Getting To Know Okay Google, Its Commands and What It Can Do

You may have heard about okay google. It is a functional software for Android which is a great competitor of Siri(iOS).

We love talking or chatting with others. But what happen when your smartphone can listen to you. Yes, Just say “ok google now”. If you have enabled the function, then it would reply you.

Nowadays Google is becoming a great competitor of Apple with advancement in technology. Even its creation okay google is awesome, with its new update you can control your smartphone without using your hands.

You can use some awesome commands to get help from your virtual partner, your phone. Just you need to say ok google now, and it will reply back to you.

You can even take help from your phone while making food. I will show you the conversation between me and okay google while I was making dinner.

Me: Ok google now

Google: Hello Harsh, how can I help You?

Me: Can you please find the recipe for Italian white sauce pasta.

Google: Here’s the recipe.

Me: Please guide me google

Google: Okay….

How do you enable okay google?

Okay Google guided me till I finished making pasta. It was really tasty. Guy’s in this article I would be showing some awesome commands with you. Furthermore, I have provided an infographic for it.

Guys, most of us has already installed it. So just take your phone and say “ok google now”. It is a voice search program. If it not answering then follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, download google app using play store or update it if already installed. 
  • Then just open the app
  • In the top left corner, you will find a menu tab.
  • Just click on it and got to settings.
  • Then you will see a voice tab and use it to activate ok google now.

Furthermore, you can change some settings like keep it activated all the time, or activate it temporarily. It all depends on you.

Best commands for ok google now

Guys feel free to embed this infographic on your blog. Or just share it. You can use the embed code below. You are only allowed to get this infographic using the embed code below. Just copy and paste this code into the text section of your blog.

<a href=’ ‘><img src=’’ alt=’okay google’ width=’723′ border=’0′ /></a></p>

1) General

  • Scan this QR code.
  • Help me find out the weather conditions
  • What is the kangaroo population in Australia?
  • Tell me some facts about Antarctica.
  • When will monsoon come?
  • What’s the breaking news?
  • What is happening in the space?
  • When will the new iPhone 7 come?
  • When will FIFA 17 release?
  • Help me making this recipe.
  • Write my email.
  • When will it it will be released in the US.
  • What’s the time?
  • Call Steve.
  • Find out the best hotel near by.
  • Open messenger.
  • Just help me find out the last conversations with Lisa in messenger
  • Click a nice photo of mine.
  • Tell me about storage space.
  • What’s the weather outside?
  • How much ram is used?
  • Optimise storage space.
  • Send a message to Tony, asking him for football.
  • Play my playlist of songs.
  • Decrease volume of the phone.
  • Just say ok google now

2) Google play store

  • Can you please install the google messenger app.
  • Please check if FIFA 16 is compatible with my device
  • Check the subscription of the play store
  • What’s new in the play store
  • Just check out the app with editor’s choice in music category

3) Movies

  • When will conjuring two release
  • How many IMDB rating jungle book got?
  • Check the latest movie releases.
  • Check out in which cinema civil war is available.
  • Find the best movie in the comedy genre.
  • Check out the latest upcoming movie.

4) Favorite Heroes

  • How old is Captain America?
  • When will his/her new movie come?
  • At present where he is?
  • Please tell me about his/her new concert.
  • Show me images of his home

5) Calendar

  • Help me, find out birthday of John.
  • Just record this birthday.
  • When will the Easter day come?
  • How many days are left in euro 2016?
  • When will be the final of Euro 2016?
  • When will be the next leap year?

6) Calculator

  • Multiply 87 and 76
  • Divide 23847 by 128
  •  Calculate the interest per month if a loan is x and rate of interest are y per annum.
  • Calculate- 56+34+35-34+34-23+876385
  • Calculate the total bill.

7) Astronomy

  • What are the plans for NASA?
  • What is the temperature of the sun?
  • Is Google has launched a new satellite for Google maps?
  • Is a new planet discovered yet?
  • How does earth look like from space?
  • When will space exploration for human possible?
  • What’s ISRO doing?
  • New mission or target if set by NASA.
  • Are aliens there in space?

8) Control devices

  • Please shut down ok google now.
  • Start the battery saving mode.
  • Start the call answering function.
  • Switch off the phone.
  • Download the latest Android version.
  • Turn GPS off.
  • Open google maps.

9) Sports

  • When will the new rugby series start?
  • Who won the last NFL series.
  • Find the final clash between the teams in Copa America.
  • What were the results of the last Euro 16 match?
  • Is Messi retiring from international football?

10) Conversions

Just say okay Google then:-

  • Convert 5 miles into kilometres.
  • Convert speed of 189 km/hr into miles/hr
  • Convert 7 ounces into a gallon.
  • Convert 89 milliseconds into minutes.
  • Convert 2379 horsepower into watts

12) Google Maps

  • Please find out the nearest restaurant.
  • How much the beach is far away from us.
  • Which way would be preferred to Eiffel tower with least traffic?
  • When we will reach tower of Pisa.
  • Find the nearest fuel pump.


So, guys, I have listed some best ok google now commands, Okay Google is an awesome software. It is a great alternative of Siri.

Furthermore, It is a partner which helps us in our whole life. Moreover, okay Google is helpfull.

Please Show me your creativity and list some good commands in the comment box. Don’t take it from other sites, please. I will soon add your favourite commands to my list then.

Please share this amazing article with your friends. Thanks for reading this amazing article. Have a good day!!!

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