The Deep Sea King and More In One Punch Man Episode 8

The Deep Sea King and More In One Punch Man Episode 8
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One Punch Man Episode 8 opens with the typical city scene under attack. An enormous octopus with a human body dressed in a toga rises from the depths of the sea and threatens the human race. He calls themselves, “the Clan of the Seafolk”. He seems very sturdy.

Although there are many, many heroes in this world, the show tends to focus on a small handful. Mumen Rider, the hero on a bicycle, rolls onto the scene. He’s a few minutes too late, though. Saitama had already destroyed the octopus man with his characteristic punch. Apparently, rumours about Saitama have been going around, and a few of the onlookers make comments to that effect. When Mumen Rider goes home, he does some research on Saitama. The results reveal that he is C class and that some people say he defeats opponents in one punch, while others say he takes credit for others’ deeds.

One Punch Man Episode 8

The Clan of the Seafolk

Meanwhile, in episode 8, dark shapes flow beneath the surface of the ocean. Powerful looking sea creatures emerge from the depths and begin their assault on the town. People run and scream, and soon “Stinger” arrives, an A class, rank 11 rising star. He uses his spear to chop off one of the tentacles holding a citizen.

On the other side of town, Genos dries some dishes with his cyborg hand blaster and says that Saitama has moved up in the ranks. As a B class hero, he won’t have to trouble himself with weekly quotas. Moments later, Genos gets a call from the hero Association asking for help and asks Saitama about the Seafolk. He doesn’t remember, naturally, but a story about them is playing on the news. Stinger is slowly starting to lose, and a call for help is in the air. Fortunately, Stinger is adamant and can finish off the last four fish monsters in front of him. But before he can celebrate too much, another fish monster appears and knocks him out with one punch.

The Deep Sea King

Saitama and Genos race to intercept the monsters on foot, and Genos speeds ahead to scout the enemies. Back at HQ, officials re-release the danger level report, urging City J to evacuate immediately. Elsewhere in episode 8, Mumen Rider pedals as fast as he can to find the Seafolk. On his way, he meets other C class heroes that warn him to stay away because it is too dangerous. Apparently, Stinger has fallen.

Another hero scouts the scene, monitoring the new monster’s location. Before he can come up with a plan, the monster suddenly appears behind him. He strikes in a panic but to no effect. He’s struck instantly before he can even attempt to flee. After a second strike, another hero comes to his aid. This one is S class. His name is, “Puri Puri Prisoner.” He’s a huge, muscular, effeminate man with a ball and chain attached to his leg. Alongside him is Speed o’ Sound Sonic who mocks the fact that this hero was in prison, but is grateful for the help to escape.

Pretty Pretty Prisoner

Puri Puri Prisoner is upset by the defeat of the other heroes. He fancied them both, finding them attractive. During his transformation into a more powerful form, he destroys the sweater that his boyfriend knitted for him. The Deep Sea King lands a quick punch. He returns the blow in kind, along with a second punch that knocks the monster back. The difference in power between A and S class is demonstrated quite nicely in One Punch Man episode 8. However, the attack damaged Puri Puri much more. Despite the display, Sonic feels confident that he can win in a fight between either one of them.

Puri Puri then decides to full transform. His clothes get ripped off in the process, to the chagrin of everyone watching. Puri Puri attacks in a flurry of punches and Genos senses it from miles away. The attack has no effect, however, and the Sea King counters with his flurry, beating Puri Puri to a pulp. This concerns Sonic, but not too much. He feels excited, though. They begin a battle of their own, and Sonic seems to be holding his own. He even manages to cut off a piece of his tongue.

Unfortunately for him, the rain is making the Sea King bigger, faster, and stronger.

Just Another Day in the News

Saitama runs into Mumen Rider on his way and asks if he has seen Genos. In the news, the anchor reports on the unfolding situation around the Seafolk. He then brings on a guest speaker, Amai Mask, and questions him on the situation. Amai Mask doesn’t have much to say because he claims he is only there to promote his latest album. He does mention that heroes should fight with grace. One Punch Man episode 8 manages to make light of what should be a very serious situation.

Sonic flees the fight, knowing that he lacks the strength to win, but still, blames his lack of a weapon. He makes a narrow escape. Now naked, he runs into Genos. He taunts Genos and heroes in general, claiming that they are no match for the Deep Sea King, and continues to flee. The Deep Sea King finally finds the human evacuation shelter and bursts inside. One of the men inside surrenders on the person’s behalf. Then, he begs for them to be spared. He is a C class hero and hopes to buy time for the real heroes to arrive. Right before other heroes in the room intervene, he wets himself. The five heroes hope to win as a group.

Nearby, Mumen Rider carries Saitama on his bike, but he gets off to chase after Sonic who darted by. Back at the shelter, the group of heroes falls quickly. Mumen Rider bikes towards the scene at full speed. At the end of One Punch Man episode 8, Saitama picks up the cell phone that Mumen Rider dropped and got serious when he hears that an S class hero was defeated.

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