News, Updates and Rumours On One Punch Man Season 2

News, Updates and Rumours On One Punch Man Season 2
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One Punch Man season 2 is one of the most highly and widely anticipated animes of all time. There is no precise release date, and creator Murata Yusuke stated that this is because the series takes a long time to put together and animate. Despite the uncertainty, One Punch Man season 2 is set to be released sometime during mid-2017. We can only hope that the studios will make good on this promise.

One Punch Man Season 2 Hero Hunter Revealed and More!

Stronger Enemies and New Characters

Hopefully, there are no spoilers here, many rumours are floating around the net, and the full story already exists as a webcomic and manga, so I doubt that I will be giving anything away. Anyway, a new antagonist, Garou, is said to be introduced in season 2 of One Punch Man. We already know who Garou is, he’s the student of Bang who went on a rampage and injured the rest of his students. He is also called the “Human Monster” and may be somewhat close to Saitama’s power level. Even if he isn’t very close, he still obtained his powers through hard work and physical training, much like Saitama.


In the manga, his story is referred to as the “Hero Hunter “arc, which is also another one of his aliases. Also, Saitama is weakened from his fight with Boros. We don’t know why or how yet, but it appears that he does have limits and capacities to his strength. Given his weakened state, he may put up a fight. Otherwise, Garou’s primary objective is to defeat heroes, but he isn’t necessarily an evil person. He doesn’t like killing, and he is kind to children. He is also honourable, honest, and gracious in battle. On the other hand, he is crass, angry, and an overall bully. His primary goal is to fight and defeat strong heroes.


Speaking of Boros. Apparently, he isn’t quite dead yet. This is surprising because we are treated to this idea that Saitama is this all powerful being that kills anything if he tries. The punch he gave Boros was the biggest in season 1, so I think we can expect an even bigger punch in season 2. We also get more of an idea of the specifics of certain people’s powers, including Saitama’s, in season 2. If Boros is alive, Garou is super powerful by regular means, and Saitama is in a weakened state, all of our preconceptions are thrown off completely. But that’s fine with me; I’m excited to see what’s in store.

Possible Love Interests??

The second topic I want to address is the spicy and unbelievable fact that Saitama may either have a love interest or, even more unbelievable, a girlfriend in season 2. The projected possibility is either Fubuki or Tatsumaki. If you don’t remember, Fubuki is the sexy, dark green haired B class hero in the black dress that was surrounded by henchmen of some sort. She is the leader of “the Blizzard Group” and is nicknamed “the Blizzard of Hell”. She isn’t very powerful but is very smart and charismatic.

Tatsumaki is her younger sister, also known as “Tornado,” and is the short, green-haired, S class esper from season one. Fubuki is more believable as the love interest because she is more attractive and mature. However, it is unlikely that she would fall for Saitama. Tatsumaki is more believable as the possible girlfriend, but it is unlikely that Saitama would fall for her. Either way, it’s hard to speculate, so we will just have to stay tuned.

The Monster Association

A new group will be revealed in season 2. It is unclear what its goal or members are, but the Monster Association is rumoured to have over 15 God level threats in its ranks. It may be too early to say, but it appears that Saitama will have real battles with real enemies. No longer will he be able to defeat every single foe with one punch. This is great news, not only for the bored Saitama but for the fans who can’t wait to see real action and actual fight scenes.

Up until now, all of the measures have been Saitama getting knocked around until he decides to end the fight. We’re finally going to be able to see Saitama going all out and getting serious in season 2 of One Punch Man. Regardless, I think Saitama will start getting the recognition he deserves. The Monster Association will be sending fighters to deal with him directly instead of him having to hunt down the enemies on his own.

One punch man season 1

Possible Twists

One Punch Man season 2 will finally take a real step into their world and begin establishing solid plot lines. Up until now, the story has been a bit weak and superficial in comparison to the webcomic. The series creators cherry picked elements from the original story that would help establish the setting while providing fun material to work with, but we still don’t know much about anything except the main character. Even his backstory is fuzzy. But aside from actual plot elements, there may be a few unexpected twists in One Punch Man season 2. For one,

But aside from actual plot elements, there may be a few unexpected twists in season 2 of One Punch Man. For one, Genos might be upset with Saitama, fighting him and maybe even parting ways. Also, it’s possible that Saitama may end up being some sort of unintentional villain. It’s hard to see Saitama as an antagonist of any kind, but when rumors are strong enough, there is usually something there to back them up. As of now, it’s too hard to tell.


With rumors, trailers, the webcomic, the manga, and hints from the creators, there is plenty of room for speculation about season 2, but it’s impossible to say anything definitive. Fans are so eager to get a taste of what’s to come that they are willing to say anything and read anything if it immerses them in the world they are so excited to learn more about.

No matter what ends up happening, season 2 of One Punch Man is guaranteed to be a raging success. We can’t wait!

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