Mininova and the Torrents To Take Advantage Of While You Still Can

The internet has tonnes of great free stuff to essentially give away. Movies, music, images and more, there aren’t many forms of media which are not susceptible to free online downloading. One of the biggest ways in which people get hold of all this amazing stuff for free is through online torrenting. This method has been around for many years, with millions of people torrenting their favourite films, music albums, and more on a regular basis (even as we speak). In coincidence with the rampant use of torrents, there are of course torrent websites. These websites come and go, appear and disappear, due to legal difficulties. However, this hasn’t stopped the onslaught of online torrenting. One website in particular which has been long in the game of online torrenting is Mininova. Today, Mininova hosts millions of great torrents, attracting just as many online users.

If you have already been torrenting files for some years, you should already be aware, of (or even use) the Mininova site. Mininova was one of the first torrent websites to appear on the forefront of online downloading. For many years, this site has sourced millions of data, and therefore millions of films, music files, images, games and more. These days, the site is still pumping out the goods. However, due to recent lawful crackdowns on online downloading, this site is now under threat. If you are new to torrenting, you may want to use it while you still can. The website has announced that it will be closing down on April 4th, 2017. This is yet another case of a torrent giant being brought to its knees – it often happens. So, if you want to explore what it has to offer, just make sure you act fast.

If you have never torrented anything before and you’re new to this method of downloading, the following will hopefully clear things up for you. Also, we have also scanned and produced a full review of the website, which will ultimately tell you how to use it. The best features have been brought forth, and we haven’t ignored the negative aspects, that is if there are any. In sum, the review should get you started on either torrenting and use the website itself.

Mininova and the Torrents To Take Advantage Of While You Still Can

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use the Site?

Fortunately, there are no sign ups required. If you want to use the website only for downloading torrents, you won’t need to go through any registration process. On the other hand, if you want to upload torrents, personalise the website with your settings and post comments on the torrents, you will have to register. If this is something you want to do (which I doubt you will), registration is completely free and easy, taking only a few seconds of your time to complete.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

One of the biggest reasons why so many people use this website and use torrents, in general, is because it is totally free. Nothing on this website will cost you any money, and if you are ever confronted with the request for credit card details or anything like that, beware. The bottom line is – torrenting is free.

What Torrents Are On Offer?

This site has without a doubt one of the largest online torrent libraries. There are millions of torrents here to choose from. If you don’t have a torrent in mind, search the categories. The categories include anime, music, books, games, movies, pictures, software, TV shows, and more. Each category has thousands of active torrents ready to be downloaded. Torrents are added (and deleted) on a regular basis, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for now, you could very well find it sooner rather than later. Mininova draws in torrents from all over the internet. Therefore, you have most of the internet’s free goods under one roof.

How Do I Download A Torrent?

If you are new to torrenting, we will walk you through the process. What you first need is some torrenting software. The popular recommendation would be Bittorrent, which is free software. Once this is installed on your computer or device, the rest is quite simple. Once you’ve searched and found the website for the desired torrent, you will notice things called ‘peers’ and ‘seeds’. These things are essentially the other computers which will give you your movie, music, or whatever it is you want to torrent. These guys harbour the files on their computer and are effectively sharing it with you via a torrent. The more seeds and peers you have, the better. High numbers of seeds and peers will raise your chances of a quicker download. Think of it as a group of people building a house – the more there are, the quicker it will be to complete.

The download button is easily found on the website. Once clicked, your Bittorrent software will automatically begin the download. The rest is just waiting. Once your download is complete, open your folder and do what you want with your new files.

Is the Website Safe?

With every torrent website, there is always some malicious activity. Thankfully, Mininova doesn’t have that many malicious files. The website monitors all files and expels the bad ones. Just a word of advice, which can be taken as common sense these days – avoid the ads and the other irrelevant material on the website.

What Are the Pros and Cons Of This Website?


Everything on this website is free and can be downloaded in quick time. With a lot of seeds and peers, you can have great music, movies and so forth within minutes. The website is also very easy to use, as it is a torrent search engine which aims to be as simplistic as possible.


As mentioned, there can sometimes be malicious files. Just be careful and follow only what we’ve described.


And there you have it, great free torrents within minutes. Make sure to take full advantage of the Mininova website before it vanishes.

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