Introducing Bang In One Punch Man Episode 7 – The Ultimate Disciple

Introducing Bang In One Punch Man Episode 7 – The Ultimate Disciple
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One Punch Man episode 7 open with a few scientists in a bunker laboratory looking through a telescope and gathering observing something troubling. An astronaut working on a satellite in space notices the disturbance. A meteor looms in the distance. More officials in a board room in HQ also see in fear. HQ calls in high ranking heroes to help, including Genos. He tells Saitama that he’s leaving, but doesn’t know why. When he arrives at his destination, he meets Bang, aka “Silver Fang,” an S class hero ranked third. Bang says that other S-class heroes were supposed to meet there as well. None showed up. They may either be busy, too far away or not care. The heroes are typically summoned in this way when there is an impossible problem to solve. Soon the citizens will evacuate. A threat of this level is labelled, “Dragon.”

Bang asks why Genos doesn’t evacuate, and it’s because his master is still in town. Bang himself won’t leave because he wants to stay with the dojo that he been in his family for generations. Genos leaves before bang can tell him any more of his back story. He notices that many people have given up hope on evacuating because the impact of the meteor will be much too large. Instead of retreating, he decides to face the meteor and test his new prototype arm enhancements. His briefcase unfolds and transforms into two rocket-propelled` arms.

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One Punch Man Episode 7

Before he can attempt to fire, Bofoi, or, “Metal Knight” comes to intercept the meteor as well. He doesn’t want any help and only came to test his new weapons. In fact, he isn’t even there in person. His huge robot is a remote-controlled drone. The drone fires off a barrage of missiles with incredible destructive power, but when the dust clears, the meteor appears unscathed. Genos notes that this person must be incredibly powerful, and tells himself to be careful in future encounters.

Just Muddle Through

Episode 7 yet again demonstrates the depths of Saitama’s unfathomable power. As the meteor nears, Bang shows up on the scene and tells Genos to relax. Genos had been stressing about how to destroy the meteor and knew that even if he did, the pieces left over might destroy the town anyway. If there isn’t anything he can do to win, then he should just try his best and not worry about it. An image of a bored Saitama appears in his head. He takes the advice, firing a massive, super saiyan attack on the meteor, but it has no effect. He collapses in despair, accepting imminent death.

Seconds later, Saitama arrives and blasts the meteor into pieces with one epic punch. However, the pieces are still dangerous, just as Genos suspected. They shower the town with destruction. In spite of that fact, Saitama feels satisfied that his work is done. I supposed one could say that he muddled through quite well.

Nothing to Fear

Later, the aftermath of the destruction plays on TV while Saitama and Genos talk in his room. Genos explains how they both went up in rank, including Metal Knight. Unfortunately, Saitama was still C class. Saitama is surprised and impressed by his climb. He would be insulted if he was a little more intelligent. Genos theorises that the association probably believed that the two S-class heroes on the scene did most of the work. He wants to find that his master will be praised for years into the future. However, he knows that some people think he is partly to blame for the damage.

Genos also explains the threat level system described in One Punch Man episode 7. “Tiger” refers to a possible massive loss of life. Demon refers to the possible halt or destruction of a city. Dragon refers to the possible destruction of multiple cities. “God” refers to the possible extinction of the human race. Heroes often consult the threat level before making a decision on whether or not to participate. A C class hero has no business involving himself if the threat level is too high, for example.

Unexpected Scapegoat

One Punch Man episode 7 is brutal when it comes to Saitama’s reputation. He leaves his apartment, telling Genos to stay so he doesn’t take credit for any possible achievements. He notices that his favourite supermarket is destroyed while walking around. On the other hand, he is annoyed to find is old, crappy apartment complex still in one piece. Moments later, he encounters Tank Top Tiger again but doesn’t remember him. He gets accused of cheating; it is hard to believe that someone can jump up so high in the rankings so quickly. Tiger assumes that Saitama tried to cheat and take credit for other hero’s accomplishments. He calls on his older brother, Tank Top Black Hole, to help.

Instead of beating Saitama up, Black Hole decides to give him a punishment that is much worse. He instead tries to fan the flames of anger towards Saitama, and blames the destruction of the city on him. He yells loudly to attract a crowd, and eventually, the crowd joins in the chant. After riling up the crowd, the two brothers pretend like Saitama is preparing to attack, and move to take him down. They taste defeat within mere moments. The older brother admits to lying in front of everyone, but Saitama corrects him. He claims that he did destroy the meteor, but he didn’t create the meteor. He doesn’t fight crime to make people like him, so so what if their town was destroyed? It could have been worse, and it wasn’t his fault or his problem.

One Punch Man episode 7 ends with Genos and Saitama on their way home. Genos praises him for his selflessness and declares that he will always follow him, no matter what the public thinks of him. Elsewhere, creatures under the sea discuss an up, and coming hero ranked C, referring to Saitama.

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