One Reason Why You Should Never Visit MangaReader

One Reason Why You Should Never Visit MangaReader
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Today we are reviewing the website Mangareader, an online destination where you can reportedly browse and read popular and cool Japanese Manga. If Manga is something that interests you, then read on to find out why you should stay away from this particular website. We are also doing a list of better alternatives to Mangareader.

What is Manga?

The Manga is a unique form of Japanese art dating from the late 1800s. They are comics, mostly created in Japan and with Japanese writing. They also have a distinctive style. In Japan, people of all ages and walks of life read Mangas. Recently they have become popular outside of Japan in the last 30 years or so. Initially, it was a young and often male audience that consumed Manga outside of Japan, but the demographic of the audience is diversifying with time.

The Manga industry is currently estimated to be worth $5.5 Billion in Japan, $175 million in the US and Canada and $25o million in Europe and the Middle East.

What makes them so entertaining is the richness of the characters and the deep and interesting stories. The illustration is often intricate and beautiful.

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Mangareader – Review – is it good or bad?

 The Issue with Mangareader

I have a huge gripe with this website – it’s their popups! I’m at home over the holidays and I was looking at the website in my kitchen using the Firefox browser, which I don’t have Adblock installed on. Within two seconds of being on the website, it had already force-ably redirected me to a pornographic website Which as you can imagine – was pretty embarrassing with my dad walking about. I don’t think anyone noticed, but this definitely could get you in trouble if you are browsing the website in class, in a coffee shop or in a library. It’s pretty much a deal breaker for me.

Heck, I don’t even mind popups that much, but a redirect to porn is unforgivable. This site is definitely not family friendly. If you don’t believe me – check out the screenshot above, replete with semi-pornographic ads along the bottom and middle. Hey, I know some Manga can be “erotic” in nature, but it’s generally tasteful. We don’t want this lowbrow smut pushed in our faces when we come to your website.Even with Adblocker enabled Mangareader is unusable

I’m sorry to say, that even if you have adblocker enabled, you are still going to get redirects to semi-pornographic websites, popups and other invasive ads. This site has a consistent history of multiple annoying pop-ups, forced redirects and several incidents of users getting crippling spyware and adware on their computer from browsing this site. They could have the best Manga collection on the internet (which I doubt) but they still wouldn’t be worth visiting. Over the years this problem has only gotten worse. So don’t use them.

3 Much better alternatives to Mangareader

In my opinion, Mangareader has no respect for people who come to their website, and the fans of Manga. Otherwise, they wouldn’t plague us with intrusive and potentially damaging pop-ups and website redirects. Since we want you to enjoy Manga at much better websites we compiled a small list of websites infinitely better than Mangareader.


kissmanga is my favorite website to get latest manga. They have an automatic system to get latest mangas. This site is very clean and have a very nice user interface. They even have a forum where you can discuss about spoilers, XD


Mangafox provides a host of excellent and well-updated links to different websites that have Manga comics you can view online. There is even an excellent online community on their forums where you can discuss Manga comics and the latest Anime.

Best of all, there is no annoying ads, redirects or pop-ups. You don’t even need to have Adblock enabled to safely browse this site. Mangafox is an aggregator site, so it has a huge selection of titles available.


There are lots of cool Manga available on this beautifully presented website. To view a Manga, click on the title. From there you are taken to a page where you can choose from the available chapter. Clicking the chapter opens the excellent in-browser reader from this website. From here you can click through the pages of the comic at the bottom of the screen and even skip ahead to a desired part of the Manga.

Pro-tip: click the left and right-hand buttons on your keyboard to move back and forth through the Manga seamlessly.

Best of all, no pop-ups or redirects that make you pull your hair out!


I love this particular Manga website for a number of reasons.

  • You can find popular titles here like Bleach, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fairly Tail and Toriko.
  • The Manga comics are scanned in beautiful high definition quality.
  • The translations are reported to be accurate to the spirit of the original Japanese comics.
  • Chapters are uploaded very quickly, usually just a few days after the release of the chapter in Japan.
  • This site has a lovely clean layout, fast loading time and few annoying ads.

That said, there are some slight drawbacks with Mangastream. Compared to sites like Mangafox the selection is a bit more limited. This is because Mangastream is a Manga scanlator – they scan the newest Manga from Japan and then have it translated by speakers fluent in both Japanese and English into English. The team at Mangastream painstakingly cleans, translates and redraws every chapter featured on the website. They are highly respected for this in the English speaking Manga community.

This effort means these guys have got to be selective about the Manga they translate. This also means that the Manga featured is either fairly popular or really interesting. So in effect relying on this small team of passionate translators ensures that the website is well curated, and not just filled with junk Manga. In this way, a drawback of selection actually becomes an advantage in the quality of the Manga available.

Note however that they also only keep the most recent chapters in their database in order to speed up the loading time of the website.

Also, they favour Shonen titles at Mangastream, so you’re not likely to find excellent Seinen Manga like Vinland Saga or Vagabond here.

Final Verdict

Do yourself a favour and avoid using terrible websites like Mangareader. These guys don’t care about Manga fans, and just want to exploit any page views they get with horrible adverts and potential malware. Do yourself a favour and check out the 3 excellent alternative Manga websites we have recommended above. Also, drop us a line in the comment section below to let us know what you think.

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