Is Another Great Online Anime and Manga Database Is Another Great Online Anime and Manga Database
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Over the past few weeks, we at TechWhack have been reviewing free movie and TV websites. Today, we’re changing things up a bit. In this post today the focus is on online anime, and where better to do this than with MyAnimeList. The website is a growing community of online anime lovers from across the world. If you are a fan of anime, you will find thousands of like-minded people as well as tonnes of great free information on thousands of anime shows. So, if you happen to be a big fan of anime, it may be worth your time to step into the online community.

MyAnimeList has much to offer all of its followers. There is a small selection of anime episodes, and also manga pages for you to get tuned into. Also, there are many different online communities you can interact with, which I will go into further detail in the ensuing review. For many of its online users, MyAnimeList is more than just a website. This site has become for many people a haven in which you can feel immediately at home. The following is a complete review of the entire site. I have highlighted all of the aspects of the site, including both positive and negatives (if any), while answering the important questions on everybody’s mind. So, let’s get started.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

If you are a big fan of anime and you are on a constant search for anime news and information, it would be worth your while to sign up to this site. By becoming part of the online community, you will be notified of all the latest news and events regarding the most popular anime shows. Furthermore, as a member of the site, you can get involved with all of the online discussions. You can rate anime that you have seen and share your opinions on any anime or manga that you’ve watched, while perhaps making some online friends along the way.

Can I Watch Anime Videos With This Site?

If you have come to this website with the hope of watching free anime online, you may be disappointed. This site is mainly an information database and therefore harbours few to no actual anime videos online. There are some free anime videos that are offered for free, but you won’t find the biggest and most popular titles here. To find these free videos, choose the anime heading and click on videos. Here, you will find a small selection of anime series that you can watch for free without any subscription.

Nevertheless, besides the lack of actual anime series and movies, you will find valuable information on thousands of anime shows. Think of it as the anime version of IMDb, or a huge commune filled with anime fans from across the world, who are discussing and voicing their opinions on anime and other similar things.

Will It Cost Me To Use Any Part Of This Site?

As far as I can see, there will be no need to pay any cash for any of the information here. MyAnimeList is a free community in which it won’t cost you anything to read or share information. However, there are links to watch anime online which will cost. Links to buy the anime videos will transfer you to where you can pay to watch online or buy the actual DVD or video. Anything within the website, nevertheless, is completely free.

What Are Special Features There On the Site?

There are many great things to talk about here. First of all, and what struck me most is the huge amounts of information on pretty much anything anime. There are valuable opinions voiced on a constant basis, as well as rating systems and top anime tables. There is a seriously large amount of anime news to delve within on this website, and you can narrow down your search by seeking a particular anime series or movie.

You can search for information on anime shows, manga shows, character information, people, news, articles, forums, and more. There are recent anime discussions which you can get involved with immediately (you will find these on the homepage). You will also find recent articles, latest anime reviews, and recommended anime all on the homepage. On the right side of the homepage, you will find top 5 and top 10 lists on top airing anime, top upcoming anime, and most popular anime.

There are also anime trailers which you can watch if you want a small taste of an anime show or movie. However, the biggest thing to mention about this site are the numerous online communities. On the ‘Community’ heading, to can browse online communities such as forums, clubs, blogs and users. You will find all of these clubs and forums listed, and you can narrow your search by selecting a specific club or forum. Some options include actors and artists forums and clubs, games, conventions, characters, music, and more. Alternatively, you can just search what you want and hope that there is a community for you MyAnimeList.

Are There Any Negatives Regarding My Anime List?

If you can see beyond the fact that there aren’t many anime series or movies to watch online for free, you will find a plethora of anime information. Normally a small con would be pop-ups and ads, but this site has no pop-ups, and it even offers the option to hide the ads. In other words, there aren’t many negative aspects to MyAnimeList, and I highly recommend the site to all anime fans.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the review of the MyAnimeList website. If you would like to more about great sites in which to watch anime, please feel free to browse our other posts.

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