Welcoming The Lone Cyborg, Genos, In One Punch Man Episode 2

Welcoming The Lone Cyborg, Genos, In One Punch Man Episode 2
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One Punch Man Episode 2 opens with our hero doing household chores while listening to news covering a mosquito outbreak in city Z. They are a new, unknown species that is sucking the life out of people and animals. Naturally, he is unimpressed until a mosquito lands on him He uses his incredible speed to try and crush it, to no avail.

One Punch Man Episode 2 Summary

Genos Appears

City Z declares a state of emergency in One Punch Man episode 2. A looter tries to take advantage and is robbing a store when the swarm attacks him. They suck him dry and deliver the substance to what appears to be their leader, a sexy queen-bee type. She absorbs the life energy as her own. Genos appears out of nowhere, attacks with a fireball and proceeds assess the situation: if the leader is killed, the swarm will disperse. She attacks with the swarm, but it has no effect. Is it because he is a cyborg, or because he destroyed them too quickly?

Episode 2 is still having a hard time with his lone mosquito. In the meantime, Genos and the queen-bee are tangled in a fierce battle. The loss of her swarm did not seem to have any effect on her fighting strength. In fact, her combat ability is completely her own. They exchange a few blows and then she rips his arm off, only to lose her legs in the process. Knowing she’s in trouble, she retreats to regroup, absorbing the energy from a massive swarm of mosquitos that had been harvesting blood on their own.

Genos, Meet Saitama Sensei

The atmosphere is never really that tense in episode 2. One Punch Man runs into the battlefield, chasing his opponent with a bottle of bug repellent. Genos tries to warn him to leave, but the queen-bee strikes with a huge wave of bugs. It covers nearly the entire city, but Genos blows it all away in one strike. All of the bugs were dead. However, the queen-bee had already absorbed the blood and became incredibly powerful. She easily rips him apart, flinging him into the air and tearing him to shreds.

Right before she lands the killing blow, he decides to self-destruct and apologises to the “doctor” for failing, who is most likely his creator or master. But before he does, episode 2 obliterates her with one punch, spilling blood across the building. Mosquitoes suck! He leaves as if nothing happened, but Genos, completely in awe of the incredible display of power, asks for his name and to be his disciple. “Saitama,” he says, and then, “Oh, okay,” and walks away. “Eh?”

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Don’t Call Me Sensei!

Genos shows up at Saitama’s house after the interlude of episode 2. He does not seem excited to see him and explains right away that he doesn’t want to be called sensei or master. He isn’t very interested in having a disciple at all, in fact. In spite of this, Genos launches into a lengthy backstory. A rampaging cyborg killed his entire town when he was 15 and till human, including his family. “Doctor Kuseno” finds him, weak and alone, and saves his life.

The Doctor is a scientist on a mission to stop the rampaging cyborg from causing any more damage. Genos vows to find it someday to avenge his family. To become more powerful, he asks the doctor to transform him into a cyborg as well. He seems to be filled with a righteous fury and makes it a point to defeat monsters and fight crime along with his search. Additionally, he appears to be overwhelmed with gratitude for Saitama for saving his life. His boring story drags on and on to comedic lengths until Saitama finally erupts in a fit or rage.

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The House of Evolution

Apparently, the queen-bee, or, “Mosquito Girl,” was only a prototype. Episode 2 reveals a secret mountain base and an unnamed man who was watching the fight the entire time. On the computer screens in front of him are a few more faces of what we assume are other prototypes. Among those pictures are a few of Saitama. The man takes an interest in him and demands his lackeys to extend an invitation, by force if necessary.

Meanwhile, Genos is still trying to convince Saitama. Suddenly, a creature bursts into the apartment. A single punch destroys it. The creature’s two friends were waiting outside. They were only the messengers after all. However, more creatures appear and attack. One pulls Saitama into the group up to his neck, unseen. Genos intercepts the huge cyborg that is targeting him. On the other side, a huge tiger-man, the “Beast King,” looms over Saitama, who doesn’t care and just wants to take a nap on the ground.

But instead of troubling himself further, he walks out of the ground, to the surprise of his attackers. The Beast King quickly regains his composure and unleashes an explosive fury of attacks, destroying his surroundings and growing. The attacks each have their name, and his ferocity is greatly pronounced by the superb animation One Punch Man episode 2 has to offer. Even so, Saitama dodges each and every attack with ease. He ends the fight with a hilarious combo in anime history, “Consecutive Normal Punches,” which was accompanied by equally bland animation.

An Embarrassing Defeat

“Ground Dragon,” the mole who buried Saitama previously, tries to escape in an underground tunnel but is quickly intercepted. The huge cyborg turns out to be an armoured gorilla, appropriately named, “Armored Gorilla.” It boasts of being the third-strongest fighter in the House of Evolution. Beast King is second, and the first is still unknown. Genos prepares to finish him off, demanding that he tell them everything he knows. The gorilla spends a few moments acting tough but, in light of their crushing defeat, surrenders immediately, and One Punch Man episode 2 ends with a laugh.

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