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Netflix Vs Hulu Plus – Choosing The Best Site For Movie and TV Streaming

Netflix Vs Hulu Plus – Choosing The Best Site For Movie and TV Streaming
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Hello guys today techwhack has brought a new post on Netflix vs Hulu Plus. There are a lot of different streaming platforms available today. You will find that amidst the options that are available to the consumer, there are two that stand out against others. Those two major options include Netflix and Hulu Plus. When you consider Netflix vs Hulu Plus, you are going to find that there’s a lot of opinions on the matter. But which one is truly better, and which is worth exploring on a deeper level?

For some, this seems like an open and shut case. However, you’re going to find that there is a lot more to explore in this arena. If you’re not careful, you are going to end up losing out on the greater elements that come with subscribing to one or another, or perhaps both. If you’re on the fence, and you want to get one, consider the following breakdown of pros and cons associated with Netflix vs Hulu Plus.

Why Netflix vs Hulu Plus?

Before getting into the breakdown, consider why you want to compare these two solutions. The biggest reason is simple; they are not going to be illegal. They are 100% legal, and they have programming that is top tier. Many other sites are not legal and have a lot of different selection problems. That’s not the case here.

These are legal solutions that you have to pay for, but you get a lot in return. Not only will you be able to use this on your computer and television, but you can also use them on your phone and tablet. Aside from that, you can also rest assured that you will have support in case anything goes wrong. With that in mind, consider the reasons why you should pick one over another, or both if you have the money to spend on more than one service.


The first option that you will see is that of Netflix. This is a service that started out as a DVD rental service. While it still offers discs, it has shifted the business model to service streaming more often than not. The majority of the content found here is high quality, and can be streamed in high definition. Many of the offerings also have subtitles, different languages, and Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio. This is the premier service going right now, and it requires upwards of 3 Mbps to stream quality video.

The cost starts at $7.99 a month for one screen and goes up based on what features you want to utilise. They also offer a DVD service that you can have in conjunction with your account. The DVD service offers movies, and television shows that you will not find in their regular selection of streaming solutions.


The selection of movies and shows that you will find with this service can be immense. There’s a constant flow of movies, television shows, and in-house productions that should keep you busy. There are parental functions, and much more to explore as well. Even though there is a lot to offer, regional codes can cause you to miss out on certain offerings. Furthermore, there is a large selection of exclusive options that are not found here.

Streaming Quality

You can stream in full HD, and it automatically focuses on the right resolution for your screen. You will also find that you can stream whenever you’d like, so long as you log in. You will be able to watch anything, fast forward, rewind, and more. The quality is great overall, and the company has been improving for some time.

Overall, Netflix is the premier resource for movies, television shows, and everything in between. However, you will find that regional issues can thwart international support, and buffering can be a bit tough sometimes. Other than that, this is a solid solution that is well worth exploring.

Hulu Plus

Moving forward, you’ll find that in the quest to figure out which is better amidst Netflix vs Hulu Plus, you will be tempted to go with Hulu. Right off the bat, you are going to find that this is similar to Netflix. However, the big difference is the fact that you must pay and sit through advertisements. The shows and movies shown in this service have commercial interruptions, with up to 4 ads per break. You can pay an additional fee to stream without any ads at all, and you can also add on Showtime for an additional fee as well. The base price is free to use, with limited shows, but if you want the full service, you will need to pay at least $7.99.


The selection here overall for the Netflix vs Hulu Plus debate is going to be similar. Netflix has a lot of the same things that Hulu has, but with one great difference, current programming. Hulu has deals with television networks, cable networks, and others to publish movies, and shows the day after they air on regular television. This includes top tier shows that Netflix doesn’t have, and won’t have for quite some time. If you’re looking to watch the absolute latest season of shows that are the major networks, then Hulu Plus is the way to go. The drawback, of course, is that they have ads in them, but if you pay more, you can eliminate those completely.

Streaming Quality

The streaming quality debate portion of Netflix versus Hulu Plus is once again not a factor. You can stream shows here in HD, with subtitles, and good overall sound. As long as you pay for your subscription each month, you will be able to take advantage of the programming and streaming solutions found with Hulu’s service.

Overall, Hulu Plus is a great resource if you like watching current shows. However, they have ads on them, and that could turn may people off. If you want to look at the latest shows, this is the one to go with, but if you don’t care about that, you may find that other options are enticing.


At the end of the day, you’ll be able to search for Netflix versus Hulu plus and find that the two match up very well. Aside from ads, you will find that the selection is similar, with the exception of newer options on Hulu Plus. That’s the real drawing factor for the site. If you are going to want to see all the current shows, and news programming that is as recent as yesterday, then Hulu Plus is the victor. However, if you want premier movies and shows without caring about the release date, Netflix is going to pay off dividends. It all depends on what you want out of your streaming experience.

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