We’ve Compiled The Best Online HTML Form Designer Websites For You

Creating a form for your website can be a pain – especially if you are not familiar with HTML. To help simplify things for non-programmers, there are a bunch of online HTML form designer websites that let you put together professional quality forms for your website. Today we are looking at some of the best of these.

Are HTML forms that important?

Online forms can be crucial for your website. You need them if you want to create registration forms, surveys, order forms or application forms.

Think about it this way. In the last dozen websites that you browsed, how many asked you for some info? It could be registration, a comment on a blog post, a survey, etc. There’s a good chance that a form was used to gather this information.

The HTML form is an integral part of the web experience. If you are serious about your online business, then you’ll know you won’t get far without forms. It’s the major way you interact with your client base; it lets them tell you who they are, and importantly allows for purchases!

But I thought people hate forms?

I think part of this is because of poor form design and using forms when they are not needed or wanted.  A badly designed form leads inevitably to user frustration. The chief I think among these bad offenders are popup surveys – don’t include them in your site.

Here are some of my rules for making good use of forms on your website:

  • Make them attractive to look at. The design is key.
  • Context! This is very important. Don’t ask irrelevant questions.
  • Functionality – make sure it works every time.
  • Keep the forms on your website small and succinct. Long, laborious forms are a turn off for customers and visitors.

Google Forms

It seems that Google has a helpful application for everything. When it comes to an online HTML designer, they have produced a slick web app that works well. There are a couple of neat features with Google Forms that we just love:

  • The HTML forms look nice. You can jazz up your forms by adding photos and a logo. Then choose from a range of curated themes, or let Google pick the right colours to match your form.
  • There is a range of options for questions, including a linear scale, drop- downs and multiple choice to choose from.
  • The forms have page branching and question skip. This means you can create a survey where people see certain questions based on their previous answers. Very professional!
  • It’s fast and responsive. You can also create forms on your mobile.
  • The results from your surveys will display in real time. You can also have a closer look at the data using Google sheets.
  • It’s collaborative! You can work easily with others through the Google platform to create the form you need.

There is a good chance that this is the best online HTML designer on today’s list.


Wufoo is another excellent online HTML designer. They focus on allowing you to make forms in a  simple and user-friendly environment which is to be commended.

Some nice features with Wufoo:

  • They have over 300 templates available to use. These are all ready to be customised.
  • You can easily visualise the data.
  • Lastly, you can create forms that allow you to take payments.

This is an excellent online HTML designer for small businesses that want to do some eCommerce.


Formstack is aimed at small to medium businesses and organisations. They have over 100 customizable form templates to choose from in their online HTML designer.


Here is a lovely online HTML designer website that has a real down to earth and boutique feel. That’s cause it’s run by its creator Kamil Hunaid. He answers queries and handles support emails, takes feedback and makes sure you have the best experience possible with his product.

FormBakery is a breeze to use. It features a fantastically simple drag and drop form creator that can help you produce a professional quality form in 2 minutes.

Pricing is a $9 one off payment for the personal form creator and a $19 payment for the commercial license. You can also give it a trial run for free.

The license also lets you export their code to tinker with if you have the know-how.


The forms you can create with the online HTML form designer FormDesk are highly versatile. Put these forms on your website, email them or post them on social media. The forms you create are stored on the FormDesk server, which you can link to with a simple hyperlink.


This lovely online app allows you to create fantastic professional quality forms in no time. You don’t need any coding experience to use this online HTML form designer, and best of all it’s free.


The forms you can make with this online HTML form designer are bold, exciting and interactive. They’re a far cry from your usual mundane forms.


This is an HTML form designer with a difference. It’s based in the cloud!

You can use their service to create, publish and get feedback from forms. The most common way to use their forms is to embed them in your website.

Putting a form on your website is simple with FormSmarts. Just copy and paste the code from the Forms tab in the Form Builder. Paste this code into the likes of WordPress, and you are good to go. For a simpler, but less-professional solution, you can also link to the FormSmarts.com URL that each created form is given.

I would say this is an excellent tool for small independent businesses that want to put a form on their website. The FormSmarts forms are fully integrated with PayPal, allowing you to accept payments.

This online HTML designer is definitely worth your time.


Any of the links above are fantastic online HTML form designer websites. Let us know what you think below.

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