Summary of ‘The Dominator of the Universe’: One Punch Man Episode 11

Summary of ‘The Dominator of the Universe’: One Punch Man Episode 11
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One Punch Man episode 11 opens where ten left off. Saitama crashes through the ship, defeating all in his path. Geryuganshoop runs the centre of operations. He watches Saitama and worries about the progress he is making. It seems he and the regenerating monster on the surface are the last two elite warriors. After he complains a bit longer, Boros comes in and asks for an update. Geryuganshoop apologises and says that Saitama has destroyed twenty-three percent of the ship in only four minutes. Boros assures him that the power sphere will keep them afloat, so long as it isn’t destroyed. When he learns that his strongest fighters lost, he takes an interest.

One Punch Man Summary Episode 11

Breaking News

A news station provides coverage of the situation unfolding in One Punch Man episode 11. Across town, several past characters including Genus, the Armored Gorilla, and Speed o’ Sound Sonic tune into the broadcast. The first two are cooking a nice meal and seem concerned. Sonic looks happy and excited.

Back on the ground under the ship, Puri Puri Prisoner pummels the regeneration monster, Melzargard. In spite of the damage done, the monster can regenerate. It is impervious to physical attacks. Several other S-class heroes, including Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, and Bang engage it in battle as well. The monster consults one of its many heads and decides to call for a bombardment. One of the heads separates and flies back to the ship but is intercepted. Back on the ship, Saitama continues his progress. On the ground, the heroes deny a request to retreat and strategize because they only know how to fight a certain way.

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At the same time, Melzargard is somehow able to communicate with Geryuganshoop on the ship. Geryuganshoop demands that he stop whatever he is doing and come back to the ship to help, but the humans are too persistent. He asks again for a bombardment. Meanwhile, Metal Bat continues to break apart the floating head. He sees a blue marble floating among the pieces, grabs it, and destroys it. This causes the floating head to die instantly. He relays this information to the other heroes right away. One Punch Man Episode 11 may be the end of Melzargard.

Uninvited Guest Man

On the ship, Saitama continues his search but is lost. Geryuganshoop tries to ask him to leave and then gives him directions as to the way out. Saitama decides to go the opposite way and can find the control room. Geryuganshoop meets him there, ready to fight. He claims to be the best telekinetic user in the universe and prepares to attack. Elsewhere, one of the artillery technicians requests permission to proceed with the bombardment but gets not response. Geryuganshoop, a being that looks like an octopus, uses his powers to throw debris at Saitama. When that doesn’t work, he increases the gravity in the room by enormous degrees. When that doesn’t work, he again tries to throw rocks. Saitama is disappointed at the display and tells the creature that anybody can throw rocks, so he does as well and kills the octopus instantly.

Now finished with the exchange, Saitama tries to ask some of the other creatures about the whereabouts of the boss. Outside the ship, Child Emperor, one of the S-class heroes, evaluates the readings coming from the ship. He determines that the power levels are steadily rising and alerts HQ. In the rubble, Mumen Rider finds a civilian to save on his bike. In the ship, the artillery technician decides to act without confirmation and finds the spot with the S-class heroes and Melzargard. He concentrates fire on the group and shoots. Thankfully, Tornado is there to save the day. The shells stop in midair, turn around, and fire on the ship.

Telekinetically Turning the Tables

The artillery tech seems embarrassed and wants to go home. On the ground, Mumen Rider delivers the injured citizen and asks for directions to likely areas of need. A few other familiar heroes join him. One of the head officials at HQ is pleased by the help and agrees to lend them a tank. Below the ship, Melzargard goes all out to defeat the defenders, and they put up a good fight. After Bang takes and crushes another marble, killing a head, the remaining head lands a direct hit. It seems as though he may have died. At this point in One Punch Man episode 11, Melzargard decides to focus entirely on offence in hopes of quickly wiping out the physically weak defenders.

On the ship, Boros waits patiently for Saitama to arrive. When he does arrive, Boros takes the opportunity to evaluate his power and finds that it is limitless. He asks to exchange names before the fight begins, respecting Saitama’s strength. He starts by saying that his group is a band of pirates called, “Dark Matter.” He identifies himself as the Dominator of the Universe, Boros. Saitama replies simply, saying he is a professional hero, nothing more. Boros then gives a brief history.

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Boredom is the Real Killer

He used to travel the universe, destroying everything in his path, but he became too strong. Then came the mind-numbing boredom. Luckily, a fortune teller told him that one day, he would meet an enemy worth fighting. His crew didn’t believe the prophecy, but now it seems to have come true. Before he can go on, Saitama punches him into a wall, completely uninterested. He apparently doesn’t think it’s okay to go around and do whatever you want. Surprisingly, Boros lives. His armour provided not only protection but sealed in his immense power. Now it is broken, and he is released. This doesn’t impress Saitama.

He then undergoes an incredible transformation at the end of One Punch Man episode 11. He grows, his muscles bulge, he changes colour, and he radiates massive amounts of power. None of this impresses Saitama in the slightest.

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