Business As Usual In One Punch Man Episode 12: The Strongest Hero

Business As Usual In One Punch Man Episode 12: The Strongest Hero
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One Punch Man Episode 12 showcases the best fight scene in anime history. This is thanks in part to stunning visuals and creative animations. None before has come close, conceptually or visually, and it may not even have been possible until recent years. It opens with Boros attacking Saitama.

Saitama seems to be taking the fight seriously, in a way. He isn’t taking any damage at all, but perhaps he is careful just in case. He can block most of the attacks easily and with only one arm. And then something interesting happens: we know that Saitama can attack without killing, but when he swings with force, we expect the enemy to die.

However, he punches Boros’ arm and only the arm falls off. It is safe to assume that Saitama pulled his punch, but it is still a surprise. The funny part is, it is very obvious that Saitama is much stronger. Even so, Boros is as arrogant as he is powerful. He praises Saitama for being able to keep up with him.

But Saitama is known for his great humility, which shines in episode 12. He accepts the praise without any sign of petulance and returns the favor.

One Punch Man Episode 12

The Tiniest Hero

Under the ship, a hero tries to throw debris at the ship. Tornado intervenes and picks up all the rubble, hurling it all at once. The other hero gives up trying. The aliens in the ship panic at the massive attack and Geno’s marvels at it. As he watches, Drive Knight declares that he is going to leave but catches Genos’ attention before he goes. He tells Genos that Metal Knight is his “enemy,” but doesn’t offer any other details. One Punch Man episode 12 leaves us in the dark about Genos’ goals.

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Meanwhile, the regenerating monster Melzargard continues to fight the S class heroes. He is engaged with Atomic Samurai when Bang reappears from being knocked out. The surprise causes him to let his guard down, and Atomic Samurai chops him into hundreds of little pieces. Naturally, he begins to regenerate again, but Bang has seen through his ability: he always regenerates his head first. Armed with this knowledge, he dashes in and grabs the last marble before the Samurai can get to it and crushes it. On the other side of town, the miscellaneous heroes that were busy looking for survivors finish their task and head home.

The Humblest Hero

Saitama and Boros continue their battle during One Punch Man episode 12. Even though he isn’t being injured, he allows Boros to attack to his heart’s content. But he doesn’t just stand there; he engages respectfully, running, blocking, and dodging as if it were a real fight. In spite of this, he still has a bored look on his face. Boros still has the nerve to talk down to Saitama. Even after landing two more massive attacks with no effect, he boasts about his impending victory. Then he tells a little more about his past, including how strong his species is and how incredible his powers are.

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Saitama interrupts his babbling to provoke him into continuing the battle. Boros attacks and the animations and power depicted are unlike anything on TV. He strikes with blinding ferocity a few more times and then kicks him straight into the moon. Saitama looks around, holds his breath, decides not to take a moon rock with him, and dives back down to Earth. On Earth, Boros begins to tire and admits that his super-powerful form takes a heavy physical toll and reduces his life span. It is his trump card.

Just then, Saitama crashes back onto the ship so hard that it wobbles in place. Boros attacks in anger, landing blow after blow. Saitama waits a few moments and then punches. To his credit, Boros just barely lives, but then Saitama dashes forward and throws a few consecutive punches. As is expected, Boros explodes into a million pieces, but his regeneration seems to be linked to a marble, just like the multi headed monster. He snaps back into place and prepares to self-destruct, unleashing an insane amount of energy.

This prompts Saitama to finally, finally get a little serious. Episode 12 gives us our first look at, “Serious Punch,” and obliterates Boros, breaking the gem. The blow is so profound that the clouds part in a cone all the way across the planet. In a touching moment, Saitama plays along when Boros, now a pile of dust and bones, claims that they fought a hard battle. But his impending death is humbling. He admits, and perhaps knew all along, that Saitama didn’t have to try, and was much stronger. Saitama doesn’t brag. His sportsmanship is as strong as his fist.

Business as Usual

The power sphere breaks and the space ship comes crashing down, completing the destruction of city A. The S class heroes make a run for it. Bang happens to be the fastest. They run into Amai Mask when they escape, and he belittles their victory. Even though he wasn’t there to help, he has plenty to say as far as criticisms. In spite of his absence, he blames the heroes there for their incompetence. Then, he claims not to want to move up to S class so that he can prevent weak heroes from advancing.

Before Metal Bat can retaliate, a drone sent by Metal Knight falls from the sky. Genos confronts him, and he admits to his desire to dismantle and reverse manufacture parts from the alien ship. In the distance, one of the heroes hails them, saying he found survivors. When they catch up to him, Amai Mask kills the surviving aliens immediately. Before he leaves, he taunts the heroes one last time. Genos leaves to find Saitama who soon after escapes from the ship. They ignore Tornado on their way out, but she calls after them in anger.

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Later, the alien ship is scrapped for parts, and HQ is rebuilt much stronger and bigger than before. Roads are built connecting it to the rest of the cities, and heroes Class A and above are given the option to live there.

At the end of One Punch Man episode 12, Saitama intercepts Pluton, King of the Underworld, a huge pig monster who curses human decadence and waste. Saitama kills him in one punch, to his great dismay.

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