C-ro To Hero In One Punch Man Episode 9, Unyielding Justice

C-ro To Hero In One Punch Man Episode 9, Unyielding Justice
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One Punch Man Episode 9 begins with Genos confronting the Deep Sea King. He arrives, cool as ever, and before the Deep Sea King can even finish a sentence, Genos catches him in the jaw with an unbelievably powerful punch. A hole nearly the size of one side of the evacuation dome reveals destruction far into the city. In the time that he lets his guard down to question the citizens, the Deep Sea King reappears in an instant. The King rips his arm off and hurls him into the wall. Surprisingly, a decent amount of damage was done to the King’s face. This provides a little perspective on Genos’ power compared to the other S-class heroes.

Across town, Saitama speaks with the officials at HQ and asks for directions to the monster. The officials review his record and decide to take a chance based on the rumours about him and comply. He is only C class, but, considering his physical exam and rumours about his feats, he may be their only option. Meanwhile, Mumen Rider pedals furiously on his rickety bicycle, trying to make it to the evacuation dome in time.

One Punch Man Episode 9

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Episode 9 offers one of the coolest fight scenes yet. Despite having only one arm, Genos puts up one hell of a fight. At first, he seems to have the initiative. He knocks the Deep Sea King around for a little while, blinding him, and smashing him into the ground. The animation is insane. However, even after taking some serious firepower, the Deep Sea King recovers instantly. As they are squaring off, a little girl calls for him to do his best, which prompts the King to spit a wad of acidic goo at her. Genos intercepts the slime with his body, and it melts through most of his frame.

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The Sea King hurls him into the wall and punches him into the street. Right before he can land the finishing blow, Mumen Rider finally makes it to the battlefield, distracting the King. He tries his best to fight, but the King deflects him with hardly a second thought. Even after being knocked down, without having any effect, Mumen tries again. He gets tossed away again and reflects on the fact that he’s weak and no one expects much of him. His speech energises the crowd of onlookers, and they cheer him on with all their might. He charges into the fight and gets knocked away in one anti-climactic punch.

From C-ro to Hero

Saitama arrives just in time to catch Mumen Rider before he hits the ground. He prepares to fight and comments that the Deep Sea King’s punch was too weak. The onlookers try to figure out who he is from a distance and finally put the pieces together. At last, One Punch Man episode 9 gives our favourite hero a little recognition. But after figuring out who he is, they still fear for their lives. He is a C class hero, after all. The Sea King continues to rant about his past and his future domination. According to him, because all life comes from the sea, then the sea is the mother of life, and he is at the top of the food chain.

He is quickly proved wrong. Saitama hits him with a punch so hard that it clears away the rain, including the rain in the air. He dies in one punch but isn’t completely torn apart as most monsters are. This is supposed to be a testament to his strength in comparison to the other monsters. The crowd gasps in astonishment, both confused and relieved.

Elsewhere, Speed o’ Sound Sonic returns with his clothes and his weapons, ready to fight, but is lead to believe that the Deep Sea King got away.

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Back on their side of town, Saitama and Genos arrive home just as a drone drops off a package for them. Inside are a bunch of letters. Genos explains that the hero association sends mail for them since the post office can’t go to their area anymore. The letters tend to be fan mail. They go inside to take a look at the notes. Most of the letters for Genos are from female fans who adore him. The letter Saitama opens is hate mail written in scratchy, red ink. He doesn’t seem too upset about it, and we are given a flashback to an earlier point in One Punch Man episode 9.

When Saitama defeated the Deep Sea King, at first the crowd cheered for him. Then an ugly little man in the crowd plays devil’s advocate. He claims that the monster must not have been very strong if a C class hero was able to defeat it. The only reason the monster was able to defeat the other heroes must have been because they were also too weak. He claims that their class ranks must mean nothing. To their credit, the others around him faltered for only a moment, and then quickly came to the heroes side. Unfortunately, the mean little man was able to wear them down.

He said that all of the other heroes were useless because they were defeated so easily and that a heroes job is to defeat monsters. Citizens have the right to criticise because they pay the hero association with donations, and deserve their money’s worth. To combat this line of reasoning, Saitama lies and says that the monster was already weak when he got there. All he had to do was finish him off. He acts as if he is trying to take credit for something he didn’t do to protect the image of the fallen heroes. Since there were already rumours about him being a possible cheat, the crowd buys into it.


Saitama comes under review to be promoted to B class, and various other heroes in the association discuss his merits and review his performance. At the end of One Punch Man episode 9, Saitama runs into Mumen rider, who was the one who sent the nice letter. Mumen buys him dinner in thanks.

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