The Unnamed Man’s Story Unfolds In One Punch Man Episode 3

The Unnamed Man’s Story Unfolds In One Punch Man Episode 3
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One Punch Man episode 3 opens on the unnamed man from the mountain hideout from the last episode. The narrator describes his past. He was once a young genius, held in high esteem by his peers. He managed to provide some valuable contributions to what we know as a society. However, none of his ideas was ever taken seriously. The people around him were more interested in advancing human civilisation, while he was more interested in advancing them as a species. He quickly became frustrated by the general lack of approval from the scientific community and decided to take matters into his hands.

One Punch Man Summary Episode 3

One Was Already too Many

It wasn’t until decades of research later that he had a breakthrough. He used his findings to regain his youth and make a room full of clones–of himself! Together with his newly created team of helpers, he performed hundreds of experiments on animals, attempting to create new species. Eventually, he moved onto human subjects.

Before the narrator can continue telling the story of One Punch Man episode 3, Saitama stops him mid-sentence. The half-destroyed gorilla from the last episode was the one telling the story. Of course, it was taking too long, and Saitama isn’t very patient. The gorilla summarises by saying his master, Doctor Genus, wants to study his superhuman body. Saitama and Genos decide to strike back and leave in search of the doctor. Before they leave, Genos questions the gorilla about cyborgs but comes up empty.

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Genus worries obsessively as he monitors their approach. It’s possible that years of hard work is now in danger. Preparing for the worst, he declares his plan to release his trump card, “Carnage Kabuto”. The clones gasp in freight. We get the feeling that this creation must be very robust. They comment on the dangers but realise that it may be their only hope. They activate the many traps on the floors leading to their own, hoping that the trump card will be their last resort.

What Traps?

Saitama and Genos make the trip on foot and arrive in no time. Genos is surprised that Saitama can’t fly. One Punch Man episode 3 makes it a point, on numerous occasions, to note the irony between insane super humans and “human limitations”. Genos annihilates the entire building in one blow, and they enter straight into the basement. Meanwhile, we get a sneak peek at Carnage Kabuto, who destroys one of the Genus clones in one gory punch. Genus approaches Kabuto with forced confidence, though he is apparently afraid. Internally, he remarks on the fact that Kabuto has been kept in confinement, and it’s not because he isn’t smart and powerful. It’s because he is mentally unstable, a failure. Even so, he enlists his help in subduing and capturing Saitama.

The two heroes don’t need to search the facility long before Carnage Kabuto finds them and attacks, knocking Genos out before he can even react. Saitama, angry now, agrees to take the fight into a gigantic, specialised room. Before the fight can start, Genos appears once again. He unleashes a whirlwind of fiery attacks, setting the room temporarily ablaze. Kabuto remains completely unscathed and returns a massive fireball with his breath alone. Saitama gets the feeling that he may finally be in for a real fight.

The Secret… Finally Revealed!

One Punch Man episode 3 is somehow able to provide nail-biting intensity alongside priceless comedy. Kabuto, who we can now see is modelled after a beetle, starts the fight in a flash–and ends it just as fast. Right before he attempts to strike Saitama from behind, he notices Saitama is looking at him from over his shoulder and immediately retreats. This gives tremendous insight into just how powerful he is. This advanced being, the product of decades of scientific research, is incredibly powerful and intelligent. In spite of his superiority, his instincts command him to flee in terror. How is it possible for One Punch Man to be so strong?

Well, he has no problem at all telling everyone his secret: one hundred push-ups, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred squats, and a ten kilometre run every day. Eat well and try to endure uncomfortable temperatures. In other words, he says, you have to train until your hair falls out. Of course, this sounds unreasonable to the onlookers. Genos is positive that this is a joke and lashes out in anger. Just strength training? A natural regiment, to boot? Impossible.

One Punch Man Makes a Grave Mistake

On the other hand, this new development is music to Kabuto’s ears. If that was all Saitama did to become strong, then surely he isn’t as strong as he feared. He gets himself worked up, growing and strength, and changing colours. This is his “Carnage Mode,” and, according to him, lasts for a week. During that time, he is completely unstoppable and thirsts for killing. As soon as he says this, Saitama reacts in horror. He doesn’t even bother defending himself as Kabuto flings his limp body from one end of the room to another. As he is flying, he slowly begins to realise his mistake. Slowly, he deduces the day’s date based on what Kabuto said before.

Finally, he figures out that the day is Saturday, the day of the super sale at the grocery store. For whatever reason, he had thought that the next day was Saturday. In a fit of rage, he punches Kabuto, who explodes into pieces. He then collapses in despair on the floor, upset that he missed out on the sale. Thankfully, the store is still open for another few hours. One Punch Man Episode 3 ends with the two heroes racing out of the facility without a second thought, leaving Genus at a loss for words. But there is a silver lining: he comes to the conclusion that he does not want to change humanity for his gain anymore. He decides to change himself.


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