OnlineCityTickets: The Quick and Easy Way To Securing Tickets

There was once a time when we all queued up for in the wee hours of the morning for the launch of tickets for a concert or an event. While this does still occur at times, there is no denying that the vast majority of tickets are purchased online these days. This spells bad news for ticket stores, but good news for online ticket websites. With the internet, millions of people are finding ways in which to sell tickets themselves. This, on the one hand, often results in quick purchases and good profits. On the other hand, with an online marketplace containing independent, individual sellers, it can be hard to place your trust in purchasing tickets over the computer. There are also results of theft and scams, with people paying high prices and even never receiving their tickets.

Thankfully, there are some trustworthy sites out there to combat the scams. One such website that has a good reputation as a ticket seller is OnlineCityTickets ( The company is based in Delaware, USA, and sells tickets worldwide. On their website, they state quite clearly that they are not a box office website, nor are they owned by a venue or any particular box office. Their aim as a seller is to hopefully give people the cheapest tickets at the lowest effort. All round easy buying and selling at a good price are essentially what they stand for. All of the tickets featured on this site, importantly, are not owned by OnlineCityTickets. Instead, the website is a platform on which independent sellers can post their tickets on the site for sale.

With around 20,000 tickets sold in the past few years worldwide, OnlineCityTickets has provided many customers with tickets to thousands of great events. Bearing all this in mind, how is their actual website? Here at TechWhack, we have delved within their official website for an investigation. In this review, we have fished out all the positives and negatives from all areas of the site. Ultimately, we hope to find some great stuff, present it well, and to have you happily using the site in quick time.

OnlineCityTickets: The Quick and Easy Way To Securing Tickets

Do I Have To Sign Up First to Buy Tickets?

There are no registrations needed when using this website. When you are in the process of purchasing tickets with this website, you will be asked for your details at the checkout. Here you will enter your email address, card details and so forth, much like the steps taken when signing up. In sum, there is no log in or registration features at all with OnlineCityTickets, but only purchasing.

How Legitimate Is This Website/Can I Trust It?

The website has a few logos and symbols testifying to their legitimacy as a seller. The ‘shopper approved’ badge on the homepage may or may not be legitimate. Furthermore, the website boasts of 20,000 satisfied customers. Nevertheless, the first thing to mention is that OnlineCityTickets offer a guarantee on all tickets. This guarantees that all tickets will arrive before the actual event. It also guarantees that the tickets sold are real. As for the safety of your information, such as credit card details, the website takes measures to ensure your safety. All information is fully secured due to their encrypted server, designed to protect all information. You can also pay securely through PayPal.

How Do I Search For and Purchase Tickets?

The overall purchasing process with OnlineCityTickets is very easy. From the homepage, you can see most of the events displayed in a table. At the right of the homepage, you will see the top events split into three ticket categories: concerts, sports and theatre. If you have an event in mind, just use the search bar on the homepage.

When it comes to buying your tickets, you can choose amongst many sellers, all of which will offer their unique price. You can filter these tickets according to a price range you desire. Once you have found a ticket you want, simply click on ‘buy’ and begin filling out your details on the checkout page.

Can I Use This Website If I Am Not An American?

You can. Despite being an American company, you can use this website no matter what corner of the world you are in. This website ships tickets to dozens of countries outside of the US. On the other hand, shipping sometimes isn’t necessary, as I will now explain in the ensuing point.

How Long Will Shipping/Delivery Take and How Much Will It Cost?

First of all, being the technological age that we are in, you don’t have to have your tickets physically delivered. When you have successfully bought your ticket, you can download it there and then from the site. A digital copy of your tickets on your device is sufficient these days. However, if you want your physical tickets, you can, of course, request the shipping option. Shipping time and costs will always depend on where you are. Tickets are often delivered via UPS. For long distance deliveries, your ticket may even be delivered a few hours before the event. In some cases, there may even be arrangements made for your ticket to be collected at the venue. In my opinion, it is best to download your ticket immediately after purchase, rather than have them delivered.

Can I Get A Refund On Any Unsatisfactory Tickets?

There are no refunds with this website. All ticket sales are final and are therefore your responsibility if anything should go wrong.

What Are the Pros and Cons Regarding This Site?

One of the biggest negatives regarding this website is the no refund policy mentioned above. On the other hand, considering this site doesn’t own the tickets, it’s only reasonable that they should not be the one to pay back the money for the ticket.

As for the positives, this website is very quick and easy to use. If you use this website and happen to find cheap, great tickets, there shall be no problems at all.


Along with ticket selling giants like Ticketmaster, this site does a good job making things very safe and easy for ticket sellers.

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