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Hammerhead, the Modern Ninja – One Punch Man Episode 4 Summary

Hammerhead, the Modern Ninja – One Punch Man Episode 4 Summary
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One Punch Man Episode 4 opens with an armor-clad man preaching about decadence and unfairness in society. He complains that rich people get to eat all the food while poor people starve. His solution is to fight back and create a society where only the people that want to work will work, while the rest of them eat and live for free, “among other unintelligible demands”. The “Paradisers” are all but ignored in the busy metropolitan area that they chose as their stage. People walk by with hardly a glance. After all, terrifying monsters destroy whole cities every other day in this universe. Why fret about a few thugs?

One Punch Man Summary Episode 4

Hammerhead, the leader of the group, shows he means business when he commands one of his means to destroy a high-rise, who does so in one punch. It’s then that he reveals that they risked their lives to steal the experimental battle suits, and also that they destroyed the wrong building. They continue with their moral mostly unscathed.

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Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes… Sometimes

Meanwhile, a guy on a bike heroically rescues a child’s balloon from a tree and pedals into the distance. Heroically. He then heads straight to the cloud of dust left from the destruction of the building. In episode 4, we begin to see a few more details about their world.

On the other hand, Saitama slumbers late into the afternoon and wakes up in terror about a disgusting dream about rock-paper-scissors and boogers. Then he turns on the news to see what has been happening throughout the day while he goes through his morning routine. The new group seems uninteresting at first, but he quickly learns that they all have shaved heads like himself. His only concern now is to defeat the people who seem to be trying to copy his look. He doesn’t want to be mistaken for a villain. After all, it was a lot of trouble to become a hero. For this small transgression, Saitama is more fired up than ever before.

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From Zero to Zero

Mumen Rider, the bicycle rider from before, squeaks onto the scene with confidence and squares off against the thugs. Strangely enough, the citizens cheer at his arrival. He gets knocked out instantly and may have died. One Punch Man episode 4 manages to trick us once again.

Across town, the over-fed tycoon Zeniru, the target of the Paradisers, contemplates running or staying and saving face. Luckily for him, Speed o’ Sound Sonic is a bodyguard who is still under his contract. He appears out of nowhere and agrees to defeat the thugs. He isn’t worried about winning at all and boasts that they will all soon be dead.

On their way to Zeniru’s building, “the Golden Turd,” a monstrosity adorned by what looks like a golden pile of dog poo, the Paradisers encounter Speed o’ Sound Sonic. He gives them the option to surrender instead of killing them all, but they attack anyway. He then proceeds to slice all of their heads off with deadly efficiency, leaving none standing. None besides Hammerhead who protected himself with his massive, metal arms.

He puts up a good fight by destroying the area around him to give himself space and then hurls tonnes of boulders. The first one misses and destroys the golden turd on top of the building. The rest are placed precisely to create a corridor in which to force Sonic into attacking directly. Sonic accepts these new terms and attacks head on, breaking the sound barrier. Hammerhead can’t see well enough to aim, so he reveals the ace up his sleeve: a tree big enough to fill the entire corridor. He misses and is hit in the back of the head by Sonic’s kunai.


One Punch Man episode 4 tricks us yet again! Luckily for him, Hammerhead has an incredibly thick skull and manages to escape after pretending to be dead. He encounters into Saitama in the woods while he’s running.

Another hard-head, Genos, sits back as robotic arms put him back together again. We finally get to see Doctor Kuseno, a thin man with an odd, bowl-shaped haircut. Genos comments on the past fights, and once again expresses his gratitude towards his two saviours, the doctor and Saitama. The doctor acknowledges Saitama’s assumed power but claims to have new robotic arms that may allow Genos to surpass him. It’s highly unlikely, but Genos is hopeful.

Back in the forest, Hammerhead squares up against Saitama, suddenly very confident again. Saitama claims that he doesn’t want to join their team, and is hunting him for personal reasons. Hammerhead punches him to no effect. He’s surprised but also excited to test out the limits of his new suit. For the hundredth time, One Punch Man Episode 4 shows us a bad-ass transformation and display of power. Saitama destroys the suit without killing him because he feels sorry for him, and Hammerhead runs away naked.

More Than Meets the Eye

Aside from one or two close calls, episode 4 is probably the funniest anime ever made. Sonic catches up to Saitama and attacks, mistaking him for one of the Paradisers. Saitama feels crushed that he isn’t more recognisable and easily avoids his attacks. Sonic then explains that he grew up in a ninja village, honing his techniques over a lifetime. He claims that dodging his attacks hurt his pride and that he must now kill him. All the while, Saitama is acting dumb as to why this person is bothering him but reveals himself to be uncharacteristically insightful. Sonic isn’t attacking to soothe his pride: he’s attacking because he wants to have fun and try his moves.

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The fight lasts only a few moments. Saitama accidentally allows Sonic to injure his crotch on his fist.

Back at home, Saitama and Genos discuss the disheartening fact that Saitama isn’t a well-known hero. One Punch Man episode 4 then reveals to us that there is a “Hero Registry” for heroes to get paid for their work and prove their worth. Saitama offers to let Genos become his disciple if the agrees to register with him and take the hero test.

One Punch Man episode 4 ends with Hammerhead getting hit by the people he stole the suit from, but he survives again because of his thick head. In his room, Saitama realises why he felt bad for Hammerhead: he could have ended up just like them.

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