Why Lulus Is One Of the Leading Online Shopping Sites For Women’s Clothing

With the creation of the internet, shopping has never been the same. The world wide web has given us the freedom to browse thousands of worldwide stores from our very home. Stores that don’t exist down the high street are now at our fingertips, which makes things very easy indeed. This is good news for those of you who live far from the flashy lights of the city. It may also sound expensive, but in fact, most online stores will sell you things at amazing prices. All things considered, with the internet, you now have all the stores you could ever wish for, cheaper. It’s not too good to be true, for today we have proof of such amazing shopping services. This evidence comes in the form of Lulus (www.lulus.com), a website dedicated to the perfection of women’s fashion.

The company was launched back in 1996 in California, USA. Since then, the company has gradually expanded to a giant fashion store. The company draws in around 600,000 worldwide customers, many of which are satisfied women shoppers. The website is ultimately an attempt at creating the best online retail store in women’s clothing. With so many content customers and the number of customers increasing, this site is on route to becoming the best online site for female fashion. Bearing all this in mind, let’s now get more information on the company’s official website. What follows is a thorough inspection of the site, in which we have looked into every area, picking apart the good and the bad stuff, which will hopefully reveal all you need to know about the website.

Why Lulus Is One Of the Leading Online Shopping Sites For Women’s Clothing

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

When ordering something with this site, you don’t necessarily need an account. You can buy as much as you want as a guest. On the other hand, if you want to sign up, you will receive some handy extras. With an account, you will be given a My Account, in which you can track your orders, check the status of your orders and make returns. You can also create wishlists and write reviews of the site which could win you some big discounts. Signing up to the site is completely free, and it should only take a matter of seconds.

Is This Website For American Customers only?

If you live outside of the United States, you can still use this website. This site is an international company which ships goods across the globe. Very few countries are not eligible for shipping with Lulus. Some of the most popular overseas countries include Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, India, and much more. (China, unfortunately, is however not included).

What Exactly Is On Sale?

Lulus specialises in female fashion, meaning you will find all of the prettiest things here. From the homepage, you will find access to the many different categories. (If you already have something in mind, try using the search bar at the top of the page). The headings include new, bestsellers, dresses, shoes, clothing, accessories, sale, and #lovelulus. Each of these headings is drop-down menus, which when selected will reveal many more subcategories below. Beneath these headings, you also have five other main categories to open up your search. These are spring fashion, prom dresses, vacation shop, new arrivals, and back in stock. You will also see featured fashion items on the image, such as, for example, white dresses and casual dresses.

In the particular sections, such as, for example, the teal dress section, you can narrow your search further by selecting the categories on the left side of the page. These categories are style, size, colour and price. You can also sort the items by most recent, price from low to high, and price from high to low.

In sum, there are hundreds of subcategories within each main category, like dresses, giving you a huge range of clothing to browse through.

Can I Receive Any Special Offers Or Discounts?

There is a sale section where you can snap up some great bargains. As for discounts, a lot of the featured items cost less than the retail price in actual stores. There is also the #LoveLulus section where you can win a prize of up to $200. To win this, you must take a picture of your item, tag it as #LoveLulus and upload it onto the website. You will see the featured entries/images on the #LoveLulus section of the website.

How Long Will Delivery Take and Cost?

International orders are processed and shipped within 2 – 3 business days. Orders placed before 11 am will be shipped the same day. If your order is more than $150, you will receive free shipping. Ordinary shipping costs are $15 (economy), $21 (standard) and $39 (express). For more information, use this URL – www.lulus.com/customerservice/shippinginternational.

Can I Return My Unwanted Items and If So, How?

If you are an American citizen returning your item, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. Have your item returned within the 30 days with a postmark and your shipping costs will be free? With no postmark, your item will cost you $7 (deducted from your refund). For international returns, you can have your refund if you return your item, postmarked, within 45 days.

To return your item, access your account and pinpoint the order you want to return. Print and then attach the provided UPS label to your package, send it off, and Lulus will do the rest of the work.

Are There Any Features On This Website Worth Mentioning?

Perhaps a unique feature on this website is the #LoveLulus section. As I have briefly explained above, this is where you photograph your order and post it online for a chance to win a cash prize. You can find the images of all the entries on the page. Besides this, another great aspect of the site is the wealth of information on each and every item.


With thousands of satisfied female customers, Lulus certainly practises what it preaches. And what it preaches is top quality female fashion for the entire globe. Try it now!

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