MaxSold: The Online Auction For Estate, Business and Company Downsizing

There was once a time when things were auctioned the old-fashioned way. While such a thing still happens, the internet is without a doubt where most of the buying and selling happens regarding auctions. More people than ever before are turning to the internet to buy and sell their items, so it’s only natural that business and estate owners think of selling items online before they envision the auction room complete with an auctioneer. This is because selling or buying this online is much easier. Furthermore, with so many online auction sites out there, there are therefore millions of items to be found online. Many sites will ultimately outmatch the Sunday car-boot sale. Auction sites also give you a wide platform on which to flaunt your stuff for sale. With so many online buyers, you are sure to attract some interest somewhere.

In keeping with business and estate sales, online buying and selling is always a great way to go. In the case of business liquidation, downsizing, or estate downsizing or stocking up on items, the internet has everything you need. Our attention now turns to MaxSold (, which is one of the most popular auction sites for business downsizing, home removal, or cases of company liquidation. Thousands of items are posted on this site, all about the business and estate world. The birth is owed to auctioneer Barry Gordon. Gordon has been practising auctioneering since 1956 and has thus sold tonnes of items to companies and estates all over the United States. Essentially, this site was created with the purpose of giving a quick and easy solution to either selling off their business or estate items fast, or buying items for their budding estates or companies.

In sum, if you need to pump your new estate or company full of great items, this company is here to serve you. On the contrary, if you need to sell your items due to downsizing or liquidation, this site again has you covered. For business and estate owners alike, the following is a complete review of their official auction website. We at TechWhack have taken a close look at their official site, drawing out all the important aspects which should ultimately answer any questions you have regarding the overall use of the site.

Estate and Business Buying and Selling

Do I Have To Sign Up to Begin Auctioning?

To get started with selling your items, you must first sign up. You will find the buttons for starting on the homepage. All you have to do is the follow the instructions. On the other hand, to place bids/to start buying items you must also sign up. You will find that when attempting to place a bid, you will be prompted to signing up. When registering with this site, you will have to enter information such as your name, email address, country, postcode, and so on. Registration with this site is completely free.

How Do I Sell My Items?

To get started with selling your items, you can click the big ‘Sell’ button on the homepage. Then, click on ‘get started’, and MaxSell will outline the entire process for you. The overall process is as follows. After registering with the site (if you haven’t already), you will photograph your items and provide details. The following day, the team at MaxSold will digitise your sale and sends it for you to review. For the next week, this site will auction your items online to around 5 million viewers, providing bidding support to all those who view. At the end of the auction week, the payments will process, and two days later, will supervise 3-4 hour pick up.

In other words, this company takes care of everything when it comes to selling your items. They have an extensive team working behind the scenes making sure your items attract a big crowd and the best bidders.

How Do I Get Involved In An Auction?

If you have a particular area in mind, enter the city name or postcode to conduct a search on an auction near you. You can narrow this search to a certain mile radius, so you may even find an auction just down the road from you. You can, of course, browse the auctions from all over the world. When you find something that interests you, click to view and place a bid. As per normal auctions, place your bid and wait for the time to run out.

Are the Auctions Local To Me, or Do I Have To Reside In A Particular Place?

This site is for everyone from all walks of the planet. As mentioned above, you can narrow your search to a mile radius. Furthermore, on visiting the site, MaxSold will already have your location tracked, meaning they will automatically display auctions available in your area.

What Kinds Of Items Can Be Found On This Site?

Everything from office furniture to wall art, to other miscellaneous items, can be found here. Companies and estates are flinging their items out onto the auction platform because they need to go, fast. Therefore, you could find anything.

Do They Take Care Of Shipping?

MaxSold does not ship items. If you purchase from their auctions, you will collect your item at pick up. This website is not responsible for the item’s shipping after purchase.

Can I Get A Refund On An Unwanted Item?

If your purchased item turns out to be nothing that you expected it to be, the company can take care of that. Depending on the nature of the issue, MaxSold can offer some of the refund or the full refund. To request a refund, you must fill out a form here –


So if you are either buying or selling all of your items and if they must go fast, MaxSold is the helping hand that you need. This company has serviced thousands of business people and estate owners over the past few decades, so you know you have a trustworthy partner in this auction.

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