More Serious Action In One Punch Man Episode 10 – Unparalleled Peril

More Serious Action In One Punch Man Episode 10 – Unparalleled Peril
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One Punch Man episode 10 opens in a snowy, mountainous environment. A huge lizard that looks like a dinosaur breaks out of the ice after being trapped for millennia. He tries to begin a rampage and take over the world. He calls his people, the “Terror Lizard Clan.” Missiles have no effect. A bomber or payload carrier soars over the scene. Instead of releasing a nuke, it releases Tornado, the green haired psychokinetic in the flowing black dress. She crashes on the scene, hardly a fly compared to the lizard.

One Punch Man Episode 10

This Meteor is for Good

Tornado gets a call telling her to return to base because of some unknown danger. She’s annoyed and decides to finish off the dinosaur quickly. He claims that the only way to kill him is with a giant meteor. Even though she surely has multiple ways of accomplishing her task, she obliges him. He charges a powerful blast from his mouth for a few seconds before looking up and realizing that a meteor is about to strike, and it leaves him as a charred pile of bones. Episode 10 started off with a bang.

Elsewhere in the world, Saitama and Genos watch Bang, the master of the dojo. He is demonstrating the secrets behind his flowing water crushing rock style of martial arts. Saitama is bored by it and Genos isn’t interested in self-defence as much as destructive power. One of Bangs disciples reacts in anger, but Genos knocks him down. Bang then explains why he currently has no active disciples. His best student, Garo, went crazy and defeated the best of his students very badly and scared the rest of them away. Bang disciplined him and sent him away. His only current student continues to defend him, but Bang admits that Saitama is much stronger.

Justice League

Just then, the door to the dojo bursts open. A messenger from the hero association enters in a terrible panic. He claims that a Dragon level threat is underway. All S-class heroes in episode 10 are being called upon. Saitama isn’t invited personally, but Genos suggests that he come. The three of them, Bang, Genos, and Saitama, arrive at the hero .” HQ in the next scene and encounter the Atomic Samurai upon entering. The samurai identifies all except Saitama and won’t even take the offered handshake, even though Bang vouched for him.

In the corner, Tornado also comments on the fact that Saitama is B class and doesn’t appear very pleased. After she rants for awhile, he calls her aThe text”sassy, lost child”. Genos identifies her and her powers and suggests they move on. In the briefing room, a large number of S-class heroes have gathered around the conference table. Text identifies each. Presently, a few officials walk in and begin explaining the situation. He begins by noting two of the hero’s absence. Then, he allows anyone to leave who would like to.

She Needed One, Too

Apparently, the seer Madame Shibabawa has died, but not before leaving one last prophecy. One Punch Man episode 10 marks the beginning of a long arc. She hasn’t been able to predict every bad event, but when she does predict something, it is 100% accurate. Saitama asks one of the heroes to tell him more about her and only learns that she was indeed a great seer. The head official then reveals her last prophecy. She wrote it on a napkin right before she died from choking on a cough drop. The napkin read, “the Earth is in trouble.” Until then, she had never given such a grave prediction, even though most of her prophecies involved many peoples lives. This means that a threat larger than Dragon level will appear, and it will appear within six months.

Saitama interjects and mentions that, if the attack can happen within the next six months, then it can also happen very soon. Almost as if on cue, explosions rock HQ from the outside. Perhaps the great peril is underway, but looking outside only reveals petty criminals trying to take over the world. They are destroyed from above before getting very far. The real threat, a flying monster and a menacing, city sized space ship, loom over the city. The monster declares that its job is to protect the ship, and the ship lets out a tremendous blast that incinerates everything under it.

The First God Level Threat

Inside the HQ, reserve power kicks in, and they try to communicate with the outside world. Things are finally picking up in One Punch Man episode 10. On the ground, a father rescues his son from the rubble. Soon after, the multi-headed monster shows up behind them and prepares to attack. A friend of Atomic Samurai chops off the tentacles. They engage in a fight. Inside HQ, the head official finds that the entire city A has been destroyed and reveals the fact that Metal Knight constructed the HQ, which is why it wasn’t killed in the blast. Saitama exits the building through the ceiling and is fired upon by the space ship. On the ground, the guy fighting the monster is apparently losing. The monster regrows from any physical attack instantly.

The Atomic Samurai comes to his aid and speaks with one of the monsters briefly and learns that they are aliens. A few other heroes show up as well. HQ issues an evacuation order and declares threat level God. A handful of other heroes evaluates the situation from afar. They try to come up with a strategy to destroy the ship. After a little deliberation, they decide to call Metal Knight. Tornado and Genos choose to intercept the craft on their own.

One Punch Man episode 10 ends with Saitama on the enemy spacecraft. Inside is dark and foreboding. Even so, Saitama prances through without a care in the world. On his way towards the center, he destroys a huge monster. The boss waits for him on his throne.


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