A Roundup of The Best Free Online Notepad Sites & Services

If you are looking for a text editor to use online, today’s list will have you covered. Read on to find out about the best free online notepad services.

Best Online Notepad Sites


Evernote is an awesome online notepad that I get lots of use out of day to day. It is especially useful for cross- platform use with an iPad or tablet device. I find myself using Evernote continually, almost every day, on my computer, Android phone and my iPad. It essentially acts like a notebook you can take with you anywhere. No matter what device you are using you will have access to those ideas you have jotted down. Even better, Evernote allows for you to effortlessly sync to the cloud. You can tag the different notes you make, categorise and prioritise them making organisation of your notes and ideas easy. Evernote even supports note-making by voice memos, which can be uploaded to the cloud, which is useful.

The best thing is, pretty much all of this is free and available on the basic service. Maybe in future, I will find myself upgrading to a premium account, but right now I am really happy with what I can do on the basic account.

Evernote could easily become a replacement for notepads and notebooks of all kinds for you. Instead of having a jumble of notes lying about, save time and effort and trees and get Evernote.

Another cool feature of this service is the ability to search for handwritten word buried deep within your notes. I expect this would be particularly useful for students and academics. Also, you can make sketches with Evernote.

Lastly, Evernote lets you share your notes and works and collaborate seamlessly with other members.

Truly a fantastic online service you need to check out.

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This online notepad provides an excellent solution for note taking. Listings is a simple to use web app that lets you create virtual sticky notes.

Over 60,000 people currently use this awesome site.

It acts like a virtual blank board, or fridge, which you can save notes on to – and it is completely free.

The notes you make and save are saved on to the Listings database. You can then access these notes from anywhere, and like Evernote, it allows you to collaborate with others in real-time.

Some great uses for this website are:

  • To store and share excellent recipes. You can then access these recipes if you move.
  • Store your ToDo list and access it on the go.
  • Jot down the titles of great songs, or books that interest you.
  • Use this as a virtual “Scrum-board” or brainstorming board with your co-workers or team members.
  • Make shopping lists
  • Save notes during presentations or lectures.


A notepad is similar to Listings but less stylised and more basic in its design. Whereas Listings creates virtual stickies to put on a virtual fridge, aNotepad cuts the mimicry and presents a simple text editor that is free to use.

Like Listings, this notepad was launched in 2009, to provide a simple and fast to use tool to allow people to save notes online.

It is open source, and a vibrant community has sprung up around the site. Open source fanatics have banded together to create the Vanna Technology that the website uses.

A notepad allows you to create text using a simple or rich text editor. The site contains a few unobtrusive ads.

This online notepad is also highly recommended.

There are two ways you can use the site. Use the notepad as an anonymous guest and save notes to your browser. You can then come back and edit these notes you’ve made any time providing that you don’t get rid of your cookies. These anonymous notes¬†will be public.

The another option is to use the site as a registered user, which is free. You can privately save the notes you make, and log in later again to view or edit them. These notes can be made private or kept public.

There are many neat additional features of A notepad.

  • It has a powerful HTML editor to enhance the look of the notes you make.
  • Create folders to organise notes by date or title.
  • You can download your notes in a range of formats including PDF.
  • It auto-saves, allowing you to work and not worry if you will lose connection.
  • Browse rapidly through your notes with preview.
  • Make your notes password protected for security.
  • Create an editor’s password, allowing multiple people to edit on one account.

This online notepad is great and a simple but viable alternative to Evernote.


The online notepad offering from the tech giant Google is a lively addition to this list.

Keep can be used to make and edit notes just like Evernote. Typical of an application from Google, this is a slick and user-friendly service that integrates seamlessly with Android devices and the Chrome browser.

Keep includes all the features we expect from a quality notepad.

Additionally, you can add images and sound recordings for rich multimedia notes. Labels can then be added to categorise, such as Work, Inspiration or Personal making organisation simple.

A handy to-do list function can be added to any note, and you can check this off as you complete your tasks.

Notes can be easily shared with others using Google Docs or email.

Keep is an online notepad offering a real alternative to Evernote.

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One Note is the Microsoft rival to Keep and Evernote. You’ll need a Microsoft account to use this.

You can create multiple virtual “Notebooks” with which to store your notes. In these notebooks, you add pages and then notes to these pages. This virtual environment they have created is pretty cool.

You can also insert tables, links and images from you PC or online.

Like Keep or Evernote, you can share and collaborate with others.

It’s supported by every major platform including Android, Chromebook and iOS.

Another great notepad found online.


Evernote, Keep and One Note all offer excellent and incredibly rich online notebook services. If you want something simpler and don’t fancy signing up for a service try out aNotepad.com. Lastly, Listhings is a cool project that I have included because I like the aesthetic of its virtual stickies.

I hope you find this list useful. Let us know if you use any other cool online notepad web services.

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  • Max

    JustNotepad.com – is my favorite online notepad. It helps me keep my notes and ideas quickly online.
    No sign up required, auto save, drafts management, multi-page, temporary URL (with password only).
    I use it instead of – Notepad.cc now :-\

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