Major Geeks: Free Software Downloads For the Computer Experts

Twenty years ago, a computer nerd wasn’t much of a thing. The internet was a delicacy only the tech geeks knew anything about, and computers looked like boring boxes of wires. It’s an understatement to say that things have changed since then. These days, kids younger than twelve own mobile phones which have an internet connection. Every household has a computer, and computer nerds are no longer nerds, but common people (with modern jobs and modern interests). In other words, most of us are now what we would have in the not so distant past called a computer geek. In fact, those who are not up to speed with computers nowadays, are now the ‘uncool’ people.

Nevertheless, there are still people who know that bit more about computers than others. The computer is a complicated universe wherein only the trained pros know the ins and outs. Software programs, driver issues, installations of all sorts, these are things that most of us will scratch at heads at in bafflement. Thus, there are also websites online which help with the treatment and knowledge of a computer. What we are driving at in this post today is a website where only the elite tech people of today can source all their technological software packages and other useful digital tools. That very place is Major Geeks, a website dedicated to bringing people free online software. Major Geeks is essentially a free software library. Therefore, if your computer is in need of a certain software program, Major Geeks is the place to visit.

The Major Geeks website started back in 2001, thanks to web wizards Jim McMahon and Tim Tibbetts. Today, their website is still a two-man operation. The pair has worked endlessly to bring thousands of people free software programs since then and is now one of the best websites to find that needed piece of software. The reason why Major Geeks is a head above other free software websites is that these two guys care. There are websites out there that brag of the millions of software programs they offer. Major Geek, on the other hand, only offer around 10,000, but there is a great reason as to why they have so few in comparison to their competition. The Major Geek guys try and test all software programs submitted to the site and allow only the best and trusted programs to be featured.

To quote the pair behind the Major Geek operation, these guys “live for this stuff”. In other words, they care, and they bring you a great website with a lot on offer – for free! If all this sounds okay with you, or you’re in search of some great free software, this review of the Major Geeks website will hopefully clear everything up. We at TechWhack have scoured their entire site, bringing to you all the information you need.

Free Software Downloads For the Computer Experts

Do I Have To Sign Up?

One of the great things about this site is that there are no strings attached. By this, I mean you can visit this site and download whatever you want, without having to register or pay for anything. In fact, there is no sign-up option on this site at all. With no accounts to take care of or hidden costs, this site is all yours.

What Exactly Does This Website Offer Me?

The two owners of this site are quite fussy about what gets featured on their site. But this is great, for there are no malicious software programs here, but only the best. The guys at this site have tried and tested everything here, so you know it’s both the best and the safest around. On the left side of the page, you can find software programs such as Android, anti-malware, games, graphics, office tools, and more. On the right side, you will find the top downloads. Up top, you can browse the website’s headings: updater, mac, android app, newsletter, deals, and the support forum. Everything is essentially laid out before you on the homepage. There is also a search box if you have a software program in mind, and this can be found beneath the files table on the left side of the page.

Is Everything On This Website Safe and Legal?

Like I said, everything is tried and tested, and only the best get through the gates of this site. Major Geeks may be the most trustworthy free software site on the web. And yes, all programs here are free, not by the orders of the website administrators, but by choice of the actual software developers.

How Do I Download the Software?

The process is very simple. Once you have found something you’d like to download, click on either ‘[email protected]’ or ‘download locations’. Once clicked, your download will begin within 5 seconds. The rest is installation. It couldn’t be more simple than this.

Any Additional Features Worth Mentioning?

The site also has news forums, a latest files section and lots of site info in case you get confused. All things considered, the website is very plain which makes it quite straight forward. Major Geeks in many ways replicates a search engine, so you can find what you’re looking for without any complications. There aren’t many fancy features here, but there doesn’t need to be. For, with Major Geeks, it’s as simple as finding what you want and downloading it.


In sum, I believe that anybody who is in need of software should go directly to this site before any other site. This website cares for its users, giving them only the best and only the most legit software on the net. There is lots of helpful information featured in case you have questions. But, given how basic and excellent the website is, we trust that you will find your way and begin happily downloading without any problems. Enjoy your software!

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