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Here’s another new addition to our reviews on free movies websites on techwhack. Although Movie4K isn’t as recognisable a name as, for example, free movie website giants like Putlocker, it does have some great features which earn it some valuable points. The current updated website that I am looking at today, and the one which you will be using it you choose to, is an updated version from their previous website. Today, the website is now officially Movie4K 2.o.1. (Not that this matters much, but just do avoid you straying into the older versions of the site, make sure you have this the correct one). At the moment, this website harbours some of the finest new releases in cinema. Furthermore, it aims to be as easy to use as possible, all the while delivering great new blockbusters and more with a click of a button.

In this post, I have analysed the upcoming free movie website, as well as all the features that make it such a great site. You will find here an in-depth look at all that this website has on offer, including all of its free movies and much more.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

To get your fingertips on all the great free movies here, you won’t need to sign up or register for anything. This website respects that you don’t want to waste time on registrations, but that you’d rather get stuck into all the free movies immediately. To quote the actual website, this site is “All free and without registration”. In fact, there is no option to sign up at all, so you couldn’t if you tried.

What Is the Movie Selection Like?

“All the most popular box office movies are available to all our visitors” claim the website owners. On inspection, this is indeed true, for I have found many of the biggest and most recent cinematic hits on display. On the homepage, you will find the new releases display, which showcases all of the featured movies from this year (2017). Beneath this, and remaining on the homepage, you will find ‘content recently added’, which is another way of saying new or updated movies. At the moment, there are 61 pages with ten movies per page on the content recently added section, which accumulates a grand figure. To calculate, there are approximately 610 recently added movies, showing that this website is very active, bringing you regular movie additions.

And what about all the other, main movies? Well, if you want to view all the movies, simply clicking the ‘movies’ heading. Here, you will find everything laid out. On the right side of the page, you can narrow your search by genre, year, or quality. You will find recent years from 2010 – 2017 available. As for the genres, to name some of the available genres, you can select from action, adventure, animation, comedy, and more. Finally, as for quality, you can watch movies in up to 1080p. In addition to all this, you can select the ‘top 50’ movies on the headings. There are also separate pages for upcoming movies and featured movies for you to have a look at.

All things considered, there are a wide variety of movies here, most of which are still currently hot favourites in cinemas worldwide. Furthermore, there are great options in which to narrow down your preferences.

Can I Also Watch TV Series?

Unfortunately, as the website title suggests, Movie4K is a movies-only website. Upon searching, there was no mention of there perhaps being TV shows shortly. For now, Movie4K remains movies only, which isn’t so bad, considering they have a great selection.

What Are the Best Features On the Site?

There are many great things to talk about regarding the positive features on this site. The first thing which stands out, as I have already mentioned, are the great selections of new movies. Besides this, the website offers tonnes of valuable information on each and every movie. Each movie comes with their official IMDb rating, which is always helpful. Also, the website’s individual pages, such as Top 50 and featured movies are great additions. Furthermore, there is a page on the site for movie news if that interests you. Here, you will find some interesting updates on the cinematic world. Another feature which is always great to have are the options for HD movies. As I have mentioned above, you will find the options for quality on the right side of the movies page.

The video player is both basic and efficient, offering all of the necessary options. You will also find related movies and multiple different servers on the play page. All in all, Movie4K presents itself well with images and displays, without jeopardising its ease of use which is vital.

Are There Any Negatives Regarding the Site?

To be honest, there aren’t many downsides to using the Movie4K website. Nevertheless, there are some minor negatives to mention (the same isn’t completely perfect). First of all, there are some pop-ups which you will have to endure. But, then again, almost all free movie websites have pop-ups, so just be patient when they occur. Another small irk which I came across was the website’s scroll bar, and how it was very difficult to find it and use it to scroll down. At first glance, it’s not visible. Nevertheless, you can just use your downward key to scroll (like I said, it was a minor detail).

So, all things considered, besides an almost non-existent scroll bar and some annoying pop-ups, Movie4K is perfectly okay to use.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the post on the Movie4K website. If you would like to know about free movie websites, please feel free to browse our other posts on movie sites. Here at techwhack, we have reviewed many other free movie websites for you so that you can choose the best one.

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