cupboards and be free from those things you don’t use anymore. Not only that but you can earn some quick money doing it too!

Local classifieds ads used to be something we would find in the local newspaper – and it would cost money for a spot in the classified ads page. Imagine! Well, nowadays there are loads of options for posting local classifieds for free on the net, potentially reaching a bigger audience than ever before. The only thing is, there are so many options out there, it’s hard to know where the best place to advertise your stuff is. So we’ve taken a look at 15 of the best local classifieds websites to see how they perform.

Top Best Local Classifieds Sites

Gumtree is one of the most famous local classifieds sites in the UK, and it has this popularity going for it. The more popular the site, the more views your item will get if you are selling or the more adverts there will be in your local area if you are buying. You are likely to get more bidders and higher offers for your stuff in general.

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The website itself has a couple of advantages. Firstly it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Secondly, there are options to sell almost anything on the site. There are even special areas to sell motors and houses. But Gumtree doesn’t just limit itself to tangible assets – oh no! It’s possible to find services such as tradesmen, cleaners and tutors on here too; there is a section for local clubs and bands to join and even lost and found pets. In short, you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful things there.

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Posting an advert is free once you create and account, and there is the option of adding free photographs, etc. Like many other classifieds sites, Gumtree gives you the option to pay a small fee to have your advertisement highlighted to others, and it also charges for including things like videos on your profile. I have sold on Gumtree before and never found it necessary to upgrade my advert. You also get email alerts when people are interested in your item or want to buy it.

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Gumtree also sends a regular email about all the ads you have on the site which is nice too. It’s worth noting however that there are some scammers on there, and lots of stories online about people being ripped off if you do a quick google. So beware! Most people will arrange to collect items in person and pay in cash – probably the safest option for one of these sites.


Craigslist is probably the most famous classifieds site out there on the net – you’ll hear it mentioned on TV shows and films etc. It is famous for hosting classified ads for pretty much anything, and there are some notoriously wacky ads out there!

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Craigslist is one of the oldest classified ads websites out there. It began in 1995 as an email distribution among a group of tech savvy friends in the Bay Area of San Francisco. In 1996 it became a fully fledged online classifieds ads website. It has remained largely unchanged since those days and in a lot of ways retains the charming character of the old web. In fact, the owners of Craigslist seem notoriously adverse to any change or modernization of the site!

Like Gumtree, Craigslist has the popularity factor going for it. This is real important if you want a decent sized audience for your wares, meaning you can get the best price for what you are selling. Ideally, I would recommend putting up ads on a few different sites to catch as big an audience as possible.

The layout of Craigslist is a bit more old school. The front page is a wall of hyperlinks essentially, with subdivisions for jobs, housing, selling, community and even personal ads which you can’t get on Gumtree. Who knows, you may get lucky and find the love of your life on craigslist!

Ads themselves are free to post, and you can put pictures on there too. The one drawback I think is that the presentation on this site isn’t as nice as Gumtree. That and you can find a lot of spam, rubbish, jokes and fake ads out there.

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Craigslist is one of the oldest classifieds ads sites out there and still one of the wildest. You can find some crazy things on there and some bargains too.


QUIKR is another big local classifieds ads site. Regarding presentation, it looks slicker than craigslist, but not as sleek as Gumtree. QUIKR is definitely a great option to use for selling as well as craigslist and gumtree.  My only issue would be that the site has some intrusive ads on it, but that said, the variety and amount of ads on there almost rivals craigslist. QUIKR is a great alternative and one to consider.

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This classifieds site does exactly what it says on the tin. This website is nice and clean and easy to navigate and has a feel reminiscent of Craigslist. It’s free to post, and the website gets decent footfall, with almost 700,00 daily views on the site.


If you are living in the States, this local classifieds site is a must. It has a cool homepage where you can search an interactive map by state. It claims to be “family friendly” so I imagine it might be a bit more strictly moderated than the wild west of craigslist!

These are the best classifieds sites to consider regarding engagement, number and variety of ads and ranking. With classifieds ads, it can help to post an advert on as many sites as you can to get exposure for what you’re selling.

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