The Foremost Shows On Netflix We Think You Should Be Watching

Hello guys!, Today TechWhack has brought a new post on “Best Netflix TV shows”. Netflix is the one of the world’s largest online tv show streaming company. Netflix is an online tv service provider. As there is a revolution on the internet. That’s why Netflix has tried to attract people on the internet an online tv provider. Moreover, as there is very little competition online at that time. This company started in America in 1998. Initially, it started as a DVD mail service provider. It was founded mainly by Scotts Valley, Hastings, Randolph. They invested 2.5 million $ in this startup. With advertising, it gained a lot of popularity. It started its online Netflix tv shows in the year 2007 and was limited. Then expanded its limit to Canada in 2010.

Furthermore, it is now a great competitor of youtube and other online video streaming sites regarding tv shows. Moreover, now it has around 85 million subscribers. While half are from the US.

While NetFlix recently started in other countries. It is growing and getting new subscribers with great speed. Netflix tv shows are now becoming very popular especially in the US. But in other countries, it is still unpopular. Most of the people are not even concerned about Netflix tv shows. Furthermore, if some are, then they think that Netflix tv shows may not be good and instead of watching on their tv would be better.

But watching on Tv is not such an easy task because we need to be time bound. Moreover, if due to some reasons we missed it, we will not be able to rewatch the episode, which is a great loss. Even TV costs more, and it includes some tv channels that we do not need as depends on our interest.

Netflix cost is low comparatively. Furthermore, we can watch best Netflix tv shows in high definition. If we have missed any of our tv show, then we can watch it later. Means you can watch your favourite Netflix tv shows live or at any time. Furthermore, you can even watch Netflix TV shows on your mobile and tablets or any other device.

What To Watch On Netflix?

As I told earlier, NetFlix is a preferable online tv provider to watch best Netflix tv shows. It has just come to other countries. So it has not developed that good trust on people yet. Most of the people are unaware of it. Even if some are then, they are not able to decide and have questions in their mind like “what to watch on Netflix”.

Netflix streams a large number of TV shows. So it sometimes becomes difficult to choose between some best Netflix TV shows. Therefore, I have listed best tv shows on Netflix. Netflix has different subscription plans. But I would prefer to take a free trial for one month. You need to enter your all information. Moreover, you need to enter your credit card details. But you can cancel your account at any time.

Please cancel this account before your free trial ends, or they will automatically charge you. Then you can sign up again for a new free trial with a new ID.

Best Shows on Netflix

Orange Is the New Black

OITB is an awesome Netflix tv show.

This show started streaming in 2013. It is an American tv show. OITB’s genre is the comedy. The series was started by Jenji Kohan. Its latest season 4 was started in June. This is one of the most successful tv shows in the history. This show has been awarded 12 primetime nominations which are not an ordinary thing. Then in 2015, it changed its genre. Now it is streaming as a drama rather than comedy.

It consists of a story of a woman named Piper. She was at the age of 30’s. When she was arrested by police, with the reason behind is that- she was caught carrying a suitcase full of drugs as an agent of a person. This Tv show is generally about how Piper spent her life in prison. It is a very fictional and dramatical story and sometimes becomes emotional too. I would not recommend this Netflix tv show for children under the age of 14 years. I can guarantee that it will bound you till it continues.


Bloodline is nice Tv show and yet another one of the best Netflix TV shows. It was produced by Sony entertainment. Moreover, it is a TV show with only ten episodes.

Bloodline is dramatical thriller series. It doesn’t have large viewership as it is a thriller story and somewhat not preferred for regular purposes. This TV show has been awarded many times. Moreover, its rotten tomato rating is about 62%. Furthermore, its IMDB rating is about 8.3 out of 10 with around 2,822 votes. In conclusion, it is one of the best Netflix tv shows.


You may be known of marvel’s daredevil. He is an awesome guy and has many superpowers.

This World has many lovers of Marvel including me. “Daredevil” one of the best Netflix TV show started in 2015. You can exclusively watch this series on this platform. It has got an IMDB rating of 8.8 out of 10 with around 2,05,041 votes.

All episodes of this tv show were released on the same date. Yes, these episodes become available on 10 April 2015. It’s new season started in March 2016. This series is based on action.

Daredevil is simply a boy who wants to fight against injustice and criminal minded evils in new York. In this series, he had to fight with an underworld criminal agency.

House Of Cards

HOC is another one of the best shows on Netflix. It is a US tv series. Furthermore, it was started in 2013. This Tv show is based on a novel by Michael Dobbs. This show has earned a lot of awards for its first season.

It is a dramatic political series. It has a violent story. It is an age restricted TV show only for children.

As this story is mainly about politics so it may not have a large viewership. Because only politicians and some other like investigators would like to watch this violent story. In this series, dirty tricks of politics are being exposed. It has got an IMDB rating of 9 out of 10 with around 3,02,776 votes.

The Ranch

The ranch is a good Netflix series. It began on April 1, 2016. It is unique Netflix series as it has all the ten episodes titled. It is a Netflix sitcom series based on genre drama. It seems like is a fully dramatic series. Moreover, this story is a person in young age and even a good footballer with a lot of championship achievement.

This is about hardships he faced in his life. His dad was even against him. While his mother supports him. He also faced criticism from his friends. Furthermore, it all depends on him to stop playing football or kept facing these troubles. This show has an IMDB rating of 7.5 out of 10 with around 7,469 votes. Moreover, it has got 53% of rotten tomatoes, proving it to be one of the best and most dramatic shows on Netflix.

Stranger Things

ST is another great Netflix tv series. I love this series as it is based on a paranormal story. This series was produced by Shawn. Moreover, it is a story based on some strange things like related to spirits.

In this story, a small child disappears in air. People starts to believe that it is due to some supernatural powers, strange things are happening in the town. Even they showed a strange girl. I don’t know much about it as it has not yet released. It has an IMDB rating of 8 out of 10. Finally, it is one of the best tv shows on Netflix. Anybody can watch this series, and it seems like it is really interesting.


Narcos is a very popular series. Furthermore, it is a funny gangster dramatical series. It started on August 28, 2015. It is exclusively available on Netflix. Netflix has partnered this series with Telemundo. It is a Spanish company, and yes this series is in Spanish also.

Narcos is a series based on genre “crime”. Furthermore, narcos mean “drug trafficking”. It is a Spanish word. Narcos has got an IMDB rating of 8.9 out of 10 with around 1,04,880 votes. Moreover, it’s rotten tomato rating is 78%. Furthermore, it’s Metacritic rating is 77%.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Gilmore Girls has been a very popular tv show for some years. This was first streamed in 2000 on WB. It was successful series with its seven seasons ending in 2007. Now it would be returning in 2016. It consists of 4 episodes of 90 minutes. It would be available on November 22. So I don’t have much information about this series.

It has got an IMDB rating of 8 out of 10. It is generally an American comedy series. It would be really interesting. It seems like it would be getting a lot of viewership and would be successful among the masses and not even in the US comprising of other countries also. Finally, it is one of the best tv shows on Netflix.


The list of 10 best shows on Netflix ends here. Netflix is an awesome company and has a large collection of series.

If you want your favourite tv series to be included, then please comment with the name of the series, and we would list it in our next update. Bookmark this article as we would keep on updating it. Thanks for reading this article. Have a Good Day! 🙂

UPDATED Friday 2nd December 2016

2 TV shows Were Removed from the list of shows on Netflix.

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