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If you happen to be a big fan of movies, what you most certainly need is a reliable free movie website. Of course, these days there are thousands of such websites out there to choose from. Does Movie25 ( have what it takes to join the uppermost ranks of free movie websites? The website isn’t as well known as bigger free movie giants such as Putlocker and Megashare. Nevertheless, the movie25 website does have its fair share of great things to offer. Just like any other major movie site, you will find great recent releases, Hollywood hits and older classics on Movie25. So, why isn’t it as popular?

Also, with this site offering newly released movies, it can be doubtful when determining whether or not it is both safe and legal to visit.

This should clear things up, and should hopefully instill some confidence when using the site. Now that you have some idea of what the site is like let’s delve even further. The following is a complete review of the Movie25 website, in which I have pointed out all the website’s features. I have also commented on any negative aspects of the site if there are any, all of which should hopefully answer any questions you have regarding the site.

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

Before any watching at all, you must first create a free account. Registration, in other words, is mandatory. To create a free account, select ‘Register’ in the top right corner of the homepage. Here, simply enter your email and create a password in the appropriate box and you should be good to go. By signing up, you will also be given access to numerous additional features.

Will It Cost Any Money To Watch the Videos?

Not at all, for as stated already, this website is completely free to use. This website delivers everything without charge, so there will be no chance of running into any hidden charges when browsing the movie selection.

What Movies Are On Offer?

This website offers the best in the most recent. From cinemas everywhere to your computer, you will find the biggest cinematic names fresh off the silver screen. Movies from the current year can be found here, as well as some older greats. You will also find the list of available genres on the right side of the homepage. As for how many are on offer, this website has perhaps one of the biggest movie libraries I have ever encountered. There are, at the present moment, an astounding 2,614 pages of movies on offer, with 25 movies per page. That makes a total of 65,341 available movies on Movie25, which is very impressive.

To narrow down this mammoth figure, you can browse the website headings. Here, you will find individual pages for new releases, latest added, featured movies, top rated movies, a genres page, browse by alphabet page, and a browse by release year page. You can always use the website’s search bar if you already have a movie in mind. Ultimately, with more movies than any one person can view by themselves, this website has a huge amount to give.

Can I Download the Movies?

If you have already signed up for the website, you will already know the answer to this. By signing up to the site, you will be given freedom to download movies. As the website themselves have put it, “Please create a free account at xeniaplay to access unlimited downloads & streaming […]¬†Download at full speed with unlimited bandwidth with just one click!” So if downloading is what you’re after, get yourself a free account (it will only take a few seconds).

Are There More Than Just Movies On Offer?

If you have come to this website with the hope of being offered the best of both worlds, both movies, and TV, you will be disappointed. Unfortunately, this website is movies only. You will find some documentary movies and TV movies at most, but no actual full length TV series are on offer here.

What Are the Best Features On This Site (If Any)?

Some good features I have noticed are the ratings of each movie. Every title has been given a star rating. Furthermore, each and every movie is displayed with an icon, which is always a plus. The lack of annoying pop-ups and ads is yet another positive aspect. Each movie also has a choice of server, which will help you find the best version of the movie to view. All things considered, with the basic nature of the website, there aren’t many grandiose features. Nevertheless, simplicity is key, for it makes for fast and easy movie finding.

What Are the Negative Aspects Of the Site (If Any)?

There is one major irk which throws a shadow on this site. As you will have read the opening paragraph, this website doesn’t actually upload movies onto the website. Instead, this website provides links to websites that actually have the movie, like a search engine. Nevertheless, if you can see beyond this minor failing, you will have no problems with this site.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the review on the Movie25 website. If you have enjoyed this review and you would like to know more about similar free movie websites, please browse our other posts here on Techwhack. We have full reviews on other free movie websites, as well as a complete overview of the best free online movie websites. You can alternatively click here to view our post on the best movie websites.

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