Inspecting the Loudtronix Website and Its Musical Offerings of Free MP3s

Inspecting the Loudtronix Website and Its Musical Offerings of Free MP3s
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One of the many great, free MP3 download sites out there on the web is LoudTronix. Along with other websites like MP3 Juices and SoundCloud, LoudTronix is one of the leading free MP3 sites used by thousands of people on a regular basis. The website has an extensive library of free music, with around 100,000 MP3 files on offer. One of the reasons as to why this website has become such a hit is due to its many handy features. The website has YouTube converter features and other extensions which make downloading MP3 files a breeze. All of this, you will be glad to hear, is free and without registration. However, registration with this website can only reap some benefits. With registration, you can create and save your online playlists.

The following is an in-depth look at the entire site and how it works. I have stated how to use all the features of the site, highlighting how the features work and how they can benefit your search for free music. That being said, let’s get started.


How To Register To the Website

As mentioned above, if you would like to create and personalise your playlists, you cannot do this without registering to the website. Don’t be discouraged, for it is free to register with the website and should only take a few minutes. To register, first, find ‘register now’ on the website headings. This will open up the register window, in which you now enter your personal details. All you need to enter is a username, a password and your email address. When entered, you are now free to create and modify your playlists. A very simple process indeed.

How To Download MP3 Files From the Website

Here’s the very core of the website which draws most of the website’s users. To download your MP3 files, you do not have to register/be a member of the website. To download your MP3 files, you can do this some ways. On entering the site, you will find the search bar. Simply enter a song title, artist, album, etc. really, and hit search. Following this, the site will then list all of the available MP3 files on this song or artist. (Important note: ignore the bigger ‘download’ button and the ‘start now’ button as these are false and most likely malicious links).

With every listed MP3 file you can either share, play, download the MP3 file, or download the video. Furthermore, every file has a listed source, and most of these songs are sourced from YouTube. Therefore, to download your MP3 file, simply click ‘MP3’ and begin the download.

How To Download A Desired Music File Via YouTube

If you have a particular song in mind which you have found on YouTube, perhaps it’s a special live version or a unique version not available on the site, and y wouldlike this particular version, you can download it by using the site’s YouTube conversion features.

On the homepage, you can paste a link into the search bar and hit enter. Following this, you then select either ‘download MP3’ or ‘download video’ (ignore the ‘watch now’ and the green, larger ‘download’ button). After selecting either to download the file or the video, you will then select a quality from high to low, 64kbps, 96kbps, or 128 kbps. After selecting a download quality, LoudTronix will then begin the conversion. When the conversion is complete, your download will automatically begin after a few seconds. If it doesn’t, you can select ‘download MP3’ in red which will also do that for you.

How To Use the LoudTronix Chrome Extension To Download Music

If you want a much quicker solution to downloading your music from YouTube without going through the above process, you can use the site’s chrome extension. To download this extension, first click ‘chrome extension’ on the headings and then find the chrome icon, ‘click to download’. This extension will then be downloaded and installed onto your chrome browser. So, after all this is complete, how does it work?

With the site’s chrome extension installed on your browser, you can now visit YouTube and use this extension to download an MP3 file directly from YouTube. Beneath the YouTube videos you will find this download button, which offers the options to download the file as an MP3, MP4 or FLV file. Ultimately, this means you now have complete freedom to download any music from YouTube with the click of a few buttons.

Any Other Features About the Website Worth Mentioning

There are, in particular, three areas worth talking about on the website. On the homepage, you will notice three headings which are placed horizontally: ‘status’, ‘top 100’ and ‘playlist’. Each of these pages offers something different. The playlist page is only worth mentioning if you have registered with the site, otherwise you won’t be able to dabble in personalised playlists. As for the top 100 page, you can find the top 100 songs available to download. You can browse these songs by genre by using the headings above. Finally, the ‘status’ page will open up the website’s blog page. Here, you will find all of the current news about the website’s progress. In addition to these pages, there is also a FAQ page where you can find some additional help with the site.

This concludes the post on the review of the LoudTronix MP3 downloads website. If you would like to know more about other free MP3 download sites, visit our pages. You will find many pages on our website which will guide you towards great websites for MP3 downloads, complete with reviews and tips. Moreover, with Loudtronix, we are convinced that you will find all that you need for great, free MP3 downloads. Best of luck and please feel free to browse our other pages on sites for free MP3 downloads.

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