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MP3Juices and How It Can Get You Free, Great Music Downloads

MP3Juices and How It Can Get You Free, Great Music Downloads
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Gone are the days of waiting for your favourite musical artist to release their next album. Taking a long trip to a mall and purchasing a CD. Today with a few clicks of a mouse or swipes on a mobile device you can download almost any song the minute it is released. One needs to be careful to make sure they are downloading free songs from a reputable site(MP3 Juice) and not just stealing artists works whether intentionally or unintentionally. There are some ways to stream the music that enriches our lives.

With the creation of the internet, the way in which we listen to music has undoubtedly, indelibly changed. No longer do we rush in herds to the music stores for CDs. Instead, most of us rush online and find it all there. Thus, every fan of music needs a reliable music site which will deliver all the music. There are thousands, perhaps millions of websites out there which will source the music for you. If you don’t already have a solid website for your music, this post should point you in the right direction, particularly, in the direction of the MP3Juices website.

So, about MP3Juices and how does it work? MP3Juices is effectively a search engine which will find free mp3 files for you to download. It’s all very simple. Alternatively, you can just stream and listen to your favourite songs. The website runs on the YouTube player, meaning it sources its music from YouTube. However, of course, unlike YouTube, you can download and keep the song for your needs.

In addition to all this, you can also upload your music files onto the website and edit it through MP3Juices. The website also offers you a YouTube conversion feature, which will allow you to snap a video from YouTube and transform it into a single mp3 file for you to download. There are more features about this website worth delving into, as I will now duly do. The following is a thorough review of the MP3Juices website, which will help you get to know the site better.

MP3 Juice – Free Music Download

In 2009 a radio station WFMU located in New Jersey decided it was their mission to make free music available in all different genres. Thus the Free Music Archive was born. Since their inception around fifteen years ago, the station has partnered with dozens of other curators, and now it is a veritable cornucopia of free music.

The Free Music Archive works in two separate ways. The first way is it indexes every bit of music that is posted by its partner curators. The second is unique in the fact that it allows users to post their music directly into the archives. One could spend an inordinate amount of your free time just browsing through all of the music either by genre or by the curator who has posted the song. Another great aspect of this site is that many big name musicians will post a track there. The music tracks are also all free to the consumer.

Android Users

If you are an Android user one of the best ways to download music is through MP3 Juice – This is a search engine that is free for Android This site allows easy searching by artist or song. A fun feature of MP3 juice is it allows you to set your ringtone with your favourite songs. When your phone rings before even looking to see who is calling, you can tell just by the song. Changing the songs by your mood is quite enjoyable as well. One can not forget Amazon when they are are looking for downloads.

Currently, Amazon is the largest downloader of MP3 juice. Currently, there are over 47,000 free songs available. You can imagine how overwhelmed one could get just thinking of that sheer amount of music to browse through. Amazon has set it up quite quickly so you can browse through the genres and they even tell you how many tracks are free from a particular artist’s CD.As is customary with Amazon you can pick your music based on the reviews left by other customers. Remember a review is just someone’s opinion. Take their advice sparingly and make your assumptions.

Noise Trade

Noise Trade is another site that offers an excellent way to download and stream music. The company will allow you to download any music as long as you give them an email address and your zip code. They also highly encourage users to promote their site via


Handily there is also a button where you can give a donation to an artist when you download their music. The average donation requested is $4.00, but you can not tip at all or give a generous donation. The choice is yours. Interfacing with the Noise Trade site is straightforward and relatively easy. It is a clean and comfortable to use. The visual hub is interspersed with lots of recommendations for music and lots of commentary on whether or not the artist is any good. One of the greatest aspects of this site is many artists allow their music to be played there first before anywhere else. Noise Trade is a perfect place to find that little-known band, and you can say I had heard them before they went gold or platinum.

Mp3 Juice

This innovative website allows you to explore all of the different types of music and the incredible array of genres that are out there. They also encourage you to connect with others that have the same passion for music you do. Finally, Mp3 Juice helps you find others who are as passionate about the music scene and to virtually connect with them. Many of the streaming music sites do not offer the most famous artists of our time but if your search hard enough you can even find those artists. What each of these places does have in common is a plethora of new and independent artists.

MP3 Juice is one of the top-notch sites out there for downloading music if you are using a Droid, but each of these other music streaming sites that were mentioned is good in their respects. Even though there are still a tonne of illegal sites on the web that allow you to download copyrighted music you do not need to worry about them if you stick with one of the sites listed in this article.

  • The ‘Cutter’ Feature

My favourite feature on this site is easily the cutter. What this does, is that it allows you to modify a mp3 file. For example, if you have successfully converted a video to a mp3 file, but there are some annoying bits at the beginning or the end which are not meant to be part of the song, you can eliminate them by bringing the file into the cutter. There, all you have to do is simply cut off the unwanted parts. Once your mp3 file is newly perfected, you can then download it.

  • How Does It All Work? How Can I Download Files?

When trying to download the file to keep for your purposes, you will find this to be a very easy process. Following your search on the homepage, simply click the ‘download option’ next to the song title. The download process will begin immediately. Furthermore, if you prefer, you can download the entire music video. All of these files are sourced directly from YouTube, which means by using MP3Juices, you are effectively using a YouTube converter or downloader. Alternatively, you don’t have to download your files. You can instead stream the song. There is more to say about this YouTube conversion which the website carries out, and which I will now go into further detail about.

  • Display and the Overall Usability of MP3Juices

Simplicity and effectiveness make any website great. With this website, things couldn’t be easier. With MP3Juices, you will get the hang of it all fairly quickly. As mentioned, MP3Juices is effectively a music search engine, so with that comes (or should result in) simplicity. On the homepage, you will find the search bar in which you will enter the name of an artist, song, album, etc. Following this, the website will bring forth mp3 files for you to either play or download. The results are displayed on the homepage. It’s that easy. There are no superfluities.

The website is very plain, making it easy for you to navigate your way around. Ultimately, the site works perfectly the way it is, with all of the plain and simple features nicely laid out and easy to find. Furthermore, there are no irritating ads or pop-ups which would hinder your experience, which is always a positive.

  • You can Use A YouTube Converter Feature

If you don’t find a song that you’re searching for, there is a quick and easy way to fix this. MP3Juices has a YouTube converter option available. With the YouTube converter, you can snatch any video from YouTube and let MP3Juices isolate the mp3 file and download it for you. You can have any music video you would like.

To achieve this, copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video into the search bar on the homepage. After this, you can either download the mp3 audio file only or instead download the entire video to enjoy. There are hundreds of different YouTube converter websites out there which work just as well. On the other hand, with this website, you not only get a music search engine but also a YouTube converter under one roof, which means you can save time by not having to go searching for a YouTube converter elsewhere.

  • Other Parts of the Website Worthy of A Mention

There’s more worth talking about. If you find the website confusing (which I doubt you will), you can view the ‘how to’ page which will explain everything to you. In coincidence with this, there is also a FAQ page you can look into if you have any burning questions about the MP3Juices website. There is also a ‘news’ page which will keep you updated on all things MP3Juices. In addition to all this, the website offers some valuable information such as bitrate and source. The last thing to mention is that all the music videos used on this website are YouTube videos, displayed by the YouTube player. You could say MP3Juices is the website to go to if you want to snatch and keep music from YouTube.

This concludes the analysis of the website. You might have noticed that there are no mentioned negatives. Well, there are truly not many bad things to say about the site. However, one thing I will say is that the range of available music files is not very broad. You won’t find obscure classics here, but you will certainly find popular hits to download. Enjoy using the site!


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